Musical Note Birthday Cake

I have been doing more cakes lately, so I thought I would share some more photos and tips with you. One cake I did was for my uncle’s mother’s 80th birthday party. She has had a passion for music all her life so we decided to go with a musical note theme. Although the outside of the cake wasn’t as elaborate as some of my other designs the cake inside was absolutely delicious…I was wishing that I was invited to the party! The bottom tier was chocolate cake (one of the best I have tried lately…don’t worry I will post the recipes tomorrow) with white chocolate whipped cream and fresh strawberries. The top tier was my favorite buttermilk cake with lemon cream and fresh raspberries….one of my all-time favorite combo’s. Both cakes were covered in vanilla buttercream.


To make the red pearl border I used a technique that I learned from Earlene Moore at the Capital Confectioner’s cake & Sugar Art Show that I went to last month. First you roll out your fondant to your desired thickness (the larger the thickness the larger the pearls) and then you cut out circles with either the top of a large pipping tip or a small circle cookie cutter (again, depending on what size you want the pearls). Next you roll the fondant in your hands to make little pearls and then add them to a plastic jar. Put a little luster dust (whatever color you prefer) in with jar with the pearls and then put the lid on. Shake the pearls in the jar until they are evenly coated with the luster dust.


To make the musical notes I used a cookie cutter that I found at a local store and then cut it out of black fondant. To make the other type of note I just cut the side part off of it and then I had two types of notes. For the sharp sign I cut fondant strips and adhered them with water. To make the symbols on top I rolled black fondant by hand and formed them into the symbols. I brushed everything with black luster dust before I added it to the cake.



I adhered the notes to the buttercream cake and then piped on “Happy 80th Birthday Mom” with leftover buttercream that I colored red. I also added little dots with the red buttercream. Thanks for looking!



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6 Responses to “Musical Note Birthday Cake”

  1. DLB says:

    Wow! This cake looks great!
    I really loved the cake flavours that you described, and appreciated learning about some of the techniques you used – especially the pearl-making.
    Great job!

  2. Aran says:

    Beautiful… I bet she loved it! Very sweet!

  3. What a fun, whimsical design! You know how much I love the buttercream recipe!! I bet the cake was absolutely delicious. The cake looks delightful. Great job!

  4. Linda says:

    Hi!! I love your site! Everything looks so amazing! I was so excited to see this specific cake because I want to adhere little fondant flowers to a cake i’m making that will be covered in buttercream. I’ve heard differing opinions about this..and I was wondering if the fondant got all weird on your cake or if it turned out okay. Please let me know!!! Thanks in advance for your help!! :)

  5. admin says:

    I have used fondant accents on buttercream and have had no problems before. The only problem I could think of is the fondant accent slipping off because it is hot outside and the buttercream is getting loose (this hasn’t happened to me before though). I would just make sure your accents aren’t too heavy and everything should be great! Fondant can “sweat” if you refrigerate it a long time, but if you only refrigerate it overnight I think it should be fine. Some people say it you put your cake in a corrugated cardboard box then it helps with the “sweating” too. Good luck with your cake! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  6. Anna says:

    Hi Melanie, do you have a favorite recipe for vanilla swiss meringue buttercream? I have been having some trouble getting the right consistency. It is usually too soupy and therefore does not set well on the cake or cupcake. Any suggestions would be help!

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