Cake Love’s Delicious Pound Cake

A couple weeks ago as I was perusing the cookbook aisle at Barnes & Noble a new book caught my eye…Warren Brown’s first book, Cake Love. After skimming the pages I knew I had to buy it! I took it home and read it page by page. Warren Brown’s specialty is pound cake and this books highlights over 15 different variations of it…think “Triple Lime-Chocolate Pound Cake: or “Espresso Pound Cake”. But before trying the variations on his basic pound cake I thought it would be good to start with his staples: Vanilla and Chocolate Pound Cake. As I began to read his ingredient list I came across a couple ingredients that you don’t typically find in pound cake…like lots of booze and potato starch. He says that alcohol gives the cake a nice complex flavor and the potato starch “…is his secret ingredient. It taste clean, absorbs twice as much moisture as wheat flour, cooks at a lower temperature than cornstarch and is softer than grain-based starches.” Well after trying these two recipes and using his “secret ingredients” I was definitely won over. These were the best tasting pound cakes I have ever had! It even got better day by day as I kept them in the refrigerator and ate slice by slice. So here they are…enjoy!

Vanilla Pound Cake

adapted from Cake Love

“Dry Ingredients”

Unbleached AP Flour 2 1/2 cups + 3 T. (13 1/2 oz.)

Potato Starch 1 T.

Vanilla Powder 1 1/2 t.

Salt 1/2 t.

Baking Soda 1/4 t.

“Liquid Ingredients”

Sour Cream 8 oz. (1 cup)

Heavy Cream 2 T.

Brandy 1/4 cup

Amaretto 1 T.

Rum 1 T.

Vanilla Extract 1 1/2 t.

Whiskey 1 1/2 t.

“Creaming Ingredients”

Unsalted Butter, at room temp, 8 oz

Sugar 24 oz (3 cups)

Large Eggs, 5

Yolks, 1

Vanilla Bean, 1

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all the dry ingredients and whisk to incorporate. In a separate bowl combine all the liquid ingredients and whisk to combine.

In a bowl of a standing mixer all the butter and sugar and cream together on the lowest speed for 2-3 minutes. Add the vanilla beans to the mixture,

With the mixer on the lowest speed, at the eggs one at a time followed by the yolk, fulling incorporating after each addition. Scrape down the sides of the bowl.

Add the dry ingredients alternatively with the liquid mixture in 3-5 additions, beginning and ending with the dry mixture. Move swiftly to avoid over mixing the batter. Scrape down the bowl and then mix for 20 seconds to fully incorporate.

Spray your pan (loaf, bundt,etc) with nonstick spray and then fill 3/4 of the way up with the batter.

Bake a 12 cup bundt cake for 50-55 minutes and smaller muffin size loafs for 15 minutes.

Chocolate Pound Cake

adapted from Cake Love

Dry Ingredients”

Unbleached AP Flour 10 oz (2 cups)

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 2 oz (1/2 cup + 2 t.)

Turbinado Sugar 2 T.

Potato Starch 1 t.

Vanilla Powder 1/4 t.

Salt 3/4 t.

“Liquid Ingredients”

Sour Cream 4 oz.

Whole Milk 3/4 cup

Brandy 2 T. *I substituted Godiva Chocolate Liqueur because I ran out of Brandy

Vanilla Extract 1 t.

“Creaming Ingredients”

Unsalted butter, at room temp, 8 oz

Sugar 24 oz (3 cups)

Large Eggs, 4

Yolks, 3

(The directions are the same as the recipe above)

I would love to hear what your favorite kind of pound cake is!

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20 Responses to “Cake Love’s Delicious Pound Cake”

  1. cakebrain says:

    Anything that can soak up booze so well has got to taste great! The pictures of your pound cake look fantastic! yum!

  2. noble pig says:

    Yahoo, these look awesome. I think both flavors would be a hit!

  3. Tessa says:

    OOOO! I just got this book too! Can’t wait to try it out. Gotta pick up some potato starch first. So fun!!

  4. Interesting that such a small amount of potato starch can affect the finished product so much. Sounds like a very cool cookbook :) and the cakes look gorgeous, very simple but delicious.

  5. grace says:

    potato starch, eh? very interesting! i love the flecks of vanilla bean in the cake–they make it extra beautiful! as for my favorite poundcake, it’s gotta be coconut, hands down. :)

  6. Stacy says:

    I actually have blueberry pound cake muffins in the oven right now. It’s my first time making any kind of pound cake (fingers crossed).

    I’d love to try your cake. I have a Cake Love near me and, I hate to say it, but the couple times I’ve been there I haven’t really been blown away. It might be because the slices I got were refrigerated. You’re supposed to let them come to room temp, but who can ever wait for that?

  7. Michele says:

    These pound cakes look really moist-maybe it’s the alcohol? :) I recently tried Dorie Greenspan’s pound cake. It was tasty, but I am looking for something with a little more moisture. Is that an oxymoron for a pound cake?

  8. DLB says:

    That chocolate cake looks delicious! I’ve never actually enjoyed pound cake… I usually find it really dry. So perhaps you’ve happened upon the secret ingredient(s)?

  9. Jeena says:

    I thought the vanilla pound cake looked great but by the time I got to the chocolate cake picture I was licking my lips! They both look really tasty, I love the taste of amaretto, brandy and rum in sweets! Fabulous!

  10. Interesting…I will have to try this with the potato type flours we have here. I wonder if sweet potato flour would do the same thing? Can’t wait to hear more about the espresso pound cake!

  11. Tipperella says:

    Ohhh…I JUST got potato starch this weekend (had to do a little searching) to check out some of the recipes. I want to make Sassy first. It looks yummy and unique.

  12. The best pound cake I had it had in fact potato starch! It was an amazing pound cake made with half quantity of flour and half potato starch and chopped steamed pears. But I couldn’t tell you my favourite, I just don’t no… Lemon is a classic, but goes well everytime!

  13. Gabi says:

    Wow you are an excellent cake artist! Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hi! I love yours. My favourite pound cake is soaked with lemon verbena syrup mmm.

  14. veron says:

    I just got his book and am excited to try his recipes with his secret ingredient – potato starch. That pound cake looks awesome. Love the crumb!!

  15. Hanaa says:

    I love CakeLove. It’s a great book. I’ve baked the Espresso Pound Cake twice. Every coffee drinking person who tried it, loved it. I did follow through on Warren’s advice and bought 2 ounces of freshly (fine) ground espresso beans from Dunn Brothers. The other pound cake I’ve made last fall is the Pumpkin Pound Cake. That was a big hit too. Potato starch can easily be obtained at Asian grocery stores and the natural food section of your grocery store.

    Happy baking,

  16. Lisa Smiley says:

    I just went searching for potato starch here in Sacramento. No go. Where do you find it?

  17. admin says:

    Lisa- You can find it at Whole Foods or Sprouts I believe.

  18. joyful says:

    I would like to know whether or not you can make these cakes without alcohol?

  19. joyful says:

    Do you have to use alcohol?

  20. donna frazier says:

    i would to try your recipe for SWEET POTATO POUND CAKE! where can i find the recipe for that? thanks!

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