Cakes, Cookies, & a Meme

Here are some photos of two recent orders I did this past week. One order was actually for a client I met through my blog. I got to know her even more when she attended one of my classes at Prep Kitchen Essentials. She was throwing a shower for her niece who was having a little boy and wanted me to do the cake and cookies for it. When she showed me the invitation I fell in love with the color scheme. It is so fun doing orders that have beautiful colors to work with! The cake was a variation of one that I made for my sister-in-law for her baby shower. Instead of a tiered cake, I just did a 1/2 sheet cake. The cake was a fluffy white cake with lemon cream and fresh raspberries and was covered in swiss meringue buttercream. Overall I was pretty happy with the cookies and cake!

The other order I did was for a neighbor of mine. It was her daughter’s first birthday party and she wanted a simple, but cute birthday cake. The theme was strawberries, so I went with pink and red colors and also put two strawberries on top to hint at what was inside. The cake was a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries.

Last week I was also tagged by Kristin at The Kitchen Sink for a meme and I am finally getting around to it. So here it goes…

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Well, I was just finishing middle school…playing soccer, liking boys, and hanging out with the family.

What are five non-working things on my to-do list today?

1. Wish my Dad Happy Father’s Day!

2. Go to the farmer’s market.

3. Relax…since the past three days were crazy with work!

4. Blog…I guess I’m accomplishing it!

5. Exercise

What snacks do you enjoy!

1. Good bread

2. Pinkberry

3. Cheese

4. Ripe fruit

5. My sugar cookies

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

1. Help those around me who are in need of money. (My mom and dad practice this daily and always inspire


2. Travel…especially to Florence, Italy

3. Save

4. Buy a home in Belmont Shores

5. Put away money for my three nieces for college

Where have you lived?

All in California…Long Beach, San Diego, Costa Mesa, Torrance

What jobs have you had?

1. Babysitter and nanny

2. Grandma’s Ice Cream

3. Memories, a scrapbooking store

4. Teacher’s aide in a couple elementary schools and high schools

5. Pastry assistant at Zov’s Bakery & Bistro

6. Owner of Sweet & Saucy

And I am tagging anyone who wants to share a little bit about yourself with the blogging world. I would also love to know what your favorite blog is…I am always looking for a new blog to check out!

I also wanted to say thank you to The Recipe Girl for giving me the “Yummy Blog Award”.

She has a fantastic website, which you should definitely check out!

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46 Responses to “Cakes, Cookies, & a Meme”

  1. cakebrain says:

    I love the colour combinations of brown and blue together for boys, and brown and pink for girls. I’m glad you made these because these colours look awesome on baked goods too! Your cookies are adorable!

  2. Love these cookies! Wish I could get frosting/icing to come out half that good. And the stamped cake decorations are adorable! Just lovely!

  3. Yujai says:

    The cookies are lovely! I wish I can master this someday :D

  4. Michele says:

    Cakes and cookies look great! A couple of questions, though. What did you use to edge the blue background on the baby shower cake? Also, what is the best way to transfer that silhouette image and cut out your fondant? Thanks!

  5. admin says:

    Michele- I used a beveled pastry/pie wheel to cut the edges like that. I used an x-acto knife to cute the silhouette out and then let it dry slightly so it has a little more stability to it. I then carefully picked it up and placed it on the blue base. Then I picked up certain parts and dabbed the backside with water to make sure the fondant adhered well. Hope that helps!

  6. Jenny says:

    I love your work, the cake and cookies are adorable!

  7. They all look so pretty! What talent!

  8. noble pig says:

    That Mommy cake is just to die for. Love it.

  9. grace says:

    so…what’s it like to put out perfect creation after perfect creation? i obviously have no idea (and probably never will), but you must. those truly are masterpieces!

  10. Prudence says:

    I love the cake! Really clean lines and beautiful! AND I LOVE those cookies!! They are SO adorable!!

  11. cakewardrobe says:

    I love your cute little verbiages! I definitely need to get some cute embossers like you have!

  12. Jeena says:

    The cakes are so perfect and beautiful and the cookies are so CUTE!

  13. Aimee says:

    Beautiful baby shower cake. Lovely colors to work with. It’s too pretty to eat!

  14. bobby says:

    Everything on here looks just perfectly amazing… you are very talented! Always a pleasure to see some professional work.

  15. Aran says:

    So cute,.. that milk tester cookie is my favorite… i absolutely love it! my favorite new food blog is definitely B Comme Bon!

  16. Kevin says:

    oops, what I meant to say was: That cake looks good! I like the patterns on the discs on the side.

  17. Michele says:

    Thanks Melody! So helpful!

  18. Rosa says:

    Wow, what gorgeous cakes! Really stunning and ever so pretty!



  19. Emiline says:

    Oh lovely! Both cakes and cookies are beautiful. I love the retro feel to your designs.

  20. Darling as always! I really love how you used fondant to write all the letters on the birthday cake. Clever, cute, creative…and it looks delicious! :)

  21. Inne says:

    Such cute cookies! And I love the way you put stamps and shapes on your fondant.

  22. Your creations are absolutely stunning, Melody. And I love that cake!

  23. Mandy says:

    the cake and cookies are all so pretty! I am really inspired to learn decorating with fondant.

  24. I love your style of decorating! That preagnant silluette is just the cutest thing and you’re right the colors are great. I love the perfect dots on the babygrow cookies!

  25. chelsea says:

    I really love the silhouette you created for the cake.

  26. Pam says:

    You are so talented! The cookies and the cake look delicious.

  27. matt wright says:

    Blimey – these look awesome! Talk about a talent.

  28. Belle says:

    Those cookies are amazing, as well as the cake and just all that fondant.
    One of my favorite websites is food timeline:
    but for my food porn fix, I love(d) tastespotter, and now food gawker as well as tartelette’s website.
    Oh and of course, yours.
    thanks for coming to say hello and the nice comment!

  29. RecipeGirl says:

    These are so amazing. I admire your talent, and cake-decorating is definitely something I’d like to learn someday. How did you acquire your skills?

  30. toontz says:

    Oh, to have the time to do that beautiful work! Those cookies are just too adorable. And the cake! Beautiful!

  31. admin says:

    Thanks so much everyone for your comments…I love reading them!
    RecipeGirl- I did go to pastry school, but I would say that I got better at stuff my just practicing on my own, reading books, and looking at other people’s work for inspiration.

  32. venus says:

    Hi there~

    I was looking for some ideas for a baby shower that I will be co-hosting and am I glad I drop by today! I think I will give those cookies a try! They are just too cute!

  33. cindy says:

    the cakes and cookies! so heart-warmingly prescious.

  34. Tartelette says:

    What a gorgeous cake! Perfect! And the cookies are too much fun! Well done!

  35. Kristen says:

    You are beyond talented… I am amazed! Great job on the cake and cookies! So cute!

  36. Sweet Tooth says:

    I am amazed by those gorgeous treats for the baby shower. The cake looks also great. Nice idea with the letters.


  37. Sophie says:

    Your blog features a delicious array of recipes; the way you’ve chosen to present your recipe collection is admirable. We’d like to pass along a gift to you; it’s an acclaimed service that any cook with a recipe collection would feel honored to use. Please email if interested.

  38. love this post – it was submitted over the weekend when our site was momentarily hiccuping. wold you mind resubmitting one of these gorgeously adorable photos and a link back again (and if it’s cropped before you submit, it will make sure that the photo appears in our queue the way you want it to).

    email if you have questions!


  39. Hillary says:

    Love all the fondant decorations! You’re very talented!

  40. Vera says:

    Melody, the cake with the pregnant lady on top is just amazing! Such a lovely idea, so sweet! The cookies are also wonderfully decorated!

  41. Amy says:

    This is a great site. You have great talent! I was wondering how do you apply frosting on your “onesie”? My frosting is too thin and does not have a consistency? Any ideas on a easy way to frost cookies? Thanks.

  42. anythingsugar says:

    can you do a tutorial on how you get the polka dots on the sugar cookies to “melt” into the frosting and not applied on top……does that make sense? how do you do that? I love love love this site. I am obsessed now and I just found you a few days ago. You are amazing!

  43. sofia says:

    Oh I love the cookies and the cake!

    Where did you get those letter transfers in the cake? I’ve been looking for them all over online and have dad no luck!

    Thanks and congrats for all that talent

  44. Just found your blog/site from bloglovin. What a beautiful site and your work is truly stunning. You made me want to host a party just so I could order a beautiful custom cake! I look forward to following your adventures in baking.

  45. BZMomma says:

    Oh wow! That Baby Shower cake matchces my invite perfectly! I wish I could order my cake from you!

  46. Orsetta says:

    Hello Sweety! We found wandering around the kitchen of your blog! beautiful! really creative and innovative! We hope you’ll give a look at our food blog :)) Greetings from Italy

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