Another Tutorial & Book Giveaway!!!

Well, I survived this week, but barely…I just finished catering a wedding for 200 people!!!  I did the wedding cake and all the appetizers (pictures will be up soon).  This was my first time catering a wedding for so many people and boy was it a lot of work.  I was absolutely exhausted, but I thought that I owed my loyal blogger friends a good post and another giveaway, so here it is!!!  For this tutorial I thought I would show you how to make easy sugar flowers that are simply gorgeous.  You just need a few tools of the trade and your flowers will turn out beautifully.  The giveaway book, Sweet & Simple Party Cakes, by May Clee Cadman has a lot of great photos and techniques for decorating cakes and I thought that this book in particular would be a great tool for any baker/cake decorator to have.  So to enter the random drawing for the book just leave a comment before Wednesday night and you will be entered.  Good luck!

So to start off making these flower decorations you need to mix together 50% fondant and 50% gumpaste. The fondant helps with the smoothness and the gumpaste helps you to be able to roll out the dough very thin and it also allows the dough to harden quicker. 

Then you can color the dough any color you would like.  Next roll the dough out on a flat surface with a little cornstarch to prevent sticking.  You need to roll it out very thin so that you have nice, delicate petals…about 1/8″-1/16″.  Then instead of using a petal cutter you can free hand some petals of your own. Just use a sharp small knife or an exacto knife and cut out some teardrop shapes about 3/4″-1″ tall.  

Next you need to take each petal and use a balling tool to thin out the edges of the petals and give them a more realistic shape.  You do this by placing the petal on a soft surface and gently rubbing the tool back and forth.  (As you might notice in my pictures I didn’t have my balling tool with me, but this tool did the same job basically) Now if you don’t have this tool try using the back of a spoon to achieve the same effect.

Now you need to continue doing this to all five petals for the base layer.  Place some plastic wrap or paper towels on a concave surface, like a tiny bowl, to create the forming shape for the petals.  Lay each petal down, overlapping slightly and adhering them to one another with a dab of water.  You can also use the aide of tiny pieces of paper towel or plastic wrap to help create the dips and curves of the petals while they are drying.

After the base five petals are down cut some more and thin them out too.  Then place the next row of flowers on top.  You can use your judgement with how many petals to add, but always do it in odd numbers…it makes the flower look more realistic.  Again, use the aide of paper towels or plastic wrap to help give your flower realistic curves with it is drying.

To finish off the flower, cut a small round circle out and thin it out just as you would a petal.  Place it in the center of your flower and as always adhere it with a little water.  Now let you flower dry until it is completely hard…a couple hours or overnight.

Once the flower dried I used different colors of luster dust to give it a more realistic look and because Iike the shiny look of it.  Just dust on the luster or petal dust however you want, but be minimal…you can always add more, but you can’t take it off.  I then tried two different centers…for one center I brushed yellow luster dust and then added one single pink dragee.   For the other center, I put one sugar pearl and added more yellow luster dust to make it look like it had pollen on it.

Now just place your flower decoration on top of a cute cupcake and enjoy your beautiful creation!


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188 Responses to “Another Tutorial & Book Giveaway!!!”

  1. Meghan Barcant says:

    Cute as usual!!!!

  2. brilynn says:

    Your flowers are so pretty! I wouldn’t have the patience to do them!

  3. Kait says:

    I’m just awful at cake decorating… maybe this is just the book I need.

  4. gji7 says:

    I just did the cake for my brother’s wedding for 300 – I feel your pain. I didn’t do the appetizers, but I did have the constant worry of screwing up my sister-in-law’s vision of the perfect cake! I’d also love the book!

  5. Jaime says:

    those flowers are beautiful

    i SO need help w/my cake decorating skills!

  6. Eve says:

    Hope it’s not too late to enter, love your blog :)

  7. these are amazing! i love playing with gumpaste-will try these for sure! so pretty!

  8. Maya says:

    Thank you for the detailed instructions!

  9. admin says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments! A couple of people have asked if the flower is edible…I would say no. Normally hardened fondant or gumpaste accents are normally just for pretty looks.

  10. chris says:

    I know I’m a little late…but better late than never for the contest? By the way I love the pictures!

  11. Tartelette says:

    Since I can’t draw,paint or sculpt, I am always admirative of your skills!

  12. snookydoodle says:

    Nice tutorial. Thanks. your blog is fab.

  13. Terra says:

    I just stumbled onto your site while looking for a good buttercream recipe, and I am hooked. I can’t believe what a wonderful resource you provide. I will be checking back often as I embark on a brand new cake decorating business!

  14. Kevin says:

    Catering for 200 people sounds like a really daunting task! That flower looks really good!

  15. Chefectomy says:

    Excellent post Amy, thanks for the tutorial. Catering is so hard but very rewarding!!

  16. Kelly says:

    Hi. I’m from Australia & am totally confused by cupcake sizes. Here you can by muffin tins, cupcake tins & mini-cupcake tins. I’m confused about what size cupcakes really are. I’ve been making mine using my muffin size tin because there the size that fit into the Wilton Cupcake Boxes I brought. Yet looking around at different websites some of the cupcakes seem to be smaller than the size that I might. Could someone tell me what the base measurement for cupcakes in the US are?

  17. Gigi says:

    Thank you for the lovely tutorial! I hope to conquer my fear of making my own flowers. :)

  18. zenchef says:

    You catered a wedding for 200 people? I bet you’re tired! Thanks for the tutorial, you make it look sooo easy. My flowers usually look like rolled-up old socks. I think i have to keep practicing! hehe. :-)

  19. Linda says:

    wow, 200 people!! well done, can´t wait to see the pictures!

    but now, I´m aiming for the book ;-)

    Be blessed,
    Linda (sweden)

  20. Leburta says:

    Love your blog. Your step by step instructions are helping me to be more adventurous. Thanks for the tips!

  21. Lori says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. This is something I would love doingas I use to make salt dough stuff all the time. Thank you in advance for the book. ha ha

  22. Stephanie says:

    Lovely tutorial! I’ve been working on fondant/gumpaste flowers lately so maybe I’ll give this a try.

  23. jen says:

    Love the tutorial! My mother just gave me all her old tips and things for cake decorating last weekend. I’m hoping to become somewhat of an expert ;) okay well at least have fun with it. I will definitely give this a try!

  24. Christie says:

    I am a self-taught cake maker/decorator learning through trial and error and I never thought to mix gumpaste and fondant together. That sounds like the exact texture I’ve been looking for! I read your blog almost daily and just want to say thanks for being amazing at what you do! Maybe one day I could be as skilled as you are!

  25. Lisa says:

    I love how you have made these beautiful flowers so uneven and imperfect. This is the first time I have been on your website, but I can tell you, not only will I be coming back, but I will also try out these flowers!
    Thank you so much. Cheers.

  26. Julie says:

    Oooooh, I love cake! Pick me!!

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  29. Megan says:

    Very good tutorial on sugar flowers. I recently tried my hand at them – thanks for the great information.

  30. Ninna says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and pictures you realy make everything look so easy. I have never tried to make such a beutiful flower. So now I´m going to follow your instructions and try.
    And keep up the good work your the best :)

  31. Sugar flowers are difficult to do

  32. Marilyn says:

    The flower looks stunning! I learned that I can mix fondant and gumpaste to assist in the drying process and everytime I read your posts, I learn something new. This tutorial is the best.

  33. i love it !!! very simple

  34. Lisa says:

    Your the BOMB !!
    I just love the thought that you shared this wonderful information. This way better then what my instructor did just last thursday in my class…

  35. Lisa says:

    I would realy like to get my hands on the book…Thank you so much

  36. Tina says:

    Thank you – this is the best tutorial as I am gradually teaching myself these arts!

  37. Shel says:

    I agree with the last post, this is fantastic. Thank you so much I too am teaching myself. I have such an artistic side that when I watch the shows I get antsy because I know that I could be so good at creating masterpieces. Wish me luck :)

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