Halloween Cupcakes & the Cookbook Winner

Well, today I put in a lot of time trying out some new decorated cupcakes for Halloween, so get ready for lots of posts about Halloween/Fall cupcakes!  I know most of my readers like tutorials, so I took the extra time to document the creations step-by-step…hope you like them!  Before I go into the cupcakes though I want to announce the winner of The Perfect Scoop…it’s #11 DanaD!!! Congratulations Dana…just email me your contact information and I will ship the book off to you.  Now onto the cupcakes!  This first posting is going to be all about pumpkins and Fall leaves.  

These pumpkins are quite easy to make and can be decorated any way you like them.  You can leave them all one color (which would be the easiest route) or you can choose to make a multi color pumpkin like I did. Here are some photos of the process…

First you mix some fondant colors together…I choose two different color oranges, white, and sage green. To get the swirls you have to fold the fondant over itself and then stretch/roll it out.  Continue doing the fold over and stretching method until you get the look you want. Then roll the fondant into one or two balls (depending on the pumpkin you want).

Then using a toothpick make a hole in the top and make ridges on the side of the pumpkin.

Next, using a little brown fondant or modeling chocolate make the bark/stem and use the toothpick to make grooves into it to give it a realistic look.

Use a little green fondant to make the vines and then stack the pumpkins if you are doing a double decker. Brush on luster dust on the pumpkin if you have it to give it a shimmery look. 

Now onto the Fall leaf cupcake!  

This leaf was made with modeling chocolate, which is basically corn syrup and chocolate melted together and formed into a paste/dough.  It tastes sort of like a tootsie roll (not quite as good) and is very easy to work with.  It holds its shape pretty well and is easy to mold into figures.  So here is how you do it…

First you roll out the modeling chocolate to whatever size you want it…mine is about 1/8″ thick.  Then use a silicone impression to imprint the look of a real leaf onto the modeling chocolate.

Next, cut out the leaf shape with an x-acto knife and brush it with luster dust to give it a copper shine.

Definitely try these out, they are a lot of fun!  If you don’t have modeling chocolate you can use fondant or marzipan and they will work great too!

Get ready for some more Halloween cupcakes this week…watch out because they might get a little scary!


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52 Responses to “Halloween Cupcakes & the Cookbook Winner”

  1. peabody says:

    Those pumpkins are so darn cute!

  2. I love when you do step-by-step posts! These are just adorable! The leaf is such a good idea, and very elegant too!

  3. Landa says:

    Very cute cupcakes. Thank you for your step by steps.

  4. DLB says:

    these are very pretty. love them!

  5. Aimee says:

    it’s incredible how realistic those leaves look. They are really lovely! Congrats to Dana…

  6. Joanne says:

    Thanks for the tutorial..beautiful work as always. The leaves are my fav!

  7. Zoe Francois says:

    I just love them! That leaf is gorgeous.

  8. Roxy says:

    I can’t wait to try the leaves. I just learned how to make the chocolate modeling clay in my introductory cake decorating class. So beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Ingrid says:

    I totally just wrote you such a nice comment compliamenting your photos and cupcakes BUT this wretched computer booted me when I tried to submit. I also mentioned how I’ve learned how to make your flowered top cupcakes with the exception of messing up on the frostings consistency thus getting droopy petals. AAAAAAA!
    Congrats to Dana!

  10. Ingrid says:

    Okay, I’m having a bad day besides having a horrible cold. Sorry, about the typo should be…complement. Oops!

  11. Deborah says:

    What fun cupcakes!!

  12. Marysol says:

    Both creations are adorable! And I’m especially tickled to have found someone who also enjoys working with chocolate clay – my favorite medium.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Do you have any tips for getting the sprinkles so neatly around only the bottom of the frosting? i LOVE this look, but have trouble executing it. Any hints at getting it to come out so-so cute??

  14. Jennifer says:

    These are way too cute, I have wanted to see how to make a pumpkin and now I have, thanks! What is the chocolate icing that you are using it looks yummy, is it a ganache?

  15. PaniniKathy says:

    How cool is that! What a great way to make an already enticing cupcake even more grabworthy. :-)

  16. Marija says:

    Those are real cuties! Thanks for the great instructions!

  17. So cool! I love it!!! These are spoooooooooky :)

  18. Jenny says:

    Sooooo cute. I love the instructions. I think even I could figure it out!

  19. Chelle says:

    So awesome, as always! Thanks for the great tutorials!

  20. I just love your work! My husband usually says: it is too beautiful – it is a piece of art – to be eaten!
    Bravo Melody!

  21. Sharyl says:

    awesome cupcakes! congratulations to the winner! (though i must say im very very jealous. hahah)

  22. Emiline says:

    Cool! I like it. You have great decorating ideas.

    I wonder if you could use luster dust as an eyeshadow? Just take it into consideration.

  23. grace says:

    the leaves are impressive, but i’m in love with those wee little pumpkins! such detail–they’re perfect, way too pretty to eat. i’m a fan of the color blending as well. :)

  24. Dana says:

    So cool!

    Congrats – you’re on Cupcakes Take the Cake!! Can’t wait to see your blog on those pretty cakes!

  25. Dana says:

    OMG & I won!! I didn’t even notice that at first!! I was so wrapped up with the pumpkins!! Wow you just made my day!!

  26. Rosa says:

    Wow, your cupcakes are breathtakingly beautiful! they must be hyper delicious too!



  27. Maria says:

    Gorgeous cupcakes! The pumpkins are so cute but I LOVE The leaves! They are beautiful! Nice work as always! And Congrats to the book winner. So fun!

  28. Ramya says:

    Hi, your cupcakes are amazing and worth the effort. Bravo!!

  29. Pam says:

    You are so talented. My daughter LOVES Halloween and would absolutely adore these little cuties. Great job!

  30. Divya says:

    Gosh! I love your blog (frist time, and in awe!) I have been wanting to make fondant covered cakes or at least simple fondant for a long time. Still haven’t mustered the courage.
    I just love the way you have given strp-by-step instructions. Great Job!

  31. Original & tasty it gives me inspiration to make a special Halloween dessert.
    The pictures are delightful.

    Thanks a million.

    Happy Halloween!

  32. Shari says:

    Those are great step-by-step pics! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Kathy S. says:

    Great demos once again! What kind of camera do you use? You always have great pics. Also, if you have time, would you consider doing a demo on Italian meringue butter cream and/or making pastry cream. I would totally come to your classes if I could…but I’m in Ohio. Thanks! :o)

  34. Hot Garlic says:

    WOW, this is great. They are bringing a tear to the ‘ol eye they’re so cute! I need to stick around here and be the student of you the master. My sweets will taste so good it will kill ya, but they look like crap because I am just not a decorator. I think after a few sessions at this blog that could be remedied… so watch out world, here I come!

  35. kamaile says:

    I love the green swirls in the pumpkin. Too cute!

  36. Laurie says:

    And I thought halloween was supposed to be scary.. these are gorgeous!! :)

  37. Vera says:

    Melody, this is so season-appropriate! Very cute pumpkins!

  38. Nicisme says:

    How cute – the leaf ones are my favourites, lovely!

  39. RecipeGirl says:

    So cute! I love Halloween. Nice creations :)

  40. I love those pumpkin minitures lovely, makes a perfect cupcake! awesome!

  41. Kim says:

    Nothing like a good dose of cute cupcakes. Looks like you had fun making them.

  42. Tiffany says:

    so cute! i’m working on halloween cupcakes this week…i’ll have to try the pumpkins.

  43. aleta says:

    Oh my, these might very well be the most perfect-looking cupcakes I’ve ever seen. Adorable!

    And thanks for stopping by Omnomicon, I totally appreciate it! =)

  44. admin says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!
    Jennifer – The frosting on one of the cupcakes is just chocolate buttercream. And on the other cupcake it is vanilla buttercream with milk chocolate ganache pipped on top.
    Kathy – Thanks for the compliment about my photos! I actually just use a Canon SD 550. It isn’t too expensive (around $230), but you can use its “macro” setting which gives close up shots a crisp look.

  45. Jaime says:

    that fall leaf is stunning!

    boo – i’m sorry i missed your giveaway :( i have been dying to get that book, too

  46. These are so wonderfully beautiful and creative! I love them – I wish I was at your house for Halloween. :)

  47. Louise says:

    Ohh this is just what i needed. Great ideas on Halloween cupcakes and I am going to try out some of them for this years Halloween party. THX

  48. Bakerella says:

    Fantastic tutorial! Love the leaf.

  49. Kathy says:

    Thanks for the info on the camera Melody! I made pumpkins like yours this week but I used ultra thick frosting; I coated my hands in cornstarch and rolled the frosting into balls and added the lines like you showed. Then I used orange shimmer dust on them and piped the stem and vines on…adorable!!! Using the frosting was fun, too, because they are completely edible–tasty!!!

  50. Kevin says:

    I like the colour swirls in those pupmkins. The leaves look great as well!

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