Tricks of the Trade – Cake Style

Have you ever wondered…”How do they do that?”  Well, you are not the only one!  When I saw some cakes in Martha Stewart’s Wedding Magazine a while back I couldn’t believe the amazing design on them and so I did my research and found out how they did it.  They used CAKE STENCILS!!!  You can get these amazing cake stencils online from Designer Stencils.  Definitely check out their site and see all the different designs you can buy.  All you need it some royal icing, a small offset spatula or bench scraper (something with a flat edge), and gel based food coloring if you want the design to have color.  So here is my little “how to” blog for you…hope you enjoy it!

First you need to either cover your cake in fondant or a crusting buttercream.  Let either of them set up a little bit before you use the stencils.  Place the stencil on the spot you want the design at and either hold it carefully or tape it to the cake if you are using fondant…sorry about the bad lighting! 

Next take your royal icing and carefully cover all of the exposed cake/stencil with the icing.  

Then take your small offset spatula, bench scraper, or hemming ruler and scrape off the excess icing.

Then pull off your stencil and look at your masterpiece!  

Then I added a sugar rose to the top corner and called it a day!


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57 Responses to “Tricks of the Trade – Cake Style”

  1. donnell says:

    how hard is it to do that on a round cake, and is it best to use royal icing when doing that or would the reg frosting be easier. i did something like that on a cake i did. it was a skate board cake and the girl wanted the first letter of her name on it and i printed out the letter on paper and just used my reg frosting to do it. i think it turned out good.
    that cake is beautiful by the way.

  2. Thank you for the information on stenciling on a fondant covered cake. I’m new at cake decorating so you can imagine my surprise when I checked my cake later in the evening after doing a stencil design earlier in the day. Only to find practically all of the design had droped. I’m contributing this to the fact I used a buttercream frosting (Wilton’s buttercream recipe) to stencil with.

  3. Claire North says:

    What if you just used colouring like food colouring for the stensiling instead of royal icing? Would that work? just wondering…

  4. Regina says:

    Where do cake decorators get the stencil pattern to PRINT on a cake? ex. a purse cake, like Gucci. I see them & have tried to get a site and not all are hand done, clearly see they’re using a smooth stencil. Can you help me?

  5. Rosemarie DC.Barcelo says:

    I am from the Philippines .. where can i get a stencil pattern here?or where can i download a pattern?can you help me?thank you!

  6. Myrna Lerma says:

    I would like to know what your recipe is for your royal icing. I have a wedding cake in red fondant and black stencil. I bought CK black icing. Will that work?

  7. After I have made any cake that has to have a frosting or similar I, personally, am not happy with the look of the finished product. My dissatisfaction is based on the fact that the frosting/icing or purchased product, though of very good taste, in my eye is quite inferior because it appears to be very thin, either as a topping or a filling.

    What can I do to have a product that will keep it’s thickness when used as a filler of say half an inch or remain as a topping or remain on the sides if put there.

    Many thanks


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