Last Batch of Christmas Sugar Cookies

Well, I am officially done with Christmas orders…yippee!!!  I thought I would share my last batch of Christmas cookies with you.  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and thanks for a wonderful year of blogging!

I would love to hear which one you like the best!


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34 Responses to “Last Batch of Christmas Sugar Cookies”

  1. olivia says:

    i like the solid red ornament and the presents the best! But they are all beautiful and very creative

  2. morgana says:

    OMG, what a lovely set of cookies… This time I think I prefer the tree shaped cookies and the last ones, the gift box shaped.

    Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing all these beauties with us.

  3. Elaine says:

    Just beautiful! I love your work and that you share the photos with us! May your holidays be festive and your New Year be blessed with happiness!

  4. Kelli says:

    One? Pick one? That’s not possible! They’re all great! I’m so impressed…and more than a bit jealous…a lot more than a bit! I do love the silver tree with the little garland though, mostly because I didn’t know there was silver coloring that looked so realistic. Great job!

  5. I really like the two Christmas trees and the white snowflake with red piping. What fun! Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

  6. Aimee says:

    Just lovely, Melody! I love the stockings, they are so cute!
    A very merry Christmas to you and your husband.

  7. Kathy says:

    The snowflakes are my favorite…gorgeous!

    Have a Merry Christmas, Melody!

  8. Jane M says:

    The XMAS TREES with the lights for sure. Those cookies are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. cakebrain says:

    Fantabulous again! How do you get your red icing so red? did you have to use a whole bottle of food colouring? It’s so vivid! I love it! My favourites are the first tree and snowflake and the last pic with the presents! gorgeous!

  10. Kathia says:

    I loved the Chritsmas trees. I really enjoy looking at your website, thanks for posting all the pictures. You are an inspiration to me.
    Happy holidays!

  11. Terra says:

    I love all of your snowflakes! They are just beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the new year!

  12. Ann says:

    as usual, i love it all. but the first two made me gasp. so beautiful.

  13. dawnie says:

    The presents are the ultimate winner for me! So whimsical! Happy New Year!

  14. Marisa says:

    Your cookies are gorgeous! My favorite is the first one, I love the green shimmer with the bright red piping.

  15. Lauren says:

    Your cookies are way prettier then mine! But I am still learning. I think I like the first two the best; by the time I got around to doing my tree shaped ones I couldn’t be bothered doing more then a few squiggles on them! Of course I was using pastel colours, but I like brights so I will have to try brights one year also. Is this royal icing? I would love to know how you made the gold & silver background icing, that looks great :-)

  16. Jude says:

    My jaw just drops to the floor every time I drop by your blog. Amazing and inspiring.

  17. Lucy says:

    They are all beautiful ! They would make gorgeous Christmas gifts. I think the presents are my favourite, they are so cute! But I like the silver tree and its lights too!

  18. Laura says:

    I think if I *had* to chose, I’d chose the green and red ornaments…so pretty and cute! : )

  19. Emily says:

    Beautiful cookies, darlin’! You are SOOOO talented. :0 Hope you had a great Christmas.

  20. Gigi says:

    oooo, they are all beautiful! I don’t think I could choose. Happy New Year!

  21. sharyl says:

    its quite impossible to pick just one favorite as they are all so beautiful. But i do like the first christmas tree, the red and white snowflakes and the gifts and yeah, everything else. haha! merry christmas!

  22. Hi Melody, great job! I love the presents (as I love to get presents-ha-ha) and the golden-red snowflakes. Every time I visit your blog I feel sorry not to live close to your place. But you could consider with your husband to move to Greece (smile).

  23. sugared says:

    Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Everything Gorgeous. I know you must be tired by now! Being from New Orleans, I am especially tickled my your Mardi Gras colored aprons. Looking forward to many more wonderful creations from you in 2009. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

  24. Ingrid says:

    All of them are lovely! It’s hard to chose just one. Nope I want one of each.

    Hope you had the merriest Christmas! Happy 2009!

  25. Kevin says:

    Great Christmas cookies decorations! Happy Holidays!

  26. Your Christmas cookies turned out great this year! I really love the gold and silver ones!

  27. Maria says:

    Love the cookies. GORGEOUS! Happy New Year to you!

  28. Madeline says:

    WOW! It’s impossible to pick just one…I love both Christmas trees and the stocking is lovely too. But really, they are ALL gorgeous! Wow. Happy New Year!

  29. bigboysoven says:

    lovely designs and so luxurious!

  30. Aran says:

    beautiful cookies! happy new year!

  31. Erin says:

    These are just divine! I’m horrible at decorating. My hand positively aches just thinking about piping all of these lovely details. You’re a cookie superstar.

  32. cindy says:

    every one of these is special! mine looked nothing like these…as i had one cookie i dubbed “fire-season-christmas tree”. yours are gorgeous! mine, not so much.

  33. angy says:

    hello from France ! beautiful decorated cookie can you tell me which n° nozzle icing (icing tube) you use to decorate your cookies? that would help me thank you for your help! PLEASE use my mail for answers OR my blog …. thanks a lot cordially…

  34. cyberstarr says:

    How do you get the luster on your cookies?Check out my cookie decorating at youtube under thehocks.

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