Vintage Inspired Wedding Cake!!!

Well, I am finally feeling like life is getting back to some sort of pattern and I am really enjoying it!  Today I am actually at my in-laws beach house in Newport Beach and then off to lunch and shopping with my girlfriend Kate!  But before I left for my day of fun I thought I would post these gorgeous photos from a recent wedding that I had the pleasure of doing.  Courtney Toney of Joyful Weddings & Events completely blew me away with the look of this wedding.  She worked hand in hand with the bride and groom who were very involved with the planning of their wedding day since their reception was actually in their backyard.  I loved my wedding day too, but if I were able to go back in time I think I wish this was the style of my wedding…intimate, detailed inspired, and a touch of vintage…love, love, love it!  The bride and groom were so much fun to work with and really let me try out some new ideas with the design of their cake!  Lastly, I have to say that Amy Squires did an amazing job with the photography!  I was able to work with able on my first real wedding back in the day and it was so much fun seeing her work her magic again with this wedding!  






For the dessert station Courtney found the most adorable vintage cart!  For the cake design the bride wanted to incorporate sugar lace, pearls, and lots of vintage details!  We accented the cake with a fabulous sugar magnolia flower too!  To add to the details the bride wanted to do some mini desserts as well, so we had cake lollipops, mini red velvet cupcakes, and mini cheesecakes with raspberries.




Here are a couple more details shots of the gorgeous day!









I also took a couple detail shots of the desserts and cake so I could share them with you!  They are not as good as Amy’s, but hopefully they will do!







Thanks for checking out the photos…I would love to hear from you!

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37 Responses to “Vintage Inspired Wedding Cake!!!”

  1. Oh Melody… it is just GORGEOUS!! I love your style girl! Always trying out soemthing new, and always trendy and stunning! So inspiring…
    The whole set up was just perfect. Beautiful wedding!

    I´ve said it before, and I´ll say it again, you are such an inspiration to me! I´m so happy for your success, you are so worth it, and it makes me want to follow my dream, to open my own cake studio here in sweden, even more! So thank you for sharing your passion with us!


  2. april says:

    Absolutely beautiful! And I love the desserts on that vintage cart, everything works so well together. Great job, as usual!

  3. jennywenny says:

    Wow! Wonderful pictures and beautiful cakes! I was just wondering, is the lace on the bottom layer made with moulds?

  4. Heather Kent says:

    WOW I absolutely love the cake, and EVERYTHING about the wedding. Even the lemonade looked fantastic. Great job on the cake, Mel! You never cease to amaze me :)

  5. these are gorgeous! I found your blog b/c Danielle is my bride :) Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous creations!

  6. Wow this is my dream wedding. Looks so nice. As always you ve done a marvellous job.
    visit my new blog at

  7. Kathia says:

    WOW, the pictures are amazing, the cake..gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing, and I am glad you still have time to blog and keep us posted about the dessert studio and your beautiful work.

  8. Aly says:

    Amazing!!! I agree with you- if I could change my wedding (back before we had the internet in 2001) this would be IT!! The dessert cart was absolutely beautiful, as usual. What great ideas for a backyard event! Awesome, AWESOME!!

  9. Amber says:

    Fantastic cake! The lace details are gorgeous! Once again I’m blown away by your talent!

  10. AmyAnne says:

    That dessert cart is amazing! Well, and so are your creations :-)

  11. You’re so right! This is gorgeous! The cake is so much fun! I’ve been away for a while, and have not commented much, but I’ve been following all your new shops things. I’m really proud of you! It all looks so great, stilish, elegant yet simple. It has your face!

  12. Yay! I LOVED this cake and it was so fun to work on you with this wedding. Thanks for being so amazing! And, I agree- if I could redo my wedding, it would be similar to this one, so it was super fun to plan!

  13. Lindsey says:

    What a beautiful cake! The whole cart looks great. Nice work and congratulations on your success!!

  14. leslie says:

    My God, everything is sooo pretty and soooo perfect, it actually looks like a fake wedding!! STUNNING

  15. alissa says:

    this is so beautiful and just perfect…. amazing.. looks like a movie set!! fantastic job!
    Cheers Alissa

  16. Sofia says:

    Beautiful work…as always. And all the details are simply gorgeous. Just perfect!

  17. Pam says:

    Wow…. absolutely beautiful!!!

  18. JL_DESIGNS says:

    loved this wedding and that lace on the cake?!?!?! insanity!!! you are so talented mel!!!! xoxo

  19. Stacy says:

    Wow! I so want to have my wedding all over again! Such a beautiful job, Melanie! Congratulations on your well-deserved success!

  20. jackie says:

    Just love all your work and desings !!!! Congratulations !!! you are my inspiration

  21. Maybe says:

    What a gorgeous wedding ! I love the way the tables are decorated and the desserts look so yummy !

  22. Ummmm, we are really not sure what to say about this one. We are just basically and utterly in L-O-V-E!!!!! You are just plain over-the-top fabulous my dear!!!!!

  23. Nicky Farmer says:

    So beautiful … my goodness, now that’s a wedding! I love it – everything from the bride’s lace cap sleeves, to the lemonade jars, the single blooms in vases and your gorgeous cake! Such style! Well done – you deserve your break!

  24. Jean says:

    Everything is so lovely. How did you ever make that lace on the cake? It is so perfect! Just gorgeous.

  25. Beth says:

    Wow… love the table display… everything looks lovely.. and yummy! Where do you get your buffet display trays and cake stands.. they have such clean lines? Love the adorable cake stand in the back with the ribbon in between…

  26. Erika says:

    Your work is just gorgeous and the wedding overall looks amazing. I thought it was a photo shoot for a magazine! I directed my sister here to get ideas for the cake for her wedding but we are on the east coast so we can’t come to you directly. Good luck with your shop!

  27. leslie says:

    Such loveliness!

    And the other day, after craving something small + sweet, I sent my husband out to your shop. He brought home a red velvet lollipop cupcake. Divine! Mmm!

  28. Love those Mason jars and that vintage cake. YUMMY!

  29. El says:

    Wow- those photos. They look better than any magazine I’ve looked at in a very long time. Bravo!

  30. This wedding is GORGEOUS, and I can’t stop staring at the cake – incredible! I want to go back and do it all over again…without any of the planning, of course :) Simply beautiful!!

  31. Hello!!!

    I reached out to you via email but thought it might be better to post on your blog as well because as I can see,…. you are collecting a lot of cake plates. Can you point me in the direction of where I can find the white round cake plates? Particularly the small size. I’m really interested in getting one for our cake. I hope that you can see my email address even though it does not post publically. If not, I sent you an email last week with 2010 in the email address.

    Thank you in advance!!!!

    An Atlanta 2010 Bride!!!!

  32. I just want to thank you for all the beautiful pictures and wonderful recipes that you have posted throughout you blog. I have been making notes a long the way in hopes of one day getting the nerve to try my luck. :-) Just a suggestion – but I think it would be nice if you added your favorite cookbooks to your extensive list.. I found myself going through your blog again to locate the names of all of your favorite books. Just a suggestion — it could just be me. I don’t mind going through your past post even if it is just to look at the pics.


  33. Rituparna says:

    I just discovered your website and I am so in love with all your cakes. They are amazing and fabulous. I just wish I could someday taste one of them. I am sure I will be in heaven for the rest of my days. Love all your posts.

  34. Ihanaa tosiaan – so lovely and beautiful

  35. What a beautiful wedding. I love all the details about your special day. Congrats!

  36. I just re-read your post and wow I wish I had found you for my wedding. Love all your creations: the cake lollipops and mini red velvet cupcakes are a genius ideas for miniature sweets…oh I’m in love with your cakes. I’m sure you made this bride very happy.

  37. says:

    Hooray! This is my cousin’s blog and event business – how wonderful that you have found them and showcased these talented ladies!!

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