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Costumes Galore!

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Well as promised here are some of the great photos from The Very Vintage Halloween Party! I had to do a whole post on just these photos since they are fabulous!  So glad that the wedding industry likes to have a little fun!












Thanks so much to Meg Perotti for these fun photos!

A Very Vintage Halloween Party

Friday, October 30th, 2009

This past Tuesday night I had the pleasure of working with some of the very best in the wedding industry as we put on a Halloween Bash!  Since I am a little raced on time today (weddings & Halloween treats still need to be finished) I am borrowing Carissa’s, from JL Designs, info from her site!  Here’s how she describes the fabulous night…

“When yelena johnson of the stylish soiree and i decided we wanted to throw a fun halloween party for about 40-50 people it started off very small scale…but once we started tweeting it, the guest count quickly grew to over 150 people! and we just figured the more the better! let them come… :)

The initial design concept was kind of a playful vintage but as we got closer to the event and we kept finding new inspirations, it definitely morphed into something a bit more gothic, a bit more victorian and a bit darker…for the florals and decor pieces, i knew i wanted to go with all muted, lifeless colors…nothing bright or vibrant…and almost all of the vessels, candlesticks, platters, gravy boats, frames, mirrors, etc. were thrifted in order to keep an authentic, vintage feel…

I REALLY loved how everything turned out and just hours before the party began, the clouds rolled in, the wind got CRAZY (hello blackouts!) and it made for a perfect, eerie halloween setting…”
The incredible photos are the the uber talented Meg Perotti!  They are beyond gorgeous!  Thanks you, thanks you!














I think that Carissa & Yelena did a fabulous job creating the perfect look for the party and thanks so much to Carissa’s assistant, Darci, and Jesi from Jesi Haack Weddings for all their help as well!
I had a great time creating the dessert menu for this party…lots of yummy fall treats!  I had also just created a new cake for a photo shoot with the help of my sister and Heather Kent (who did the amazing hand painting on the cake) and so I thought it was a perfect fit for the table!


The desserts included new pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and salted caramel, Halloween vintage postcard sugar cookies, coconut cupcakes, pumpkin cake lollipops, chocolate mousse dessert shot glasses, red velvet cake lollipops, pumpkin caramel cheesecakes with a gingersnap crust, and coconut cake lollipops.









the night was SUCH a success and we have gotten amazing feedback from people letting us know how fun and fab it was! it could NOT have happened without my fellow sponsors and hosts:
Venue, Nature Center Courtyard in Franklin Canyon Park, Beverly Hills, Photography by Meg Perotti, Planned by Yelena Johnson, The Stylish Soiree, Floral & Event Design by Carissa Jones, JL Designs, Catering by Nathaniel Neubauer of Contemporary Catering, Photo Booth from Mint Photo Lounge, Calligraphy by Calligraphy Katrina, Entertainment: by DJ Crash, Rentals from Town & Country, Classic Party Rentals, Linens from Wildflower Linen, and Candy Bar by Special Events by Luz Pencyla.


Check back tomorrow for more photos of all the people who were there!

Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween Time!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Well, I thought I would quick try to get out a little post on some yummy treats that might inspire you for Halloween!  I meant to try and create some new cupcakes for this Halloween, but sadly all of my time got zapped up and so I thought I would show last year’s cupcakes along with some new sugar cookies.  Hope you enjoy!










And thanks to Meg Perotti Photography for this great photo of my new vintage postcard Halloween cookies.  Place your orders soon if you want them by Saturday!


We just started featuring some new fall treats as well!  The Pumpkin Cupcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting and Salted Caramel is to-die-for it I do say so myself!  Way too tempting for me to look at everyday!



And of course we had to make Pumpkin Cake Lollipops!  We can even drizzle them for you with Halloween colors on request!


Thanks everyone for stopping by!  Make sure if you live in the area to place your Halloween orders soon!  Also if you have a moment check out the video from Isabel Gonzalez of The Very Vintage Halloween Party that I helped put on last night!  We had a great time…more photos of that soon!

Goodies Galore!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Well get ready for another random post full of lots of photos!  After a couple weeks at the shop I always have plenty of random orders that I photography (with my new camera of course!), so I thought today would be a good day to show them off! Hope you enjoy!

First up an adorable communion cake I did for a little girl.  I love how the clouds turned out! We used an edible frosting sheet to print the angels and verse and then piped a pearl border around it.  




Since the clouds were just too much fun I thought I would show a quick tutorial on how we made them.  First roll random size balls of fondant and stick them together with a little dab of water or egg whites.  Then roll a thin sheet of fondant and cover the balls.  Next sculpt around the balls to form one large cloud.  And finally I airbrushed the whole cake with pearl luster dust to give it a shimmer.




Next we did a gorgeous homespun style cake and cupcakes for the sweetest bride! They LOVED our red velvet, so they got a small two tier cake and lots of yummy cupcakes for their guests.  I love when my clients are so much fun to work with!  I also had to snap some photos of the beautiful flowers they had…I love the rustic, wildflower look!








Another fun cake I got to make recently was a Lego style cake for a cute little boy who turned 4 years old!  They wanted a little Lego firefighter on the cake as well, so I sculpted one for them.  I thought it would be fun to incorporate the Lego style with the wording too, so Tim designed the graphics for his name and age…I thought they turned out great!




We love doing custom orders too, so these next photos are some special orders we did for our clients.  First up are some custom decorated cake lollipops for a recent baby shower.


Next we did some logo style brownies for a recent birthday party.


I love when our clients come to us with fun ideas!  Our client wanted to surprise her boyfriend for his birthday with custom cupcakes that had his face on it…how great are these!



Another fun surprise was when I was asked by Tiffany’s in South Coast Plaza to make a cake for one of their client’s anniversary.  They wanted lots of sugar peonies and pearls!




Well thanks so much for stopping by my blog!  Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Details Details

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Hopefully you know by now that I believe that it’s the details that are most important!  No matter what event you are trying to put on and no matter what budget you have you can definitely make your event unforgettable if you spend time on the details. This wedding is a perfect example of that!  The fabulous Jesi Haack was at it again and outdid herself with creative touches throughout the event that pulled through the passion and personality of her clients.   The main color scheme for their wedding was black, white, and apple green and we definitely had a lot of fun with it!  The fabulous venue was the Red Horse Barn and the wonderful rentals were from Classic Party Rentals!  Thanks to Matthew Morgan we have gorgeous images of the special day!  I think he captured the couple, Ryan & Danielle, perfectly!   Of course I had to throw in some of my photos as well since I am obsessed with my camera!






How cute is the set up that Jesi made for the name cards!  Danielle is a teacher so they used apples, alphabet cards, and yo yo’s!




The goodies that they set out for the kids were simply adorable!





As always Jesi made me a fantastic backdrop for my dessert display!  Danielle and Ryan wanted to go a little more rustic and homespun with the desserts so we did six individual cakes for them with different fillings and frostings so their guests could choose their favorite.  They wanted to offer their guests a variety of mini desserts too.  We used black cake stands, plates, and green liners to pull the color scheme through.  



I normally am not a huge fan of cake toppers because they are usually boring and don’t have any personal touches to them, but I LOVED this one!  It added such a fun aspect to the dessert display…great find Danielle!





And here are a couple more photos of the beautiful couple!




Pops of Color

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

When I first met with the bride and her mother about 6 months ago for a consultation I automatically knew that I really wanted to book this wedding!  They were  fun, creative, and full of excitement for their big day and being from Texas and having a wedding here in California they had done their homework and found Courtney Toney, from Joyful Weddings & Events, to help plan for their wedding.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a fabulous planner, whether for the whole wedding process or at least just for the day of…they can make your wedding 10 times more enjoyable, creative, and memorable.  Courtney recommend Carissa, from JL Designs to our clients too and they fell in love (like they always do!).  So now I was really wanting the job and luckily they wanted me too!  This was such a fun wedding to plan for and was full of pops of color, fresh flowers, and cute details.  When I got to the venue I was blown away with the set-up that Courtney & Carissa had pulled off…it was just perfect! Here are some fabulous photos from Melissa Kelsey Photography of the day…enjoy!

IMG_0532 copy

IMG_1267 copy

IMG_1718 copy

IMG_1696 copy

IMG_1556 copy

IMG_1507 copy

IMG_1774 copy

IMG_1273 copy

Here are some photos of the adorable couple!

IMG_0627 copy

IMG_1098 copy

IMG_1044 copy

And more details from the gorgeous day…

IMG_1259 copy

IMG_1958 copy

IMG_1656 copy

IMG_1685 copy

IMG_1477 copy

IMG_1839 copy

Now check out the cutest candy bar you have EVER seen!  I thought Courtney did an amazing job with the set-up of this!

IMG_1532 copy

IMG_1517 copy

IMG_1670 copy

IMG_1559 copy

IMG_1767 copy

IMG_1753 copy

IMG_1535 copy

I was so excited for my dessert display because I knew Courtney was making me a fabulous backdrop and Carissa blew me away with the wheat grass and fresh tulip display for my cake stand to sit on…how amazing it that!?!  I wanted to pull together all the fun pops of color and make this display delicious eye candy!  The bride loved the cake I designed while I was in Ron Ben Israel’s class last year, so since I don’t like copying exact cakes that I have done before we switched it up by changing around the color scheme, flowers, and details…I loved how it turned out and was so excited once I put it on the cake stand!

IMG_1631 copy

IMG_1646 copy

For the mini desserts we did monogram sugar cookies, mini key lime pies, passion fruit, coconut, macadamia nut tarts, mini cheesecakes with fresh raspberries, and cake lollipops.

IMG_1573 copy


IMG_1583 copy

IMG_1872 copy


Love these ladies…


And of course I had to snap a photo of my fabulous business partner, friend, and master cake lollipop maker…my wonderful mother!!!


I don’t know how I ever thought I could run a whole store/business without her! She, along with my whole family, has been more amazing than I could ever of hoped and dreamed for.  After pulling 36 hours straight last weekend without sleep (yes, I overbooked)  I was even more grateful for the immense amount of help my mother has been!  

IMG_1873 copy

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