Lincoln’s Baby Shower

Well, when my sweet friends Gabriel & Carlie, who are also the fabulous photography team behind Gabriel Ryan Photography, asked me if I could help out with some sweet treats for their baby shower I jumped at the chance!  Not only are they the sweetest couple ever, but some of the most talented and amazingly creative too!  They also recruited Jesi Haack, from Jesi Haack Weddings, and Carissa, from JL Designs, to help out with the design and florals too…how could I ever turn down that dream team opportunity!  Those two ladies surprise me every time with their fresh, new ideas…  

Little Lincoln’s day was one for the books, the style, creativeness, and love behind this event is clearly evident in the photos to come!  Everyone added their special touch to the day and it turned out perfect!  I am so excited for Carlie and Gabriel and blessed to have them, and soon baby Lincoln, in my life!  Another fun perk of the day was that I got to use my NEW CAMERA!  I have basically been wanting a professional camera for 4 years now and recently was able to get one for my birthday…I have been ADDICTED ever since!  I even bought a new purse so my new little baby would be able to go everywhere with me.  Gabriel was kind enough to go with me camera shopping and boy was I happy!  I got a Canon 50D, a 50mm lens, and a 28-135mm lens. Of course Gabriel’s fabulous photos outshine mine by a million degrees, but I thought I would include some of my detail shots for the heck of it!  I hope you enjoy the eye candy!










I can’t say enough about all the details that were not left undone.  I believe that the most important part of any event are the personal touches and this shower had more than I can count…oh by the way, how cute is the mother-to-be!!!





Need an owl fan or fresh lemonade…check!






How gorgeous are these handmade necklaces Carliee and her girlfriend made for the special women in her life!  She also graciously gave us the most fabulous little button rings which I so wish I had a photo of…think Anthropolgie!


Of course I couldn’t do a post without some dessert photos as well…so here they are!


Karrie, from Karrie Pyke Designs, made me the most adorable little owl images for my cookies…can’t thank her enough!




And of course no party is complete without some red velvet cake and carrot cake lollipops and mini candy bar cupcakes!









And lastly some inside shots of the party…how cute are these gifts!




Can’t wait to meet you Mr. Lincoln Roe!!!


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24 Responses to “Lincoln’s Baby Shower”

  1. Evan says:

    Oh my goodness this is the most unique baby shower I have ever seen! I love every detail, especially the owls!

  2. Evan says:

    And congrats on your new camera. Isn’t it the most fun thing ever?

  3. AmyRuth says:

    Great fun photos! Darling little Mommy-to-be as well. What an exciting time!

  4. jana says:

    I just love these pictures! They show your style and designs! Love it!

  5. Jenny Tan says:

    What a lovely baby shower! Love the details. And the picture of Lincoln in mom’s tummy is beautiful! :) Maybe we would get to see little Lincoln when he arrives! Best wishes to your friends Gabriel & Carliee! :D

  6. Ashley Rose says:

    so cute mel :) love your shots too!!!! xoxo

  7. this is an absolutely sensational baby shower… i LOVE the fact that it brings the indoors outdoors with the beautiful furniture. absolutely amazing work!

  8. nice photos. best wishes to your friends :)

  9. olivia s. says:

    what a cute shower! WOW! the desserts look yummy. i love how you have so many of the cutest cake pedastals, platters, and tiered stands. where do you get all those cute stands?

  10. so gorgeous! I cannnot get over the details… so impressive.

  11. Brenna says:

    No WAY! I have an appt. with gabriel and carlie to possibly shoot our wedding in May! Yay! How do you know them? I just stumbled on them in one of the MANY wedding blogs i am addicted to these days…

    Again, your stuff is scrumptious!

  12. That party looks absolutely gorgeous! Could I get the recipe for the Red Velvet cake lollipops by any chance?

  13. Amy K says:

    Do you know if they made the frilly paper spheres hanging behind the deserts? I would LOVE to make them for a friends party too. Thanks!

  14. Danielle says:

    What a gorgeous baby shower! It blurs the lines between cute, sophisticated, and stylish!

  15. Lisa Smiley says:

    Delicious looking treats! They always look so perfect. You have a true gift!

    Love your photos, too! Great bokeh on them :)

    Please do tell about the purse..I’ve been eyeing one for Christmas and would love to see yours, too :)

  16. Alice says:

    Hi Melody,

    I got here through a comment you left on my site a while ago and I just felt I needed to tell you how beautiful your creations are. I particularly like the mini cakes and cupcakes. I’m not eating eggs or dairy so I would not probably have those beauties you’re making, but still, they’re special works of art, looking at them is cool enough. I love everything I’ve just seen on your website ;)



  17. Ohmy this baby shower is ridiculously amazing. LOVE the owl theme and those cookies are darling. Where in the world did you get owl stirrers! LOVE ITTTT

  18. Christyn says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL event with beautiful details, pictures, and artistry! You should be proud!

  19. This is an absolutely adorable shower! Love all the details and the photography is great.

  20. Jessica Lynn says:

    this is too cute! thanks so much for sharing! :)

  21. Lauren says:

    All of the details of this shower are amazing! I love the blue dresser used for the candy buffet, that is such a great idea… i love when indoor furniture is brought outdoors. I’ve posted about this shower on my blog and linked to yours::

  22. Kristen says:

    Where should I look to find vases like the ones used here? That is exactly what I am looking to do at my wedding.

  23. Eileen says:

    I hope you don’t mind me stealing some of your super cute ideas… I have been looking for inspiration for a shower that is not tacky ALL DAY!! Thank you… so lovely.

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