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Creating Custom Cakes…

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

As a cake designer I definitely tend to enjoy making high-end, fashion forward wedding cakes more than party cakes, but recently I have started being more selective with the party cake orders I have been taking and only choosing ones that I really feel I can put my own spin on them.  I don’t want to copy any party cakes or pump out a million kids cakes a weekend (like a lot of bakeries do)…I went into this business to be a custom cake shop where my clients would have one-of-a-kind cakes that reflected their styles and types of events.  This past year I have tried to start using a lot more new techniques at the shop and really utilize everyone’s talents on my team.  I tend to want to do everything myself since I ran my business like that for almost 2 years, but these past few months I have been inspired and honored to work with people on my team.  I try to push them harder and help them refine their talents and skills and I find they are doing the same for me.  So before I show these fabulous photos I have to give  a shout out to Susie, Louisa, Heather, Sara, Tim, Rosie, and Geoff!!!  I have been so blessed with such a wonderful team and of course I could never do it without my sweet Mommy & Daddy…you’re the best parents a girl could ask for!

This first cake was actually for a a old school friend of mine.  She contacted me a couple weeks ago as she was planning her mother’s 50th surprise birthday party and wanted a fashion forward cake.  This cake was definitely a little challenging, but in the end I was quite happy with it.




The high heel was mainly made out of white chocolate and then covered in fondant.  I printed the Prada label on edible frosting sheets and used fondant to make the edible pearls and brooch.  The shoe box was covered in black fondant and then we put a white damask pattern on it to spice it up a little.



This next cake was for a little girl’s birthday party.  Of course all little girls dream of princesses and castles so we made a three tier castle cake and added the Disney princesses to the cake.  





Anther kid’s cake that we recently made was for a little girl’s first birthday party and her Grandma wanted a Betty Boop theme…this is what I came up with!




This American flag cake was for a party honoring a past army admiral and I thought Heather did a great job on the painting!




And last, but not least is a three tier topsy turvy cake we recently made.  This cake was fun because each tier of the cake celebrated one daughter in the family.  The top tier was for the little baby, the middle tier was for the little girl who loved Strawberry Shortcake, and the bottom tier was for the pre-teen who loved fashion.  I had a lot of fun making this cake and thought Susie & Sara did a great job helping me with it!







Well, I hope you enjoyed stopping by and definitely let us know what cake you liked the best!

Spanish Flamenco Style Wedding

Friday, November 20th, 2009

I have been wanting to post about this wedding for such a long time now, but had to wait until the fabulous spread came out in Utterly Engaged which is an amazing wedding resource for any bride or vendor.  I was so happy to be featured in the online magazine and am glad I can share it with you now!  This wedding had such an fabulous team behind it because Aaron & Barbara hand picked their wedding industry favorites and since Aaron is a fabulous wedding photographer they knew exactly who they wanted working on their wedding!  This was the first time I had the pleasure of working with Christina from Simply Modern Weddings and I was blown away with her attention to detail and overall design concept.  She is not only talented, but one of the sweetest people ever!  I was also lucky enough to have Gabriel Ryan Photography documenting the beautiful day.  I love Gabriel & Carlie so much and am always overjoyed when I find out they are going to be shooting my desserts.  Kristin from The Treasured Petal matched the floral design perfectly with the Spanish Flamenco theme…love her!  Those are just a few of the talented vendors at the wedding…definitely check out the end of the post to get the rest of the scoop!  So without further ado here are the gorgeous photos!!!


The wedding took place at Casa Romantica, which is located in San Clemente, CA.



I loved all the little details throughout the wedding!




From the photos is looks like they had quite the fun time…no stressing at this wedding!





To read about why they had a travel and spanish theme to their wedding definitely check out their love story on Utterly Engaged!




The linens for the weddings were perfect and they are actually what inspired the cake design…


I think this is one of my favorite dessert tables so far!  I love how the linen and the cake match and the simplistic, clean look is my style completely.


We made the lace pattern on the cake with sugar paste and then accented it with a gorgeous red dahlia sugar flower.  Sara did a fabulous job on this flower!



For the mini desserts we made homemade chocolate chunk cookies, chocolate mousse dessert shot glasses, cake ball lollipops, and cappuccino cheesecakes.






And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without a little bite of cake and lots of dancing!





the coordinator – christina -
the florals – kristin -
the tunes – eric mosqueda -
the private flamenco performance – paco & yolanda arroyo -
the photos – gabriel ryan photographers
the motion picture – megan & josh -
and the venue – casa romantica - - 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, CA 92672-5233

O Magazine Cookies…all the DETAILS!!!

Monday, November 16th, 2009

This last week was a whirlwind experience!  I had just completed the previous week’s order, which included wedding cakes, lots of cupcakes, and of course a last minute 800 cake lollipop order (not to mention that my mother was out of town in Hawaii that whole week) and as I sat on my couch at home trying to take a breather I got a call from none other than the Oprah Show!!!  To say I was shocked was an understatement, but of course when they asked me if I could get 500 sugar cookies out for the Ellen Show by Thursday I said yes! My family knows that I will almost always say yes to anything and then I just try to figure out how to do it!  

For all of you who don’t know the whole Oprah/Ellen story, Ellen had been trying for quite some time to land on the cover of O Magazine and this past week her wish came true.  O Magazine wanted to send her a special gift to congratulate her on the day the magazine came out and that is where I came in.  I have to say a big THANK YOU to my whole staff, family & friends for helping me pump out 500 amazing cookies in 48 hours…it was quite a task (along with running a storefront and making other daily orders as well), but they did an amazing job with it!  So here are some photos that I took to document the fun experience! Hope you enjoy them!







Even my best friend Kate stopped by the shop to lend a helping hand!  





After rolling all the dough, baking the cookies, outlining & filling them will frosting, laying on the transfer sheets, and putting an icing border on THEN we had to cut the ribbons and bag ALL 500 cookies!




I also thought it would be a lot of fun to make one giant sugar cookie in hopes that Ellen would put it on her show and I guess it worked!  


Here are some shots of the delivery!  Ellen’s office was so much fun inside and of course getting onto Warner Bros Studio wasn’t half bad either!






God has blessed me with such great opportunities work-wise and I can only thank Him for these amazing and fun experiences!

Oprah Gives Ellen a Gift…OUR COOKIES!!!

Friday, November 13th, 2009

If you haven’t already heard we have been quite busy over at the shop making 500 cookies for Oprah!  To celebrate the new cover of the O Magazine they wanted to send Ellen something very special, SO they decided to send her 500 specialty sugar cookies with the O Magazine cover on them from Sweet & Saucy Shop.  We had 2 1/2 days to make all of the cookies and one giant cookie for Ellen!  Take a look at the video today to see our cookies on THE ELLEN SHOW!!!

Halloween Photos: Part II

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

I hope all of you had a Happy Halloween!  I had way too many cute photos of my family that I thought I had to share them with you!  Plus I got the chance to make a fun 3D Pumpkin cake for a client of mine.  Her daughter was turning 4 years old and she wanted a fun cake that pulled in both occasions!  


The cake was quite yummy inside!  The bottom tier was chocolate cake with whipped cream, strawberries & chocolate ganache. The middle tier was pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting & salted caramel. And lastly the top tier was banana cake with chocolate ganache and peanut butter cream cheese frosting.  

I hand sculpted each pumpkin and then airbrushed them to make them look more realistic.  Next I stacked them and created lots of vines and stems to fill in the gaps.  Here are some more close-ups of the cake…unfortunately I didn’t realize they weren’t in perfect focus under I was done with the cake, but at least they show you more details.





These next photos are of my adorable family!  








Aren’t they too cute for words!  Well, those aren’t the only Halloween photos I have for you…I just had to include these next few photos.  All I have to say is “How awesome is my staff!!!”  Now sadly, I had a wedding delivery that day and couldn’t dress up or else I would’ve strapped the pirate belt on and jumped in the photo!


I think we can all agree that Octo-mom gets the best costume award!  Can you believe how great Louisa looks!





And even my intern dressed up…as a chef of course!


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