Halloween Photos: Part II

I hope all of you had a Happy Halloween!  I had way too many cute photos of my family that I thought I had to share them with you!  Plus I got the chance to make a fun 3D Pumpkin cake for a client of mine.  Her daughter was turning 4 years old and she wanted a fun cake that pulled in both occasions!  


The cake was quite yummy inside!  The bottom tier was chocolate cake with whipped cream, strawberries & chocolate ganache. The middle tier was pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting & salted caramel. And lastly the top tier was banana cake with chocolate ganache and peanut butter cream cheese frosting.  

I hand sculpted each pumpkin and then airbrushed them to make them look more realistic.  Next I stacked them and created lots of vines and stems to fill in the gaps.  Here are some more close-ups of the cake…unfortunately I didn’t realize they weren’t in perfect focus under I was done with the cake, but at least they show you more details.





These next photos are of my adorable family!  








Aren’t they too cute for words!  Well, those aren’t the only Halloween photos I have for you…I just had to include these next few photos.  All I have to say is “How awesome is my staff!!!”  Now sadly, I had a wedding delivery that day and couldn’t dress up or else I would’ve strapped the pirate belt on and jumped in the photo!


I think we can all agree that Octo-mom gets the best costume award!  Can you believe how great Louisa looks!





And even my intern dressed up…as a chef of course!


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9 Responses to “Halloween Photos: Part II”

  1. Kevin says:

    Louisa looks awesome!!!!! And the cake was cool too.. :)

  2. Jenny says:

    haha your while shop is full of fun characters ! what a great place to work !

  3. OH MY GOSH.. OCTO Mom takes the gold… everyone looks fab!!!! It is so fab watching you grow, I remember when you were building the interior of the shop!

    I must link to octomom…. I just have to show all my other friends as well… that is just way too cool!

  4. Suzie Dyer says:

    Is the chef supposed to be Leahs from Cake Central? She looks just like her old avatar!!

  5. Love the cake! SOO COOL! The costumes are sooo hilarious! Haha.

  6. Leslie says:

    love the cake!!

  7. The cake looks AMAZING and the pictures are great! Cool costumes!

  8. esther says:

    OH MY GOSH.. The Octo-mom custome is seriously the funniest one I’ve seen so far!!! simply hilarious!!! She really does look like her.. :) did she dye her hair in black just for this occasion?

  9. lisa says:

    You have some pretty adorable SMILES scattered through this post! :) I am new here and so excited to have found you!

    I just posted about a SECRET AGENT spy party and would love for you to check it out if possible! Thank you.



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