Vintage Lace & Pink Peonies

I am so happy to put this post up for multiple reasons…#1 I was blessed enough to work with one my best wedding girlfriends Carissa, from JL Designs #2 All the photos that you are about to look at I took…I know, I know…I’m getting a little obsessed with my photography hobby, but hey, I LOVE it! #3 Janie from, The Brides Cafe, was sweet enough to feature this wedding on her wonderful blog today!  

Kristina and Nick were such a fun couple to work with!  They had great style, were extremely sweet, and with Carissa on their side I knew their wedding would be amazing!  Her look was vintage with shades of blush pink, white, and gold.  I LOVE this color scheme.  We decided to do a two tier cake along with a variety of mini desserts.  Carissa blew me away with her florals and design…simply gorgeous! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your beautiful day Kristina & Nick!










I just loved all the details that Carissa incorporated into the design!





Here are some more photos of Carissa’s tablescapes and card table.  I love it all!







Don’t you just adore these little bottles…





All the antique touches make this wedding just perfect.




And here is a sneak peak of the happy couple…


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12 Responses to “Vintage Lace & Pink Peonies”

  1. Kristy R. says:

    You two just rock! Congrats on The Brides Cafe feature.

  2. I spy some super cute antique bronze goblets & candlesticks from the Very Vintage Halloween. ;) Beautiful job on both decor & the desserts, ladies!!

  3. Amazing details! Looks like a beautiful day.

  4. Diana says:

    Hello there, I just love everything you do. I pass your web to my sister and she loves it too, she said she may stop by your shop when she comes back to CA.
    can I ask, where did you get that lace you put in the bottom cake? is it fondant?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. Danielle says:

    Beautiful beautiful display! I think this may be my favorite cake that you have done so far! I’ll try to swing by the shop soon!

  6. JL_DESIGNS says:

    yay!!!! thanks lovey!!! xoxo

  7. Lucy says:

    This wedding has such a beautiful colour scheme – all the vintage touches and blush pink colour is stunning! Your photographs are gorgeous, and those chocolate mousse terrines look truly irresistible. Wow!

  8. Mike Handy says:

    Thanks for letting me review your blog. Keep up the good work!

    I still don’t know if I believe this is food, it looks too amazing!

  9. Melody, the cake is soo gorgeous, luv the peony and the lace. . . you’re my inspiration, luv yr work so much!

  10. cmrhude says:

    What is the recipe for the shot glass desserts? They look delicious!!

  11. Soiree says:

    I love this!!! Wow I wish you were up here in NorCal I would refer all my brides to you!!!

  12. dayanara says:

    Hello…i visit your blog as soon as the email is in my mailbox. I love your cakes…Your peonies are amazing. Do you know where I can find a step by step tutorial to creating them? Do you use gumpaste or fondant? We use fondant at our wilton classes so im not sure how to go about it. Thanks sooo much!

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