Dreamy Bridal Shower!

My sweet wedding planner friend, Nancy, from So Happi Together recently asked me to do some sweets for her friend’s bridal shower & of course I said yes!  Nancy is amazing at styling and planning events and this one definitely shows that!  I have to say a huge thank you to Connie Chung for these lovely images too!!!

IMG_8471_02 copy

IMG_8377 copy

We loved making some tiffany blue french macarons and Nancy did some fabulous packaging on them to make them adorable favors!

IMG_8392 copy

The tea and sandwich set up was equally gorgeous & I loved the little pinwheels as well!

IMG_8394 copy

IMG_8389 copy

IMG_8404 copy

IMG_8438 copy

IMG_8460 copy

IMG_8432 copy

IMG_8504 copy

IMG_8452 copy

IMG_8360 copy

We also made some mini lemon cupcakes and red velvet cake lollipops!

IMG_8397 copy

IMG_8365 copy

IMG_8372 copy

IMG_8382 copy

IMG_8370 copy

IMG_8486 copy

IMG_8483 copy

IMG_8361 copy

IMG_8385 copy

IMG_8400 copy

IMG_8408 copy

Thanks so much Nancy for having me be a part of this dreamy day!

IMG_8523 copy

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10 Responses to “Dreamy Bridal Shower!”

  1. Jana says:

    the macaroons look just like Luxembourgellis – you can only get them from Sprugnli’s in Zurich. They’re fabulous!

  2. Clau! says:

    Oh I love those tiffany blue french macarons ñ_ñ


  3. Sprinkles says:

    Wow great photography! Those cupcakes look divine!

  4. Absolutely Stunning! I definitely have to share this one…thanks for the inspiration.

  5. hi melody! those red velvet cake pops were soooooo delicious! thanks so much for supplying the bridal shower with all those little bites of heaven! :)

  6. Brooke says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous shower! Makes me want to get married all over again…!

  7. paige appel says:

    so cute! i need a cake pop right now.

  8. Emily says:

    Wow everything looks great. What a great shower. I so love those macaroons and cake pops.

  9. Melody! Thank you for being oh-so-wonderful YOU and for moving closer to me. :) So great for business, not so great for my waist-line! But you are my absolute favorite and your sweets were a hit at this shower… as they are at any other event. Love you to pieces!!

  10. Amanda says:

    Hi I was wondering where you made the circular buntings – happy shower? or is there a site that I can get them done on?

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