Lots of Eye Candy!

Now that summer has officially ended I thought I would have time to breathe and the amount of weddings each weekend would slow down, turns out that October is one of our busiest months ever!  The last couple months we have had the pleasure of making so many wedding cakes for amazing people and I am truly blessed to look back on this summer and see what we did!  Here are some photos of recent cakes we have done…enjoy!

First up, one of my favorites!  We got to explore the Wedge Wood style for this cake and I really loved how it turned out!  We searched hi and low for real pieces that we could make custom molds out of and I love the detail that each mold brought to the cake.








This cake we did a whimsy style white flower with a black center and then did hand painting on the cake that matched the invitations for the wedding.




Here is a fun peak at the whole set up from the fabulous Amelia Lyon!


I also got the chance to make a cake for my dear friend Nancy’s daughter.  I went to pastry school with Nancy and we have kept in touch over the years, so it was quite an honor to have her ask me to make her daughter’s wedding cake!




This bridal shower cake the client wanted it to be fun & girly, so we did white crystal sugar all over the white fondant cake and then accented it with a fushia sugar flower, black fondant ruffle, and three black brooches.




This wedding cake below is very sweet and taylored looking.  Sugar bows, brooches, and quilting…oh my!



This next cake was for a small Indian style wedding we recently did.  I loved the pattern and colors that we used on this cake!





When writing this post I can see that we have made a LOT of fushia sugar flowers lately!  Although a lot of the cakes have similar flowers, the overall design is completely different.  This cake had brown ribbons, damask, white chocolate jewels & brooches.





This next cake was on the simple side.  The main accent piece we made was designed after the bride’s dress.  She had white jewels on her dress, but we wanted to pull in the avocado color in her wedding so we did the jewels in that color.



Another sweet pink cake we did for a birthday party!  The design was based off of a cake from Confetti Cakes that the client liked…very cute style!




This last design was a very fun one to see come to life.  I loved the gardenia flower and the whimsy style flowers & vines. I made them all out of sugar paste with new molds that we made.  Since grey is one of my favorite colors I loved seeing it on a cake too!






Thanks so much for stopping by!  Definitely let me know which cake was your favorite!

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16 Responses to “Lots of Eye Candy!”

  1. Nina Designs says:

    They’re SO beautiful!!! I’m in love with your cakes!

  2. janarhodes says:

    Melody, all of your cakes are just wonderful! I am in love with your cakes! I hope I will have the chance to taste them one day… kisses from Greece!

  3. staceys says:

    they are all amazing, if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Gardenia cake. The grey and white is so striking, and the gardenia flower looks so real!

  4. Kathia says:

    My favorite is the grey cake with the gardenia flower, you and your staff are very talented. All your cake desings are getting better and better.

  5. Kathy says:

    Beautiful as always Melody!!!! I love the grey cake!!!

  6. dayanara says:

    just stunnin’ you are sooo talented!

  7. Aunt Lynda says:

    These cakes are so fabulous!! It is so unbeliveable to think that you made them, but than again I do still have your gingerbread dough christmas ornaments you made for me when you were a little girl.!!!!!!

  8. Liz K says:

    Good heavens, you are so talented! I love reading new posts. Please keep sharing your AMAZING talent with the world!

  9. Wendy says:

    Love them all! Great job! I’m a black & white kind of girl myself, so I’ll go with that one as my fav (love painting on cakes). But I do love the gardenia & grey as well.

  10. you never cease to amaze and WOW me, melody! loove you and your too-fab team <3

  11. All so beautiful! I really love the blue cake. Details are stunning!

  12. Liz H says:

    Beautiful. Are those pearls at the bottom of the Wedgwood cake actually on a string or are they the same decorations as on the pink bow cake, where they look like pearl dragees? Always on the lookout for creative use of decorations.

  13. Beth says:

    Gorgeous cakes! I can only dream about making cakes like that one day!

  14. Cinthia says:

    Beautiful cakes! I can’t wait to get married, so that I can go to you.

  15. awesome cakes as always! hope I can do beautiful cake as yours . . .

  16. Rebecca says:

    Everything you touch is stunning, truly, but I LOVE the grey cake. I’m totally fascinated by all the molds your team is making. Looking at your blog is like candy for my soul! Keep it up!

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