Wedding Cake Time!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments from our last wedding cake post!  I am excited to share some new designs with you today as well!

This first cake design I got inspired to create based off a intricate print.  I loved how the bride & groom silhouettes were surrounded by words that described marriage & their relationship.  I also love the color scheme of blush pink and grey…overall I was quite happy with it!



Kyong did a great joy hand painting all the details on this cake…it definitely was a labor of love!





These next three cakes were all for one wedding.  The bride couldn’t make up her mind about just one design, so instead we did three completely different techniques on three different cakes for her, while keeping with her same color scheme.








Kyong hand painted these gorgeous, delicate branches & added two fondant love birds.  The design matched the bride & groom’s invitation.



Up next was a simplistic two tier wedding cake we did for a modern Hawaiian style wedding.  I loved the texture on the cake with the pearlized finish and then we simply accented it with multiple burnt orange sugar flower dahlias.




All buttercream cake below with detailed piping that matched the bride’s invitation.


The bride wanted lots and lots of gold and that’s what we gave her!  We also incorporated a touch of brown & then a deep red in the garden rose sugar flower.




This next cake is a great example of an inexpensive cake that still looks gorgeous…I love the mixture of rustic, yet elegant!



My idea of an all-white wedding cake…lots of detail & texture, but still simplistic & modern.




I do have to say I love gardenia sugar flowers!



This last cake is both elegant and romantic…I love the combination of blush pink & gold together!




Thanks so much for stopping by the blog…we’d love to hear which cake was your favorite!

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23 Responses to “Wedding Cake Time!”

  1. As always, your cakes are BEAUTIFUL and thoughtful. We happen to love love love all white cakes the very best. (:

  2. Kathia says:

    Beautiful works of art, I love them all. My favory is the last cake with all the gold details.

  3. LOVE the hand-painted cake idea!

  4. Denise says:

    Wow! I am STUNNED at your gorgeous cakes! I love the 3 differently-styled cakes in the same green-and-white color scheme for the bride who couldn’t choose. What a great idea, even for someone who doesn’t have trouble deciding!

  5. Jenn says:

    I love, love, love the first cake. Such a unique and wonderful idea! I’d totally go for that if I was getting married. Where did you learn to decorate cakes?

  6. Always LOVE your all-white cakes…the details are so beautiful and romantic. Also love the cake with a pop of orange and the love birds cake…thanks for sharing!

  7. Your designs are so inspiring.

  8. Oooo, these are devine, each one is so unique and beautiful but if you twisted my arm and made me choose my favourite I’d have to say either the modern Hawaiian one or the blush and gold cake ;-)


  9. Kiera says:

    From a cake-designing perspective, I love the first hand-painted one. It’s playful, sweet, and unique.

    My cake-shopping side, however, wants that white-on-white gardenia cake for my own wedding. I love how chunky the embellishments are on the sides of the cake.

  10. Cho says:

    You’re cakes are amazing. I get a lot of inspiration from your images. I just think they are so chic!!! I can’t wait to try some of the things I’ve learned from your blog on my own clients.

    All the way from the Philippines,

  11. Nicole says:

    LOVE them all Melody!!! the first one is soo great!!! and I love the simple choc cake with the gold and white buttons!

  12. Mindie says:

    Kyong is sooo talented. Love all your cakes, great inspirations. I would have to say the leaves cake is my favorite.

  13. Your designs are amazing I cant choose one. So inspiring!

  14. bronwyn says:

    I love the first one…the bride and groom sillouette with wording…awesome!!

  15. Mireille says:

    just beautiful!!! Love it!

  16. I ADORE the handwritten stlye cake and the all white cake. Just delightful!

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  18. Paula says:

    Good job, I love last cake is magnificent !!:)

  19. Charlotte says:

    Some great cake ideas here! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Jane says:

    These cakes are just wonderful! I wouldn’t know which one to pick. But my heart loves the first one with the hand painted text details, so original!

    Jane from Bouquets and Flowers

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  22. Andria Gardner says:

    Beautiful cakes!! Especially love the gold lace and blush cake. Did you custom make the mold for the lace?

  23. Christine says:

    Hi, Love the wedding cakes you have posted. I am wondering about your all chocolate icing one. I am making a wedding cake for a friend and was wondering about an icing recipe (chocolate) and if there was a site I could visit for a how to make this one.


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