Fun, Girlie Celebration Cakes

So sorry for the lack of posts lately!  I had the amazing opportunity to visit New York last week with my mother as I was invited for an interview with Carly Roney, the editor of The Knot Magazine, for their LIVE weekly web episode!  It was such a pleasure meeting all of the wonderful ladies at The Knot and they really made my time in New York even sweeter!  You can check out my web episode if you click here and then clink on “The Knot LIVE” and I am episode #6!  I am about 19 minutes in and I don’t think you can scroll forward, but all the other guests they have featured and tips they give are great so I would recommend watching the whole thing!

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 8.59.50 PM

It was quite an experience shipping a fully decorated dummy cake, cake stands, and desserts across the country and then having to prep it all for TV…I did survive it, but barely :)  Of course I loved seeing it all set up and I have to say a big thank you to my fav girlfriend and uber talented wedding designer friend, Jesi Haack, who made me this gorgeous back drop!  You are the best!

I was so happy to see Anja from The Knot and of course she is just as cute as her Twitter picture!



A sneak peak into the fabulous studio where it all happened…


Sadly the New York weather wasn’t the nicest too us while we were there (and I even got my iphone stolen the first night), but we did have an amazing time seeing Mama Mia & eating tons of yummy food!


I was so happy to have my mom there with me the whole time…I am definitely blessed!

Well enough talking, I of course have lots of fun photos of cakes we’ve done lately at the shop!  We’ve done so many more specialty cakes this year, compared to last year and these next ones were really fun!  First up this Louis Vuitton purse was a collaboration between Kyong and I (we like to work together on projects a lot)!







I definitely think the devil is in the details, so with purses you want to make it as realistic as possible.



This cake below was a sweet, girlie birthday cake…all pink please!



Our “favorite things” cakes are becoming more and more popular with people these days as many of them really want to personalize their cake and can’t hone it down to one theme/design, so instead we take all of their favorite things and put it onto one cake!




Kyong is great at small, detailed fondant pieces!



This wine bottle cake was a fun request from a regular client of ours.  He wanted to surprise his wife with a exciting cake for her birthday which they were celebrating at a wine bar.  He digitally made the wine label and we printed it with edible ink so that it had all of his wife’s info instead of an actual wine bottle’s info.  He also loves the french macaroons we make at the shop, so he wanted us to make a grape cluster out of french macaroons as well.




Lastly this blinged out cake was for a fabulous 40th birthday party.  She wanted it to be fun, girlie, and with lots of bling!  We had a great time making it and I especially enjoyed making this new style sugar flower!





Thanks so much for stopping by!

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15 Responses to “Fun, Girlie Celebration Cakes”

  1. Chelsea says:

    These cakes are GORGEOUS!

  2. jana says:

    Melody, congratulations on your NYC The Knot interview

    Your cakes are beyond the reality… I am just speechless.

    you are cake genius!

  3. Congratulations Melody. Those cakes are beautiful

  4. I love those gold frames with the gold letters ‘S.W.E.E.T’ hanging in the background in the first two photos. Also love your bag cake, it’s sooo shiny, it just doesn’t look like a cake!

  5. Kathia says:

    Congratulations on The know interview, you have worked so hard to get where you are right now. All your cakes are beautiful.

  6. Carla kalluf says:

    The cakes are amazing!!!
    About the cake of Louis Vuitton…you painted the symbols by hand?
    Can you tell me?

  7. Lora says:

    Your cakes are amazing. The LV purse is spectacular. WOW!

  8. jennifer s e says:

    WOW – that is the only word that came to mind! I was reading your blog quickly and glanced at the picture…..I couldn’t figure out why you had a REAL Louis V purse there when you were talking about your trip to NY. I thought maybe you found a great look-a-like on the street while walking in the city. When I read it was a CAKE (!) I literally choked on my coffee! You did an AMAZING job!!!! What a talented and gifted artist you are! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Renee says:

    I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your cakes were. I just found your websites from Thanks for sharing you talents with us!

  10. Heidi says:

    I almost reached out to grab the purse! : ) Thanks for sharing the pictures! You guys are very talented. I can’t wait to visit your shop!!!!

  11. Brittany says:

    Such amazing cakes! That bag is incredibly realistic. Well done on this achievement. I bet you enjoyed your trip.

  12. Small world…I see your link and decide your cakes and cake plates look like what my son’s girlfriend would love. I e-mail Billy to tell Carly to check you out. Turns out my son Billy knows you and Carly is already in love with Sweet and Saucy. Your work is beautiful. I am especially in love with the pink ruffle cake. Thanks for the chance to talk about cake with my son.

  13. Suzanne says:

    Such fun cakes — I loved each and every one!

  14. Faba says:

    Ur cakes are awesome!!! (The lady with brown hair in the second pic is wearing my shirt!)

  15. I can’t believe how realistic that Louis Vuitton purse cake is. Doesn’t look edible so you have done a fantastic job there. Your cakes are so beautiful.

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