Valentine’s Day Cake Lollipops – Shipping Nationwide, Plus a GIVEAWAY!!!

So sorry for the lack of posts lately…sadly my computer situation hasn’t been the best these days.  Our house had a home invasion/burglary a couple weeks ago where our house computer was stolen (good news though the police caught them & it was returned a week later) and then just last week my main computer for work and personal had the hard drive bomb.  Needless to say I cried about it and now it is off awaiting analysis and I am left without a computer, photos, but with lots of anxiety :(  Well enough about my sob story…life is moving along and I am almost at the end of my pregnancy…yippee!  My little girl is due March 8th and I can barely wait for her to arrive! Here is a little sneak peak of me and two of my pregnant girlfriends, Heather & Ashlyn from Carter & Cook, from my baby shower…more photos to come soon!

Screen shot 2012-02-04 at 3.35.03 PM

With lots of love in the air and happy thoughts floating around I thought I would share our yummy and adorably cute cake lollipops that we are doing for Valentine’s Day.  You can either come into the shop to buy them in person or you can now visit our new website… and purchase them online and ship them anywhere in the US.  If you want them in time for Valentine’s Day definitely check out the shipping details on our website and order early so you can have them for your special someone!  We have two different size boxes, a 12 pack for $32 or a 24 pack for $60.  We also came up with two different designs.  The yummy flavors we are featuring for both Valentine’s Day boxes are a mix of Red Velvet, Brownie, Strawberry, and Vanilla!




I hope you like the cake lollipops and custom packaging as much as I do! To sweeten up this post a little bit we will be giving away one 12 pack of Valentine’s Day pops to a lucky winner!  The giveaway ends Monday night, the 6th and to enter you just have to leave a comment saying that you either shared the link on Twitter and/or Facebook…each gets you one entry into the contest!




Thanks so much for checking out our Valentine’s Day post and our new website!  We will be posting more of our Valentine’s Day treats that you can pick up in store very soon!

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38 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Cake Lollipops – Shipping Nationwide, Plus a GIVEAWAY!!!”

  1. So sad to hear about the burglary. I recently lost all my files/photos from since I was in college. It’s been devastating! At least we have our memories, right? The cake lollipops look delish & I’ve shared them on twitter!

  2. Ashleigh says:

    Such a fan! Love your stuff and all the inspiration on your blog. Just shared on FB. Welcome to the mommy club! :)

  3. Melody M says:

    Yummy and gorgeous!! I tweeted :)

  4. Carizza [ITN] says:

    Love your treats, every day of the year! :) retweeted for the masses ;)

  5. Maria B. says:

    Love your new cake pops!I just shared on my fb! :) god bless you and your baby!

  6. Just discovering your sweet blog. Hope to discover the cake pops soon! :) Tweeted about the giveaway!

  7. Jenna Braun says:

    Congrats on being so close to Blake’s arrival. :) These cake pops are so cute! I just shared on FB and Twitter!

  8. Katie Olvera says:

    Just shared the link on Facebook!! The cake pops are SO cute!

  9. MiaO says:

    Hi I retweeted this today!:)
    Take care! The Cake Lollipops look awesome!!!

  10. Monica Miller says:

    Shared your page on Facebook! These are so yummy looking.

  11. chelsea alexander says:

    I shared on facebook! You look so cute, by the way!

  12. chelsea alexander says:

    Tweeted! Everything looks so delicious!

  13. Debora says:

    What a treat!!! I just share on fb. Thanks and best wishes to you and Blake.

  14. Mary says:

    I shared your link on facebook! I want some cake pops!

  15. Karen Carter says:

    I hear about these amazing pops so much and would LOVE to win some ! You girls all look darling in this pic and I can only imagine the fun you will all have with your sweet babies . Hugs YaYa Carter
    Ps I tweeted :)

  16. Hayde says:

    Retweeted! I love the package and cake pops! I’m sure they’re delicious too. =)

  17. sharilyn says:

    just shared on fb… and don’t you look cute in pregnant! :)

  18. Sarah H.P. says:

    Shared on Facebook! I love the packaging on your cake pops! So cute!

  19. Julie says:

    Just shared the link on Twitter!

  20. I Tweeted about the giveaway…fabulous! (@fabulousfinds)

  21. Christina says:

    Shared on facebook! Those cake pops look beautiful!

  22. Momza says:

    First off, I wanted to say I am glad that noone was harmed in your burglary experience. We had a similar incident when I was 8 months pg –the night we moved into a new home, theives broke in while we were sleeping and stole the TV, Stereo, Microwave and all of our movies (which were clearly marked in a box!) as well as jewelry on our nightstand! It was a very scary experience to say the least. I think I slept with one eye open for many months after that but was extremely grateful all of us slept through the night.
    OKAY, so I love these little cake pops and would so enjoy winning the draw for them!

  23. Just posted on Facebook! Love you work and so glad that you ship nationwide!

  24. Kristie Post says:

    Tweeted! I love Cake Lollipops!! I’m so excited for your sweet baby girl to arrive :)

  25. I’m sorry to hear about your burglary and the hard drive crashing! Praise God you all are safe!

    I have been a fan for ages…your cakes are the best! I have posted about the contest on Facebook. I would love to try some of your cakepops!

    God bless! :)

  26. Aly l says:

    I really hope I win. You are my absolute favorite and I hope that I will be able to haw u for my wedding. Shared on twitter.

  27. Aly l says:

    I have been a fan for years! Currently looking at a house down the street from the shop! Shared on fb.

  28. lisa says:

    so sorry to hear about your home and your work computer. how terrible! :( can’t wait to hear about your baby, thought! so glad you were not harmed or hurt! i am tweeting the the giveaway. i would adore winning these, as you know. I love your goodies :) God bless, Melody.

  29. That’s too bad about the burglary. It’s a miracle that your computer was recovered. I love the Valentine cake pops. So cute!

  30. Nicole says:

    so sorry to hear about the burglary, thank goodness you were able to get your computer back! i know how important those pictures can be. those cakepops are so cute!

    linked on FB!

  31. Yvett says:

    Soo very excited to hear about the cake pop site and shipping! This is perfect for family outside the state! Just FB’d about the new site =)

    Congrat’s on your little one! Can’t wait to see pictures.

  32. Carola says:

    Wish I could taste your beautiful cake pops. Even if it takes a little more time to sent.
    Love from the Netherlands.

  33. Nancy Smith says:

    You have the best bakery in Southern California. I just tweeted to share with my friends.

  34. Gerdy says:

    ReTweeted! I love your sweet desserts. The package is beautiful ;)

  35. Lizzy says:

    I tweeted @lizdizz111. Yum!

  36. Krystal says:

    I tweeted @sugarbutterbaby – hope to win!!

  37. Kelly says:

    love the white maternity dress! What’s the brand of the dress? any tips on maternity wear? Love all your desserts! thx

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