My little family photo shoot!

To say I am in love with my little family is an understatement!  I am so blessed and grateful the Lord gave us our little Blake Eileen! She is such a joy and we can’t believe how fast she is growing up!  If you know me you also know I am in LOVE with photos, so when I had the chance for Chaffin Cade Photos to take photos of my little family I jumped at the chance.  Their work is seriously breathtaking and I was blown away at the beautiful moments they captured of my family of three….I truly can’t thank them enough!

We decided to do the photo shoot at my in-laws beach house in Newport Beach as Tim and I have great memories there….walking on the beach, sitting at the harbor, and just enjoying the beauty!

Of course I had to have my sister’s company, SaraRae Shop, make Blake some custom headbands for the shoot!  I think the one below is one of my favorite of all time!  Definitely a great Christmas present!

Don’t be jealous of her thighs…

Snuggles and kisses are the best ever!

She just adores her daddy!

Her arm rolls are to die for!

Time sure does fly by…here is a sneak peek at a shoot we did last week with my family for our Christmas card…my little girl is all grown up looking at 8 1/2 months old!  Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season so far! Thanks for this gorgeous photo Carlie! (from Gabriel Ryan Photography)



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4 Responses to “My little family photo shoot!”

  1. nina hua says:

    beautiful! She isn’t as chubby like those pic.

  2. One of our favorite shoots ever!!! Your fam is too adorable, so excited to see it on your blog!!!

  3. martina says:

    soooooo lovely! beautiful family and daughter
    by the way i like your blog, i just discovered it :)

    PS. there is a giveaway on my blog with baking/cooking stuff, have a look:

  4. Gorgeous family photos, Blake is so adorable. God bless you all.
    Happy holidays and Best wishes

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