Sweet & Saucy Shop Birthday Party

I never thought I would see something so sweet and special to my heart! The photos below are of the cutest little birthday party ever and it happens to be themed around our bakery…it’s a Sweet & Saucy Shop Party!!!  I was blown away when Hilary from The Sugar Studio, in San Francisco took a decorating class from me and then told me about her daughter’s birthday party and how it was themed after our shop since she was such a big fan!  When I finally saw the photos I couldn’t stop smiling!  Thanks so much Hilary for sharing these with us…your dessert skills are amazing and your daughter’s are so adorable!

How gorgeous is Hilary’s sugar flower below…

Love these little marshmallows with their fun little toppers!

Dying over the aprons, hats, and cake holders!!!

I can only think that this might be Blake in a couple years…be still my heart!  Hilary’s girls are so precious!

Prettiest little birthday girl and most darling party ever!  Thanks so much again Hilary!

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5 Responses to “Sweet & Saucy Shop Birthday Party”

  1. Such a sweet party! I love the colors and the medallion decor on the wall behind the dessert table . . . beautiful.

  2. Shannon A says:

    Wow, pretty party! Loving the medallions on the wall behind the table. Do you know where those were purchased from or what materials were used if they were a DIY? Thanks! :)

  3. Hilary says:

    Melody, Thank you so much for featuring my daughter’s bday. I wish you could have heard her squeal with delight when she saw this post.

  4. Hilary says:

    Shannon, I used paper and made each rosette (medallions) by hand. You can email me if you want more details. thesugarstudiobayarea@gmail.com

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