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Over the years our bakery has grown and I am so blessed to share with you the wonderful team behind Sweet & Saucy Shop!  My mom and I are so blessed to have such an awesome staff and we really couldn’t do anything without them!  A couple months back my good friend and talented photographer Carlie of Gabriel Ryan Photography took new staff photos for us and I want to show them off today!  We also have a couple photos from our previous shoots with Ashley Rose Photography &  Diandra Ann Photography as well and they both captured my team perfectly too!

First we must of course start off with our resident taste tester (just kiddidng)…Miss Blake Eileen Brandon!  My mother-in-law found this adorable chef jacket and hat and so I of course had to dress her up for the photo shoot!

I absolutely love owning this shop with my mom and couldn’t do anything without her!

Love these photos Carlie captured of Blake and I!

My gorgeous mom, Eileen, who runs all the business end of Sweet & Saucy Shop (a job I could never tackle) and of course has to make sure every cake lollipop is rolled to perfection as well!

I love that my Aunt Rosie has worked with us from the beginning…such a joy to work with family!  She works in the bakery and is our pro sugar cookie decorator among other things!

My fabulously talented bakery manager, Jenn, keeps our bakery running smooth and loves coming up with new desserts with me!

Here she is the macaron queen, Jess…her instagarm photos make many swoon and the taste of her macarons are to die for!

Heading up our cake team is the amazing Kyong!  She was the first person I let work on our cakes and now she, along with our whole cake team, pump out tons of gorgeous cakes each week!

Kasey is Kyong’s second half and they are quite the team on fondant cakes!  She is such a fast learner and very talented!

Irene is our buttercream master and also does most of our garden rose petal cakes, which is our most popular cake to date.

Francis is our newest addition to our cake team and has picked up both buttercream and fondant cakes in record time!  She is a joy to work with and on her spare time makes the cutest cake lollipops ever!

Love this shot of all the cake girls!

I have known Brandi since we are kids and it is so fun getting to work with her now too! She has been with us for quite a while now and runs our Newport Beach shop and preps all the daily desserts we make there!  She also heads up our cake stand store so she is one busy lady!

Christina has also been in our life since we were 13 years old so my mom and I love that she is now a part of the Sweet & Saucy team!  She always has a smile on her face and is in charge of our cake lollipop orders…which are quite a lot these days!

Franny joined our shop when we expanded into two shops and now works in our LB store as our assistant manager!  She helps make sure everything from mini pies, tarts, shot glass desserts, cupcakes and more go out on time every day!  She’s a great part of our team!

Michelle is the newest addition to the bakery!  She finished her internship with us and we couldn’t let her go!  She is hardworking, talented, and always has a great attitude!

We are so happy that Lisa, who interned with us at the beginning of our bakery has now come back and works full time with us!  She does all the early morning baking of our cupcakes and cakes amongst the other things!  She is so sweet and I’m blessed she came back to our team!

Sweet & Saucy Shop wouldn’t run at all without our amazing Wedding & Party Consultants!  They work hard everyday with our clients to make their dessert dreams come true and we love them all!

Jenny works at both our Newport Beach and Long Beach stores and her sense of humor, smart business knowledge, and work ethic are going to be sorely missed when she moves to Northern CA later this summer!  She is a gem!

Cortney is our head consultant in LB and has taken over being my right hand person is making sure everything runs super smooth each week!  Her to do list is a mile long, but she always manages to finish it all!  We are so excited for her upcoming wedding and can’t wait to see the dessert table she dreams up for it!

Jennifer is our main wedding consultant in Newport Beach and the customers love her there!  Her cheery attitude and bubbly smile always win them over and we love having her on our team over there!

Here are a couple more snapshots from that day that were too fun not to add in…

Sadly not pictured, but very import is my sister Sara who is our resident sugar flower pro, our two new wedding consultant interns Katherine & Katie who are doing a fabulous job, of course my Dad who is co-owner and does all the hard work on our new shops, my husband Tim, who manages all our web stuff and keeps me sane, and our wonderful front counter staff Luke, Samantha, Graham, and Ashley!

When going through photos I came across these adorable ones of Blake hanging with our staff so of course I had to include them too!

We are also so excited that Cloudless Weddings recently shot a fabulous video our of shop and we can’t wait to show it off!  Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

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  1. What an amazing team! Just wanted to say hello – I used to write the Planet Cake Intern blog and was looking back through some old posts today. It looks like you’d maybe commented a few times about using ganache under your fondant? Not sure if you remember, but I’m just getting back into blogging and am super-impressed with your site and your work!

    Also – do you know where your mother in law found the chef’s jacket and hat? My first little one is on the way in September and the photos you have here are super-cute!

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