Blake’s 1st Birthday Party…Bows for Blake Part 1

I am SOOO excited to share with you my little girl Blake’s 1st birthday party!  I definitely went over the top I guess (I’m an all or nothing kind of person…haha)!  It was quite a lot of work to plan and execute, but I had a lot of help and definitely couldn’t of done it without the key people below!  I told myself that I wanted to make sure and really enjoy the party and not be in crazy mode and I have to say I accomplished that and was able to enjoy every moment with my little girl, friends, and family!  She has been the biggest blessing this past year and I really can’t believe she is so big now.  She is the joy of our lives and I loved being able to plan her special day!

The team behind everything….my sweet & talented sister, Sara of SaraRaeShop, made the bow backdrop, fringe tassels, blake’s adorable headband, and the headband favors as well.  Karrie and Elizabeth from Posh Paperie designed her invitations which I love and the other paper products, Carissa of JL Designs did the gorgeous florals, Katherine from LittleCatDesignCo made the fabulous cake topper, wooden bows on the wall, and mini bow toppers, and Krisa Mason took the stunning photos!!!  I also have to thank my sweet mother, best friend kate, cousin Kandyce, and husband Tim who helped pull off this crazy fun day!

My precious girl…love her eyes!

The party hats, dot garland, and fringe for the balloons I found DIY tutorials on the great blog Oh Happy Day!

Love these photo wall decals from Pinhole Press…add a little washi tape and you are done!

You can’t see it really well, but we created a fun birthday sign for Blake with everything she loves and little details about her at this age.  Karrie designed it, my Uncle Dan of Instant Signs Cypress printed it and then I added pink fringe to the outside.

Love the flowers Carissa added to our wood wall!  For the bows I painted them and decorated them myself….I really pulled out all my craftiness for this party I tell you!  It was quite exhausting, but fun!  I also used our mini instax polaroid camera and took photos of people throughout the day and used washi tape to stick them to our wall.

Here is Blake’s playroom!  You can check out 100 Layercakelet’s blog post to see the link for where I got most of her playroom stuff if you are interested.

Love the mini bakeshop stand my inlaws made for Blake for Christmas!  Too cute!

Here are the three main ladies of Sweet & Saucy Shop!  Love always having my mom by my side!

I kept changing my mind for Blake’s party outfit, but eventually went extra fancy and dressed her up in sparkles, bows, and big girl shoes…too fun!

The theme for her party was Bows for Blake…I guess I came up with it since I am always making her wear headbands and bows, so we just went with it and I really loved finding ways to incorporate the bow theme throughout the party!

I love mini food items so these little kid sippy cups were perfect from Shop Sweet LuLu.  We bedazzled them out with gold glitter tape, custom stickers, and washi tape.

This photo just mades me smile so much!

We absolutely loved sharing this special day with so many friends!  We had two separate parties, her family party was on her real birthday since we could only fit so many people in our loft.

Call me crazy, but not only did we do the desserts, but I decided to make the homemade sangria, strawberry lemonade, and gourmet sandwiches.  I almost didn’t think I would get it all done and it was definitely a race to the finish, but it finally all came together!

Our sweet little family!

This shoe shot is one of my favs too!

Well Krista took so many good photos that I am doing her party in two posts, so next one up is all the desserts!!!



13 Responses to “Blake’s 1st Birthday Party…Bows for Blake Part 1”

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m in love with how you put her party together! What did you use for the kiddie drinks and adult drinks?

  2. Such a beautiful and chic party! My favorite is the one where Blake is laughing and holding the sippy cup – SO cute!!

  3. Amanda says:

    Disregard my last comment! I re-read the blog :)

  4. Hilary says:

    Seriously the cutest party ever. I want to come back in my next life as Blake E. Brandon!


    so stinkin’ cute!! I named my girl Blake as well. Love the name Blake for girls!!

    Happy birthday to Blake!

  6. Love love love! amazing birthday and beautiful details loved everything Melody. Happy 1st birthday to Blake it has been a pleasure watching her grow on Instagram. She makes me smile everyday. God bless her xo

  7. Amanda says:

    Where did you get your sandwich bags from?

  8. Sasha says:

    So pretty….I want a little girl :) Gorgeous party!

  9. Mary Ly says:

    This is so gorgeous! Where did you get the large gold sequins that adorns the dessert table?

  10. melody… as a fellow cake maker, i hear you about feeling pressure to make blake’s 1st birthday super awesome … ! but dang it lady, you succeeded with rip roaring flying colours! i love all the details of this party, it feels original, crafty, handmade with love, natural, with a sense of easy elegance which is very sweet & saucy! LOVE the backdrop and the bows and gold dots and the “B”… ! and all the sweets of COURSE… and the decor/details! lucky lucky blake… you guys are a gorgeous family, happy 1st birthday blake!

  11. Of course her 1st birthday would be perfect!! Love everything about it. Also, in love with your skirt!!

    Thank you for sharing and happy birthday to your adorable little love!


  12. Camille says:

    She is so cute and the party is just amazing! Her outfit and the cake are beautiful.

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