Sweet & Saucy Shop Video by Cloudless Weddings!

I am SOO thrilled to share with you our first shop video by the talented team of Cloudless Weddings!  They were an absolute pleasure to work with on this fun project and I am beyond in love with how the video of our shop turned out!  I hope you all enjoy it as it lets you look a little at the behind the scenes of Sweet & Saucy Shop!

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  1. Maria Gutierrez says:

    It’s gorgeus how you’ve made your work out of your passion and you can tell by the beautiful, cute and special bites & cakes you create. Congratulations!
    I follow your blog from Spain and if ever had the possibility to go to California, I’ll try visit you.

  2. Hallo,

    ich bin wirklich begeistert von deinem Video. Du machst deinen Job mit so viel Leidenschaft und Liebe zum Detail.
    Freue mich schon erwartungsvoll auf deine nächsten Backkünste.

    Süsse Grüsse aus Deutschland

    gerührt – cakes & catering

  3. Nancy Weisbart says:

    This is awesome! It gives your audience a chance to see you as a person, not just a name on a window.

  4. Amy Clark says:

    this is amazing!!!

    What happened to you on instagram??? I miss all the cakes and goodies and I especially miss Blake!!! :)

  5. Hello
    congratulations it’s fantastic. I’m so in love with your cake stand collections. I am a cake decorator from Perth Australia and hope one day I can come and visit your bakery. Many best wishes for continued success.

  6. Sharyl says:

    Wow!! This is amazing! I started reading your blog from when you still made cakes from your apartment. And I remember you even had some tutorials and was so thankful them. You’ve really gone a long way from then, Congratulations!! You deserve every bit of it. Hopefully one of these days I can visit one of your shops.

  7. Aly Bonafede says:

    Such a great video! I remember seeing your great tutorials and your work out of your apartment too!! It’s so fun to see where your amazing hard work has gotten you! I have to say, to be able to work with family every day is a dream… You definitely thought your dream out perfectly and what a blessing it’s been to see it all come to life. You truly are an inspiration to lots of people (me included!). I wish I would’ve found my passion at a younger age. ;) Good luck to you in the future- I knew you would be super successful even before you opened your shops! Keep it up, and someday when my kids are bigger I dream of working for you, haha!!

  8. Sara Lucero says:

    This is wonderful! Congratulations!

  9. Asmita says:

    You and your story is inspiring! Thank you!

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