Behind the Scenes @ Sweet & Saucy: Diagonal Ruffle Cake

Hey there! How are you guys doing? We’re just having the first semi-not-insane week in months, and let me tell you, we are reveling in it! Not to say that we don’t enjoy working on all sorts of beautiful cakes you bring us, but when the end of wedding season is in sight, cake decorators everywhere rejoice, as do our blood pressures.

Anyway, here’s a little gem I forgot about from a few weeks ago. It’s a totally simple guy, but when we were first shown a picture of it, all of us cocked our heads to the side and went, “huh.” We’ somehow managed to avoid making this in all of our times, but it wasn’t going to daunt us.  Kaytee‘s here to share with you folks how she put this beauty together:


First off, after all the colors are mixed accordingly, I rolled out a bit of fondant to a thickness of 4 on the pasta roller. I then used our metal strip cutters to cut strips. As you’ll see, the cake was most styrofoam dummies, so it made it a lot easier, not having to worry about the buttercream melting during assembly.


IMG_20140919_111230Next, I covered the dummies with shortening, allowing the fondant to have an adhering surface, since there’s no buttercream. Then when I went to place the strips down, I made sure to angle the fondant, then placed each ruffle half onto the dummy, half onto the next ruffle. At the end of the circumference, I made sure to tuck the last ruffle into the first one, giving a seamless appearance.

Then, I folded back the ruffle part, and at the midpoint, poked with my finger against the half fold, giving a semi-scalloped look to the ruffles.


To stick the strips to each other, I used a paintbrush with a bit of water along the bottom and the edge.



For the top, I made sure the strips were longer, and when I folded them, I made sure to fold them completely over at the top. If the fondant was too long in either width or height, I sliced it off with my x-acto knife.



There ya go! Pretty easy, hey?

See you next time!

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