My Sweet & Saucy was started in an attempt to help inspire anyone and everyone who has a passion for desserts. My obsession with desserts (and food in general) led to me the California School of Culinary Arts where I became a Le Cordon Bleu Pastry Chef. Since then I have dabbled in the industry, but found that my real desire was to go out on my own and experience all that I could with regards to the culinary world. I started up my own business, Sweet & Saucy, where I do custom desserts (everything from wedding cakes to decorated sugar cookies), personal cooking classes at Prep Kitchen Essentials, and catering. Located in Long Beach, CA I can do orders up and down the coast from San Diego to Santa Barbra. Once I began on my own I discovered the whole other world of blogging, in which I found inspiration, creative ideas, and tools of the trade that helped me grow even more as a pastry chef. I have created this website to help you in any way possible as you discover more and more about the delicious world of desserts. Enjoy!


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