Shop Ruche’s New Bridal Line

March 19th, 2012

Exciting day today for Shop Ruche…petals & lace, wedding bells & everlasting love, a vintage-inspired bridal collection is here!  If you haven’t heard of them yet, get ready for a sweet surprise today!  Shop Ruche has been a favorite of mine for a long time to get the most stylish, cute clothes online and now they have branched out into the wedding world and created the most dreamy wedding collection that will make your heart skip a beat!  I was lucky enough to be a part of their gorgeous photo shoot and I have to say that Stephanie Williams captured them line so breathtakingly!



Sugar & Fluff did an amazing job designing the look for the shoot and even did the lovely paper goods too!



When Sugar & Fluff first asked us to do the cakes they gave a us a rough draft sketch of their thoughts and ideas for the cakes along with an inspiration board and it was really fun bringing their vision to life and then seeing it photographed!









Bunch Studio did the lovely floral design for the day and I thought is was perfection!






I think the dresses they created for the line are just simply gorgeous and can’t wait to see them in real weddings across the U.S.!


The fabulous rentals for the day were from Ribbons and Rust…love how the cake set up turned out!



For the wedding cakes we used a mixture of sugar crystals and pearls to creative this fun new texture that had whimsy and dimension to it.  To add another element to the cake we then we made sugar like star bursts as accents for the cakes.




Of course there was a whole team behind this wonderful shoot and below are the people who made it happen!

Photographer - Stephanie Williams
Event designer and Paper Details – Sugar and Fluff
Florals – Bunch Studio
Cakes – Sweet and Saucy Shop
Makeup/Hair – KC Witkamp
Vintage Rentals – Ribbons and Rust
Horse Rentals:  Giddy Up Ranch
Models: Ashlyn Pearce, Madeleine Barnes, Jessica Strother, Eric Allen, Sarah Gingrich, Margarita Kallas

Frankie’s Vintage Airplane Birthday Party

March 14th, 2012

What happens when your best friend and most talented paper and graphic designer throws her son a first birthday party…you get this THIS!  Karrie, from Karrie Pyke Designs and Posh Paperie, threw the most adorable 1st birthday party for her son Franklin (aka Frankie)!  Frankie is probably one of the most handsome little boy’s I’ve ever seen and my little Blake doesn’t know it yet, but she is going to most likely have a huge crush on Frankie :)

Karrie came up with the theme of “Vintage Airplanes” for his party and I loved it.  Her and her business partner and sister-in-law Elizabeth created such amazing paper and party accents and so it was easy to design a cute cake and some cookies for the party.  I hope these photos inspire you just as much as they have for me…so many ideas and yet so little time!  Jackie Wonders took the most fabulous photos of the whole party…I absolutely love working with her!






Karrie is probably the most crafty person I know and literally has WAY too many good ideas…I get jealous sometimes!




How cute are these little planes…










We made little Frankie a couple cakes…a fun decorated cake, a smash cake just for him, and then two side cakes for extra servings!




We also made some fun sugar cookies with matching edible image print outs that we got from Karrie’s paper designs…





I sure love this little boy a lot and can’t wait for him to meet Blake :)

Jesi’s Baby Shower…Her Favorite Work of Art

March 12th, 2012

Hopefully you haven’t gotten tired of my baby shower posts yet because this is quite the cute one!  One of my best girlfriends, Jesi from Jesi Haack Design, just had her third little one and this time she had an adorable little girl…River June!  I am so excited for little Blake and River to become best of friends!

I had the joy of hosting Jesi’s baby shower for little River at my house along with the help of Carissa, from JL Designs who did all the florals and yarn backdrop, Carlie from Gabriel Ryan Photography who took the fabulous photos and also crafted up a ton of yarn goodies, Amber from Pitbulls & Posies did the most amazing invitations and paper design, and Courtney from Joyful Joyful who also helped us craft too!

All of us girls loved the saying “You’re my favorite work of art” and we thought it was a perfect theme for Jesi’s shower since she is the ultimate wedding designer and crafter extraordinaire :)  We loved the idea of using yarn throughout the shower and I have to say I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 081- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 088- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 086- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 079- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 077- signature edit - WEB

There are so many fun DIY projects to do with yarn…

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 070- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 009- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 006- signature edit - WEB

I absolutely loved the yarn backdrop for the food table!

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 042- signature edit- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 043- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 091- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 078- signature edit- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 005- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 046- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 056- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 052 - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 080- signature edit - WEB

We had a craft all set to go, but to be honest we skipped it in the end because all of us ladies were too lazy to do it :)

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 071- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 074- signature edit - WEB

For the dessert bar and cake I definitely wanted to stick to the color scheme and incorporate the yarn!  We did a amber/yellow ombre buttercream cake and then accented it with yarn balls that Carlie made for me.

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 015- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 017- signature edit - WEB

I love how these little heart sugar cookies turned out…simple, but so cute

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 033- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 038- signature edit- signature edit - WEB

Our mini mason jar desserts have been a big crowd pleaser at parties and weddings recently so I thought I would do them again and just attach the spoons with yarn.

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 020- signature edit - WEB

For the mini red velvet cupcakes we added a tiny purple fondant yarn knot to them for a fun accent.

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 031- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 035- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 030- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 023- signature edit - WEB

Time to cut the cake…

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 059- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 063- signature edit- signature edit - WEB

Here are just some of the pregnant mommas who were at the shower…too much fun!

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 087 - WEB

2011-12-07A - jesi haack - baby shower - 065- signature edit - WEB

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

Whimsical Warehouse Elopement Photo Shoot

March 7th, 2012

We were all excited to be featured on Green Wedding Shoes yesterday for the recent photo shoot we did!  The lovely girls from over at GATHER Events and Occasions asked me to be a part of this Urban Photo Shoot and I loved the concept. The space was amazing and I absolutely loved everyone on the team’s design that brought together this one of a kind shoot!  You can see all the details and inspiration over at Green Wedding Shoes too!  Thanks to Leah Lee Photography for the fabulous photos and you can see the rest of the wonderful team I got a chance to work with at the end of the post!







The paper design and invitations are so much fun I think…




The flower design was simply amazing in my opinion!  So earthy and unique…lovely job by Krista Jon.





Heirloom catering made some of the best looking food for the shoot…they have to be on my top list for “NEED TO TRY” since I have only seen millions of delicious looking photos of their food, but never been able to actually taste it! Hopefully one day soon!



I just adore the place setting design…so original and whimsical.





For the cake design I knew I didn’t want to do a traditional white cake, so we paired grey, cream, and peach together and I love the combo!  For the grey bottom you can’t see all the detail we did, but we imprinted the bottom with a doily like pattern to give it texture and detail and then covered the top two tiers in peach fondant.  Then we did a simple sugar lace doily to lay under the cluster of sugar flowers.





Thanks so much for stopping by the blog…hope you enjoyed this shoot as much as I did!

photography: Leah Lee Photography // design + styling + paper goods: GATHER Events and Occasions// cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop // catering: Heirloom LA // florals + styling: Krista Jon // rentals: Archive Vintage Rentals // hair: Nicole Chew Beauty // makeup: Lauren Dunning // wedding dress: Stella Alberti Couture // bridal accessories: Lo Boheme // bow ties: Pocket Square Clothing // jewelry: Ariel Gordon // venue: Jesse St. // videography: Tower Films // models: Aurelia Scheppers + Jado Lee

Opening a New Sweet & Saucy Shop

March 1st, 2012

Well you might want to call us crazy…not only am I going to give birth to my first baby girl this month but my family and I are going to be opening a NEW 2nd Sweet & Saucy Shop at the gorgeous Crystal Cove Promenade in Newport Coast!

2012-01-24 - melody's baby shower - photoshoots - 0106- signature edit

My mom and I had always joked about opening another store, but then we would just look at each other like we were crazy and drop the idea since of course our first shop keeps us busy, busy!  We have been so blessed by God with this business and can’t thank Him enough for our incredible staff.  Our staff has to be some of the best ladies around and we are so excited to be along this journey with them!  They are one of the main reasons why my mom came to me a couple months ago and felt like we should open a new shop…I was definitely surprised that she was up for such an adventure since she is so busy already, but we thought and prayed about it and felt that the Lord was directing us this way!



Of course my amazing dad is one of the only reasons we could get a bakery up and going in 3 months and I know Blake & I are going to owe him a lot of hugs and kisses for all the work he is going to be doing for us!  Also my sweet husband will be working away on a new updated website that has info for both stores now…so exciting!


We love our customers in the Newport Beach area and are so excited to be a part of their community now and serve them even more Sweet & Saucy desserts!  We will definitely keep you updated on the progress of the shop and estimate that we will be open in 3 months or so!  Look forward to hopefully seeing some of you there!

Monopoly Themed 1st Birthday Party

February 28th, 2012

I had the pleasure of being a part of Jina Park, from Plush Little Baby, little son Brendan’s 1st birthday party!  Jina pulled out all the stops to make Brendan’s birthday party one to remember!  Vanessa from Alchemy Events came alongside Jina and helped her pull off this special day.  The party theme was all around the Monopoly game and I have to say that they didn’t leave any detail undone.  The special day was held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood and I was so excited to see the gorgeous photos of how the whole day came together!  Corbin of Corbin Gurkin Photography captured the day perfectly!






How adorable are these invitations…






We did a huge mini dessert bar with lots of monopoly themed desserts and then a large birthday cake as well to be the centerpiece of the table!



How fun are these monopoly board sugar cookies…








Chocolate mousse mustache shot glass desserts…yummy!



One of my favorite desserts of the day were the money bag cake lollipops!



Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and checking out this fun birthday party!

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