Thanksgiving Desserts

November 13th, 2013

I know it has been forever since I have blogged…life of a mommy I guess haha!  Well we have been busy baking away at the bakery and have come up with some delicious desserts for Thanksgiving that you can pick up the day before & enjoy with your family! Our pumpkin desserts are some of my all time FAVORITES and I can never resist them when they are in front of me…hope you get to try some of them too!

9″ Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake w/Gingersnap Pecan Crust $35 serves 8-10
*gluten free pie $38
6″ Naked style Pumpkin Cake w/Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting & Salted Caramel $40, serves 12-15
*Gluten Free $45
*Larger size cakes on request
We also have our pumpkin cupcakes, mini caramel apple pies, pumpkin & toffee shot glass desserts & mini pumpkin cheesecakes! Prices range $1.75-$2.25 each *cupcakes/mini cheesecake can be gluten free

You can order via email at or call either of our locations LB 562.598.8340 OR NB 949.715.0920

Hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family for the holiday!

I also wanted to let you know about a new class we are offering at our LB Bakery!

French Macarons & Mini Desserts
You asked for it and we listened!  Our first French Macaron & Mini Dessert class will go over the delicate and detailed work of creating delicious and gorgeous looking french macarons & yummy mini desserts, such as Key Lime Pies & Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake w/Gingersnap Pecan Crusts. You will learn all the tips and tricks to get your desserts to look like a professional made them!
Class cost: $185 (hands on class & you get to take your desserts home of course!)
Date: Monday November 18th 6-9pm (Sold out), Monday November 25th 6-9pm (spots still available)

Decker’s 1st Birthday Party

September 5th, 2013

So sorry for the delay in blogging!  Life has been super busy, crazy, and exciting for us over at Sweet & Saucy Shop since we just relocated our original bakery in LB to a bigger location this past month (more to come in another post) so I haven’t had too much time to blog, but I’m back!

It’s a good thing I’m back too since this adorable birthday party was last year and I am just now getting to share it.  Decker is my sweet friend Carissa’s, from JL Design’s, handsome little boy and she threw him the best construction themed birthday party ever!  You can check out all the vendors over at Inspired By This!

She threw together the party in like a week and I literally couldn’t believe my eyes when I got there and saw everything she had done!  Wonderwoman!

Oh course we had to be at the party and as you can tell little Blake was quite a lot younger back then haha! Time sure does fly!

The food was amazing and I loved how it was all packaged!

Future boyfriend girlfriend action going on!  Recently we were on a playdate with them and got them to kiss…too cute!

My little family…

I had so much fun putting together the desserts for this party!  Loved using our new tin cake stands too…perfect for a boys birthday party.

We made hard hat cake lollipops and fresh cement vanilla panna cotta!

Chocolate dirt mousse shot glasses were yummy too!

For the cake we kept is simple and did a rustic chocolate frosted cake and then placed a big dump truck on top!

I will never get tired of seeing little kids smash their face into our cakes!  Decker did great!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and more posts to come soon!

Sweet & Saucy Shop Video by Cloudless Weddings!

June 24th, 2013

I am SOO thrilled to share with you our first shop video by the talented team of Cloudless Weddings!  They were an absolute pleasure to work with on this fun project and I am beyond in love with how the video of our shop turned out!  I hope you all enjoy it as it lets you look a little at the behind the scenes of Sweet & Saucy Shop!

Bows for Blake – Part 2

June 5th, 2013

I have to say that I felt a little bit of pressure to pull off quite a dessert extravaganza for Blake’s 1st birthday party, but once we came up with a theme and my mind started going it became a lot of fun to dream up what I wanted for my little girl’s special day!  My amazing sister made the fabulous bow backdrop (with help from my cousin Kandyce too) and I have to say I was in love with it!  I added some gold dots and a golden “B” and that was the backdrop!  I also added plain and glitter gold dots to accent the table as well.   I have to thank my amazing team at Sweet & Saucy Shop since they literally brought all of my ideas to life and blew me away as always!

I tried to incorporate the bow theme into most of the desserts so for the salted caramel macarons we hand painted a gold bow on top.

I love tiny details so we added mini bows to the round rice krispy treats.

I had too many ideas for her cake and couldn’t commit to just one main cake design so I decided to do three cakes instead…I guess that is one perk of owning a bakeshop!  For the first one we did a gold glitter fondant with a mint and white polka dot large bow!

Next we did mini salted caramel tarts and accented them with mini pink chocolate bows!

I have a love affair with panna cotta so we did vanilla panna cotta shot glasses with a raspberry coulis on top!  Love these little spoons I believe I got from Shop Sweet Lulu too!

A customer fav and mini too are our Red Velvet cake lollipops that we dipped in white chocolate, add mint green modeling chocolate dots and a pink bow.  I also had fun using a variety of pink and gold stands as well from our collection and a lot of them are up for sale on our supply store Sweet & Saucy Supply!

I am so excited about my recent collaboration with Little Cat Design Co as she creates the cutest cake and dessert toppers out there!  She crafted this fabulous topper for Blake, as well as the mini wooden bows on the large cupcakes and the #1 on her smash cake!  We can’t wait until we start selling Katherine’s designs in our stores as well as online, which hopefully should be done in the next month or two.

For the main cake I wanted to keep it not too busy since the topper was the main show stopper so we did a simple pretty pink bow, large gold dot garland, and also crimped the edges of the tiers to add a little more detail.

One of my favorite parts of the whole table was the cake below!  I dreamed up the idea of having these bows painted all over the cake once I saw a print like it on pinterest and Kyong brought it to life perfectly!

We made some large strawberry cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and dressed them up with ruffle frosting, bow toppers and gold cupcake holders.

At almost all my friend’s parties they always request our sugar cookies so I knew I needed to have some cute bow cookies on the menu for the party…

Last, but not least our ever popular mini key lime pies…cute as ever!

We are so blessed to live life with such a great community of people and so many of our friends have kiddos around Blake’s same age which always proves to be loads of fun when we get together!

My sweet sister made these adorable headband favors for the little girls at the party.  You can check out her shop on etsy at SaraRaeShop 

Love my girlfriends!!!

Of course Blake needed a smash cake as well.  We did a simple mint buttercream cake with a cute little bow, polka dots, and another adorable topper from Little Cat Design Co

I had a feeling my little girl would attack the cake (she is a girl after my own heart) and she did exactly that!  She got right in there and we all loved every moment!

Of course she got to the moment of cake overload and clearly was DONE!

This is such a sweet photo below since both Angel and Christina had their sweet babies in March as well with me and we have enjoyed sharing so many precious moments of motherhood together.

This is the best photo we could get of all the kids…this day was clearly tons of fun and we were so blessed by everyone that came!



Blake’s 1st Birthday Party…Bows for Blake Part 1

June 4th, 2013

I am SOOO excited to share with you my little girl Blake’s 1st birthday party!  I definitely went over the top I guess (I’m an all or nothing kind of person…haha)!  It was quite a lot of work to plan and execute, but I had a lot of help and definitely couldn’t of done it without the key people below!  I told myself that I wanted to make sure and really enjoy the party and not be in crazy mode and I have to say I accomplished that and was able to enjoy every moment with my little girl, friends, and family!  She has been the biggest blessing this past year and I really can’t believe she is so big now.  She is the joy of our lives and I loved being able to plan her special day!

The team behind everything….my sweet & talented sister, Sara of SaraRaeShop, made the bow backdrop, fringe tassels, blake’s adorable headband, and the headband favors as well.  Karrie and Elizabeth from Posh Paperie designed her invitations which I love and the other paper products, Carissa of JL Designs did the gorgeous florals, Katherine from LittleCatDesignCo made the fabulous cake topper, wooden bows on the wall, and mini bow toppers, and Krisa Mason took the stunning photos!!!  I also have to thank my sweet mother, best friend kate, cousin Kandyce, and husband Tim who helped pull off this crazy fun day!

My precious girl…love her eyes!

The party hats, dot garland, and fringe for the balloons I found DIY tutorials on the great blog Oh Happy Day!

Love these photo wall decals from Pinhole Press…add a little washi tape and you are done!

You can’t see it really well, but we created a fun birthday sign for Blake with everything she loves and little details about her at this age.  Karrie designed it, my Uncle Dan of Instant Signs Cypress printed it and then I added pink fringe to the outside.

Love the flowers Carissa added to our wood wall!  For the bows I painted them and decorated them myself….I really pulled out all my craftiness for this party I tell you!  It was quite exhausting, but fun!  I also used our mini instax polaroid camera and took photos of people throughout the day and used washi tape to stick them to our wall.

Here is Blake’s playroom!  You can check out 100 Layercakelet’s blog post to see the link for where I got most of her playroom stuff if you are interested.

Love the mini bakeshop stand my inlaws made for Blake for Christmas!  Too cute!

Here are the three main ladies of Sweet & Saucy Shop!  Love always having my mom by my side!

I kept changing my mind for Blake’s party outfit, but eventually went extra fancy and dressed her up in sparkles, bows, and big girl shoes…too fun!

The theme for her party was Bows for Blake…I guess I came up with it since I am always making her wear headbands and bows, so we just went with it and I really loved finding ways to incorporate the bow theme throughout the party!

I love mini food items so these little kid sippy cups were perfect from Shop Sweet LuLu.  We bedazzled them out with gold glitter tape, custom stickers, and washi tape.

This photo just mades me smile so much!

We absolutely loved sharing this special day with so many friends!  We had two separate parties, her family party was on her real birthday since we could only fit so many people in our loft.

Call me crazy, but not only did we do the desserts, but I decided to make the homemade sangria, strawberry lemonade, and gourmet sandwiches.  I almost didn’t think I would get it all done and it was definitely a race to the finish, but it finally all came together!

Our sweet little family!

This shoe shot is one of my favs too!

Well Krista took so many good photos that I am doing her party in two posts, so next one up is all the desserts!!!



The Sweet & Saucy Shop Team

May 23rd, 2013

Over the years our bakery has grown and I am so blessed to share with you the wonderful team behind Sweet & Saucy Shop!  My mom and I are so blessed to have such an awesome staff and we really couldn’t do anything without them!  A couple months back my good friend and talented photographer Carlie of Gabriel Ryan Photography took new staff photos for us and I want to show them off today!  We also have a couple photos from our previous shoots with Ashley Rose Photography &  Diandra Ann Photography as well and they both captured my team perfectly too!

First we must of course start off with our resident taste tester (just kiddidng)…Miss Blake Eileen Brandon!  My mother-in-law found this adorable chef jacket and hat and so I of course had to dress her up for the photo shoot!

I absolutely love owning this shop with my mom and couldn’t do anything without her!

Love these photos Carlie captured of Blake and I!

My gorgeous mom, Eileen, who runs all the business end of Sweet & Saucy Shop (a job I could never tackle) and of course has to make sure every cake lollipop is rolled to perfection as well!

I love that my Aunt Rosie has worked with us from the beginning…such a joy to work with family!  She works in the bakery and is our pro sugar cookie decorator among other things!

My fabulously talented bakery manager, Jenn, keeps our bakery running smooth and loves coming up with new desserts with me!

Here she is the macaron queen, Jess…her instagarm photos make many swoon and the taste of her macarons are to die for!

Heading up our cake team is the amazing Kyong!  She was the first person I let work on our cakes and now she, along with our whole cake team, pump out tons of gorgeous cakes each week!

Kasey is Kyong’s second half and they are quite the team on fondant cakes!  She is such a fast learner and very talented!

Irene is our buttercream master and also does most of our garden rose petal cakes, which is our most popular cake to date.

Francis is our newest addition to our cake team and has picked up both buttercream and fondant cakes in record time!  She is a joy to work with and on her spare time makes the cutest cake lollipops ever!

Love this shot of all the cake girls!

I have known Brandi since we are kids and it is so fun getting to work with her now too! She has been with us for quite a while now and runs our Newport Beach shop and preps all the daily desserts we make there!  She also heads up our cake stand store so she is one busy lady!

Christina has also been in our life since we were 13 years old so my mom and I love that she is now a part of the Sweet & Saucy team!  She always has a smile on her face and is in charge of our cake lollipop orders…which are quite a lot these days!

Franny joined our shop when we expanded into two shops and now works in our LB store as our assistant manager!  She helps make sure everything from mini pies, tarts, shot glass desserts, cupcakes and more go out on time every day!  She’s a great part of our team!

Michelle is the newest addition to the bakery!  She finished her internship with us and we couldn’t let her go!  She is hardworking, talented, and always has a great attitude!

We are so happy that Lisa, who interned with us at the beginning of our bakery has now come back and works full time with us!  She does all the early morning baking of our cupcakes and cakes amongst the other things!  She is so sweet and I’m blessed she came back to our team!

Sweet & Saucy Shop wouldn’t run at all without our amazing Wedding & Party Consultants!  They work hard everyday with our clients to make their dessert dreams come true and we love them all!

Jenny works at both our Newport Beach and Long Beach stores and her sense of humor, smart business knowledge, and work ethic are going to be sorely missed when she moves to Northern CA later this summer!  She is a gem!

Cortney is our head consultant in LB and has taken over being my right hand person is making sure everything runs super smooth each week!  Her to do list is a mile long, but she always manages to finish it all!  We are so excited for her upcoming wedding and can’t wait to see the dessert table she dreams up for it!

Jennifer is our main wedding consultant in Newport Beach and the customers love her there!  Her cheery attitude and bubbly smile always win them over and we love having her on our team over there!

Here are a couple more snapshots from that day that were too fun not to add in…

Sadly not pictured, but very import is my sister Sara who is our resident sugar flower pro, our two new wedding consultant interns Katherine & Katie who are doing a fabulous job, of course my Dad who is co-owner and does all the hard work on our new shops, my husband Tim, who manages all our web stuff and keeps me sane, and our wonderful front counter staff Luke, Samantha, Graham, and Ashley!

When going through photos I came across these adorable ones of Blake hanging with our staff so of course I had to include them too!

We are also so excited that Cloudless Weddings recently shot a fabulous video our of shop and we can’t wait to show it off!  Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

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