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Easter Desserts

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Can you believe it’s already that time of year again? Spring has sprung and we’ve got Easter treats hopping your way! We have tons of options no matter how many loved ones you want to get hopped up (get it?!) on sugar or what your budget is.  The best part is that our cute chick, bunny, and Easter egg desserts are absolutely perfect for any age group: put them in an Easter basket, take them to share at church or to your family’s Easter breakfast, brunch or dinner and I guarantee the only thing they will love more than the Sweet and Saucy treats is YOU for bringing them! It’s a win, win, right? This year in addition to the more traditionally decorated desserts that you’d expect to see, we’ve added some florals to the mix.  What I love about these is they would work for any sort of spring-time party and aren’t limited to just Easter, which is nice.  We have some gorgeous piped floral buttercream cupcakes, hand painted floral Macarons by our Macaron queen, Jess Marvel, and last but not least, a pretty, textured buttercream cake with hand piped springtime florals on top.  These would all make for a seriously beautiful Easter dessert spread! Side note: just in case you’re curious about prices, all Easter pre-order pricing will be listed at the bottom of this post.



Floral Easter Cake

How adorable are these hatching baby chick and gold leaf meringues made by our bakery manager, Jenn and cake decorator, Kasey? They come packaged in sets of four and tied with a pretty coral bow. Perfect for gifting!



Birds nest cupcakes, anyone? They come in both regular and mini sizes for momma birds and their baby birds.



Baby chick cake pops and their Easter egg siblings resting snug in their nest.  Crinkle paper in our pretty pink bowls is a cute nest-like display for these little guys.  If these pops don’t have something to prop them up they will lay flat on their backs.  Need to rent some cake stands or bowls for your Easter dessert table? Contact us at either of our two locations and we’ve got you covered!


Our classic cake pops with festive sprinkles and sanding sugar are always in season, no matter what holiday or time of the year


We will have two sizes of Rice Krispy Treats available for pre-order this year.  The mini eggs come in packs of four (great for little hands!), and the large flower and eggs are sold individually. Each one comes dipped in white chocolate and is then drizzled with more white chocolate and covered in sprinkles or sanding sugar. Who says Rice Krispy Treats are only for kids? That is a complete myth!



Here is a little piece of advice: you can never have too many macarons at a party.  One turns in to four and before you know it, they’re all gone. But hey, no one’s judging. Jess decorated a variety of macaron eggs for you to choose from in addition to the chicks!  They can be made any flavor your heart desires.



macarons-4 Not everyone is crazy about sugar cookies with royal icing– but have you tried ours?  If you’re not a believer, I think we can change your mind.  Even if you aren’t set on having them at your party, they’ll be sure to please your guests and sit extra pretty before they are devoured. 314-10-1

314-9     I wasn’t joking when I said we have tons of options.  This year’s pricelist is 3 pages of Easter goodness. Make sure you all put in your orders as soon as you possibly can, as we need time to prepare these special treats for you and that weekend will fill up super fast! Have you decided what to pick for your Easter get-together yet?  If you need help deciding, be sure to give us a ring at either our Long Beach or Newport Beach shop.  Don’t forget that Sweet and Saucy Shop Long Beach & Newport Beach is closed on Easter Sundays so get your orders in for pick up Saturday!EASTERpricelist1 pricing2 pricing32

Happy Easter everyone!!!  To order you can email us at OR call our LB location at 562.595.1100 and our NB location at 949.715.0920

Behind the Scenes @ Sweet & Saucy: Pirate Cake

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Hey there! This post, we’ll be discussing this cute pirate themed cake. It’s a pretty simple design, with some semi-complicated accents, that altogether give a totally fun and professional look!

pirate (15)


So here’s how we do it!

As you might remember from our previous posts, we like to make our decorations beforehand, so as to allow them time to dry.

Kaytee starts with the treasure chest: she uses Rice Krispies and white chocolate. She doesn’t worry about it being perfectly straight or flat, as it is supposed to be an ancient chest, after all.

pirate (1)


Then, she takes the brown fondant and rolls it over the wood grain impression mat, then places it on the rice krispie, adhering it with shortening. She takes gold colored fondant and attaches it to the brown fondant using water.

pirate (2)


Then to make the coins, she uses the back of a piping tip to make the shape, then impresses them with the inside of a big piping tip. She then paints them with copper color.

pirate (3)


The finishing touches are to add the coins to the chest, and the top of the chest, using white chocolate and freeze spray. She props up the top using toothpicks.

pirate (4)


For the skull, she cuts white fondant out in the desired shape, adheres black fondant to it, then wraps it and puts it in the fridge, so that it will still be malleable a few days later, when the cake will be assembled.

pirate (5)


The final decoration is the map. She rolls out tan colored fondant, curls up the edges, then paints on it using gel colors. This also gets put in the fridge to await assembly day. However, in order not to have saran wrap glued to the sticky surface, this gets put inside a cake pan, then wrapped.

pirate (6)

We’re going to go through the buttercreaming process as well. Emily is our buttercreamer for this cake, and she shows us how we buttercream our cakes here at Sweet & Saucy. We fill our cakes, using Swiss meringue buttercream as a dam around the edges. Then when the cake is filled and set up, we use piping bags to frost. We fill the bag with Swiss, cut the tip, then hold it in place while squeezing out the buttercream and turning the cake on her turntable. Once the cake is covered, she uses her offset spatula to flatten the top, then uses a flat edged scraper to smooth the side. Once the sides are smooth, the tops will require pushing in with her offset again.

pirate (7)

pirate (8)

pirate (9)

pirate (10)

pirate (11)


Then the cake gets put in the fridge, allowing it to set, usually overnight.


pirate (12)


Kasey takes over the next steps. She rolls out red fondant super thin, as they will become stripes on the bottom tier. She uses the metal pasta strip cutter to get even stripes.

pirate (13)


pirate (14)


Then she attaches the remaining decorations to the cake, using water and white chocolate with freeze spray as adherents.

pirate (17)

pirate (16)

pirate (15)And voila!


A dozen roses or a dozen rose cupcakes? . . . I’d pick the cupcakes!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

I found myself yet again playing with new and old designs for cupcakes.  These cupcakes would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you want to show someone special that you are thinking of them.  There are a couple of ways out there to make roses, but this is one way that I have learned to make them that simplifies the process, since the roses are piped directly onto the cupcake. However, if you want to pipe the roses onto a piece of parchment on a rose nail and then transfer them to the cupcake, you can do that too.  Now to make these kind of decorations you need to use a meringue based buttercream, not a traditional powdered sugar and butter one.  You can find a great recipe for Swiss Meringue Buttercream at Martha  I will post up the recipes I used for these cupcakes later today.  


First you need to color your buttercream the desired colors you want.  Remember you want a base color, leaf color, and petal color.  You can find great gel-based colors at Kitchen Krafts or Pfeil & Holing.  Now the colors tend to get darker/brighter over time, so if your red doesn’t look deep enough, let it rest a little and then check on it.  


I then spread the white frosting over my cupcakes with a small offset spatula, being carefully not to get any crumbs in it.  


You then need to fill a pastry bag or zip-lock bag with the color of the rose you are using, in my case red, and then start in the center and pipe a straight cone about 1 1/2″ high.  To make your cones perfectly round you can place a round tip in your piping bag, before filling it, like I did.  I used a round #804.  You want the base to be thicker than the tip, so make sure and pull up your pastry bag when you are about to release pressure.  Once you have piped the cones, you need to put them back in the refrigerator so that the frosting can set up enough to support the petals.  


Now it’s time to pipe the petals.  Now if you are using a coupler (a tool that helps you to switch out tips, when you are using the same color) you can just switch out the round tip for the petal/rose tip…I used a #127.  If you don’t have a coupler though, just add the pastry tip to your bag and cut off the tip of the bag so that the metal tip comes through.  Now to pipe your first petal, you want the thin side up of the petal tip pointing up and you want to start piping at the top of the cone and then pulling down the petal to the base.  While you are piping, slightly turn the cupcake so that that petal forms around the cone.


Continue to pipe two more petals on the cone, so that it is completely covered.  


Now you are onto your second row.  You can choose to do 3 large petals on this row or 5 smaller petals…always pipe in odd numbers though, because it helps the rose look more realistic.  After you have finished your second row, move onto the last row.  However these petals are slightly different…this time you need to start at the base of the rose with your tip and then wrap/curve around the petals (sort of like a rainbow is…low at the start, with a higher middle, and then a low base again).  Here is a finished rose.


At this point you can add leaves or other decorations like sanding sugar or dragees…both can be found at The Baker’s Kitchen.  To make leaves you can either use a leaf tip or you can cut your pastry bag to make a leaf tip.  To do that you need to cut you bag’s tip straight across, about 3/4″-1″ up.  Now you have a flat line and you need to cut an upside “V”.  Make your first cut from one side of the pastry bag tip and angle the cut up to the center of the bag (about 1/4″-1/2″ up).  Next, cut the other side the same way.  The larger your first cut is, the larger you leaf will be.  Your bag should look like this. Once your bag is made, fill it will the buttercream.  When you go to pipe the leafs you need to make sure one of the pointed tips is pointing up (the tip should look like a bird’s open beak).  Now put pressure on the bag, slowly pull back, and then release and pull.  



OR if you don’t want to make leaves, you can decorate the base with dragees or sanding sugar like I have done here too.



Also, here is another photo of a cupcake using the embossing technique on fondant that I described in an earlier post.




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