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Goodies Galore!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Well get ready for another random post full of lots of photos!  After a couple weeks at the shop I always have plenty of random orders that I photography (with my new camera of course!), so I thought today would be a good day to show them off! Hope you enjoy!

First up an adorable communion cake I did for a little girl.  I love how the clouds turned out! We used an edible frosting sheet to print the angels and verse and then piped a pearl border around it.  




Since the clouds were just too much fun I thought I would show a quick tutorial on how we made them.  First roll random size balls of fondant and stick them together with a little dab of water or egg whites.  Then roll a thin sheet of fondant and cover the balls.  Next sculpt around the balls to form one large cloud.  And finally I airbrushed the whole cake with pearl luster dust to give it a shimmer.




Next we did a gorgeous homespun style cake and cupcakes for the sweetest bride! They LOVED our red velvet, so they got a small two tier cake and lots of yummy cupcakes for their guests.  I love when my clients are so much fun to work with!  I also had to snap some photos of the beautiful flowers they had…I love the rustic, wildflower look!








Another fun cake I got to make recently was a Lego style cake for a cute little boy who turned 4 years old!  They wanted a little Lego firefighter on the cake as well, so I sculpted one for them.  I thought it would be fun to incorporate the Lego style with the wording too, so Tim designed the graphics for his name and age…I thought they turned out great!




We love doing custom orders too, so these next photos are some special orders we did for our clients.  First up are some custom decorated cake lollipops for a recent baby shower.


Next we did some logo style brownies for a recent birthday party.


I love when our clients come to us with fun ideas!  Our client wanted to surprise her boyfriend for his birthday with custom cupcakes that had his face on it…how great are these!



Another fun surprise was when I was asked by Tiffany’s in South Coast Plaza to make a cake for one of their client’s anniversary.  They wanted lots of sugar peonies and pearls!




Well thanks so much for stopping by my blog!  Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Details Details

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Hopefully you know by now that I believe that it’s the details that are most important!  No matter what event you are trying to put on and no matter what budget you have you can definitely make your event unforgettable if you spend time on the details. This wedding is a perfect example of that!  The fabulous Jesi Haack was at it again and outdid herself with creative touches throughout the event that pulled through the passion and personality of her clients.   The main color scheme for their wedding was black, white, and apple green and we definitely had a lot of fun with it!  The fabulous venue was the Red Horse Barn and the wonderful rentals were from Classic Party Rentals!  Thanks to Matthew Morgan we have gorgeous images of the special day!  I think he captured the couple, Ryan & Danielle, perfectly!   Of course I had to throw in some of my photos as well since I am obsessed with my camera!






How cute is the set up that Jesi made for the name cards!  Danielle is a teacher so they used apples, alphabet cards, and yo yo’s!




The goodies that they set out for the kids were simply adorable!





As always Jesi made me a fantastic backdrop for my dessert display!  Danielle and Ryan wanted to go a little more rustic and homespun with the desserts so we did six individual cakes for them with different fillings and frostings so their guests could choose their favorite.  They wanted to offer their guests a variety of mini desserts too.  We used black cake stands, plates, and green liners to pull the color scheme through.  



I normally am not a huge fan of cake toppers because they are usually boring and don’t have any personal touches to them, but I LOVED this one!  It added such a fun aspect to the dessert display…great find Danielle!





And here are a couple more photos of the beautiful couple!




Sarah & Cezanne’s Wedding

Friday, July 24th, 2009

I have been waiting for a while to post this uber-fun wedding!  I knew when I first met the couple that this was going to be very creative and beautiful wedding!  They had such fabulous ideas and weren’t scared of putting in the extra time to pull off a one-of-a-kind dessert display.  Not only were they super creative, but their wedding planner and my personal friend, Jesi Haack of Jesi Haack Weddings, is one of those people who is SO talented and loves pulling off gorgeous, yet unique events!  Thanks so much to my other friend, Adrianne Bonafede, who is a great photographer and came along with me to help capture a lot of these yummy images.  Their wedding photographer, Juan Posada, of Posada Photo shot some lovely images too and was kind enough to share them with me!  

On a side note I wanted to say “THANK YOU” to all my blog readers because this past week I passed the 1,000,000 view mark!!! I could’ve never imagined having that many views on my site…when my husband first suggested I start writing a blog I thought he was crazy…I remember saying to him “Who would want to read what I write and look at my silly little photos!”  BUT I guess I was mistaken, and I have to say thanks for proving me wrong!  This has been so much fun and I absolutely love getting to connect with people all over the world through this silly little blog!


Here is a little behind the scenes info about the wedding via Jesi Haack’s blog…

“This clean, modern, design inspired wedding showcased Sarah and Cezanne’s love for ultra-hip designer, Jonathan Adler and The Parker, a chic resort in Palm Springs. From the custom designed monogram, courtesy of the groom, to the fruity, Creamsicle signature cocktails, it was impossible for their guests not to feel drenched in chic exuberance.  Each reception table claimed the name of one of the couples’ favorite mid century designers and the fortune cookie favors illustrated the story of their engagement.  Everywhere they looked the guests were refreshed with an eyeful of buttercream yellow, tangerine orange and lime green detail.  The tantalizingly tempting dessert display had every taste bud in the room screaming for a mini-cake lollipop, or a mouthful of cotton candy.  Paired with the newly renovated, modern decor of The Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach, it was a dynamic display that could not be matched.  Maybe not even by The Parker itself :)”


Sarah & Cezanne both wanted their guests to enjoy an array of tasty mini desserts as well as having a custom wedding cake that incorporated the pattern they created which was seen throughout their wedding.  We used edible frosting sheets to print the pattern on the cake as well as on the sugar cookies and then created handmade sugar orchids to surround the top tier of the cake. I have to say that my sister outdid herself with these flowers…they are gorgeous!




Here are some more details shots of the wedding!  



For the mini desserts we decided to pull the yellow and orange color scheme throughout the look by adding cute candy to the cupcakes and using liners that matched too!



We then dipped the chocolate cake pops and pretzels in matching chocolate as well.



A couple more detail shots of the wedding…


And last, but not least the glorious little mini key lime pies, passion fruit, coconut, macadamia nut tarts, and monogram cookies…aren’t they cute!






And what’s a dessert bar without a little cotton candy!


Thanks so much Sarah & Cezanne for letting me be apart of your special day!

Lots of Goodies

Monday, March 16th, 2009

LIfe as usual is quite busy!  I have so many random photos of different orders that I have recently done, so I thought I would just do a post and shove them all in here! They were all a lot of fun to do and I hope you enjoy the photos!  Definitely give me your feedback if you have a chance…I love to hear your thoughts and opinions!  

First off is a recent wedding that I did.  They venue was the Marvimon in Los Angeles…definitely my favorite venue yet!  If you are getting married in the Southern California area you have to check them out!  The bride and groom were such a pleasure to work with and I absolutely loved their whole wedding look!  The bride looked gorgeous (I am so bummed I didn’t get a photo of here in her adorable dress)!  The cake was buttermillk cake with lemon cream filling and fresh raspberries.  The cake was covered in vanilla buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers, black satin ribbon, and tiny white dots.   

As you can see from the photo, the middle tier is twice the size of a normal tier.  It is basically two separate cakes stacked on top of each other and dowelled in the middle.  Then I just frosted it as one cake tier.  It is cut the same way you would cut any other cake…you just cut the first cake and then take off the cardboard base and continue cutting the next cake.  

For their favors they decided to go with cake ball lollipops.  They choose buttermilk cake dipped in white chocolate and red velvet cake dipped in dark chocolate.  We then bagged and tied all 115 bags and put their monogram on the front.  I think these are such a great wedding favor and are quite tasty too!

These next treats were made for some of our corporate clients.  We printed their logo on edible frosting sheets and then placed them on our delicious sugar cookies and also made matching cupcakes to go with them.  For the cupcakes we placed the edible frosting sheet on a disc of fondant to give it stability.

This next cupcake was done for a friend of my sister’s.  She threw her friend a graduation party and wanted some cupcakes for the celebration.  I will be selling these fabulous liner’s along with many others on my website shortly!  If you want to order some right away just leave me a comment and I can email you all the information.

This next cupcake is from a small birthday order that I did.  I used a chocolate transfer sheet to get the fun design on top and then just colored the frosting and added some sugar sparkle to finish the look off.

This cake was made for one of my little brother’s friends.  He had a rock climbing birthday party and his mom wanted to surprise him with a fun cake to go along with it!  Here is a quick photo demo of how I did it.

And lastly, this final cake my sister and I made for an auction at my old high school.  The cake was red velvet with cream cheese frosting and then I covered the cakes in white fondant.  My sister made the gorgeous sugar flower and decorated the cake with black fondant lace.  

Well, hope you enjoyed the random post of photos!  


Mini Desserts & Sugar Cookies

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

I am so excited to share photos with you from some of my last events.  This last week was my busiest yet for my business and by the end I was physically aching, but it was all worth it.  I also celebrated my 25th birthday this last Monday and am so excited that one of my birthday presents is going to be a trip to Florida to the Notter School of Pastry Arts where I will be lucky enough to take a three day cake decorating class from Colette Peters!!!  Colette is simple AMAZING and I can’t wait to watch her in action and learn some tricks of the trade.  So get ready for some fun posts in October as I document my class.  I have also never been to Florida, so if any of you have any “must eats” let me know!  

Well enough about that, lets get onto the desserts!  So this last week I had an order for 1,000 mini desserts for my church’s leadership & launch party.  The fun part about this menu is they left the choices up to me, so I got to try a couple new dessert ideas and play around with fun presentation ideas.  Overall the party went really great, but as I said earlier…I was so happy when it was all over.  Here are some photos of the goodies!

My Grandma’s famous caramelized party mix (not the savory kind).  This stuff is beyond addicting…don’t doubt it’s deliciousness!  I thought it would be fun to put them in paper cones, so I had my husband build me a custom paper cone holder that turned out just perfect!   

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting!

Chocolate cups filled with Chocolate Mousse and topped with Valrhona Crunchy Chocolate Pearls.

A view of one of the tables.  My brother-in-law made me this stand!  It is perfect because each part comes off…there is a total of 6 tiers, so it is nice that I can customize it to any party size.  Thanks Wes!

Mini Monster Cookies…peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chunks, M&M’s, and lots of sugar!

Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Pies with Oreo Crust and Chocolate Ganache Swirl.

Mini Keylime Pies!  Love the meringue tops!

Of course I couldn’t pass up a chance to use Bakerella’s adorable idea of cake pops.  I did three different kinds…Red Velvet, Buttermilk Banana, and Chocolate. These are so tasty, so if you haven’t tried them out I recommend you do!

And finally a last view of one of the tables.

Besides that order I had another 500 cookie order, but this time it was for USC…of course it had to be due on the same day!  Anyways, they were throwing a huge volunteer recognition party and needed some sweet treats for their guests.  These cookies were again made with edible frosting sheets like my last order.  You can click here to see the whole process of the last order.  

Thanks for taking the time to check out my photos!  I do love being able to share them with you!

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