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Behind the Scenes @ Sweet & Saucy Shop: Pororo Cake How-to

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Hey there, welcome to a new series we’re starting up, where our cake decorators share with you the ins and outs of one of their favorite cakes of the week. We’re really excited to show you what goes on behind the scenes!

This post, Kaytee shares with you the makings of a cute little cake featuring Pororo the Little Penguin, a South Korean cartoon character. She chose to feature this cake because we Sweet & Saucy decorators love cute animal toppers (especially when they’re wearing aviator caps! What?! Ahh!), and any excuse to highlight them is definitely welcome. So here goes. Enjoy!

Here’s the final product:

Pororo (6)

Now let’s see how we get there!

To begin, here’s a trade secret: when we make those toppers you folks love, a lot of the time, they’re made of Rice Krispie squares. Fondant is really quite heavy, so this allows us to have elaborate toppers without damaging the cake supporting them. So first, we mash the squares into the shape we want:

Pororo (7)

Then, we cover the shape with melted white chocolate:

Pororo (8)

After this, we’ll shave off the extra bumps. Sometimes – if we’re feeling particular about the shape being very smooth – we’ll cover it in modelling chocolate.

Pororo (9)


Then I cover the ball in red modelling chocolate. I choose modeling chocolate for this particular topper because of its flexibility and ability to cover seams using your own body heat through your fingers.

Pororo (10)

Then I do the same with the remaining shapes.

Pororo (11)

Pororo (1)

You’ll notice that there is a skewer going through all the parts in the picture above; this ensures that the topper is secure. The skewer also goes through the styrofoam, much like it will in the cake, in order to hold the topper up, in its place.

Then, I add the details, using water to adhere them to each other.

Pororo 7

Pororo (3)


Another neat thing about modeling chocolate is that it hardens when cold. So I make the wings out of modeling chocolate, then freeze spray them to keep them in the desired position. I use chocolate brown petal dust to fill in the creases on the cap.

Then for the rainbow, I roll out pretty thin red fondant. Since it’s the top of the rainbow color, I want to use it as the base. I roll out thicker bands of each color, then cut them uniformly, using a metal pasta strip cutter that has been a lifesaver back here. Each band is adhered to the base using water.

Pororo (4)

Pororo (5)


Once the cake has been buttercreamed and is sufficiently hardened, it’s time to put the decorations on, and voila! You now have a Pororo cake! Look at that cute little guy!

Pororo (6)

Celebration Cakes!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Here’s another fun filled post with photos of some recent celebration cakes we’ve done.  We absolutely love making baby shower cakes!  Both clients wanted somewhat elegant/modern cakes, but still with a fun baby theme!



The second cake was actually made for some family friends of ours and we are so happy for them as they have their first baby girl!



The last of the celebration cakes was a fun request that we loved making!  One of our clients wanted to surprise his wife with an 80′s themed cake for her birthday and so we ran with it!  Kyong, one of my new assistants made all the decorations for this cake and she definitely hit it spot on!






Bring back any memories…

Do-It-Yourself Valentine’s Day Treats Featured on

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

I was very excited last week when I got an email from asking me if I would like to contribute a fun and easy D0-It-Yourself treat for their readers!  Of course I said yes right away and went to work.  Over at our shop our delicious cake lollipops are always quite the hit and so I wanted to play off that idea, but make it a little more reader friendly. So instead of having to go through the whole process of make the actual cake pops I thought donut holes would be a great substitute. So if you are in for an easy and yummy treat for Valentine’s Day definitely go over and check out my tutorial on!

Picture 3

Picture 2

There are some other great tutorials too for other Valentine’s Day Gifts so make sure and check them all out!

Picture 1

A Proposal & Wedding

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Well a lot of fun things have been happening at the shop recently!  A few months back the sweetest guy ever, Devin, emailed me asking if I was possibly up for him proposing to his girlfriend Kristen at our shop.  He said Kristen was a big fan of the blog and lover of sweets like me, so of course without thinking twice I said a big YES!  Time went by and Devin kept me in the loop with his plans of them flying to California and his thoughts on how to propose.  He designed the gorgeous ring himself and wanted me to make a cake with some of the design elements incorporated into it.  We set the cake up with the rest of our daily treats and had a sign made for it that said “Turn Around Kristen”!  When they walked in the door I was a little nervous that I would mess up their special moment, but thankfully everything went as planned…Kristen had absolutely no idea of what was going on and we chatted for about 5 minutes before she even glanced at the desserts.  Then I tried to describe the treats and point her in the direction of the special cake…she was still not catching on…so finally I asked her if she could read me what “flavor” the cake was. Instead she told me the sign read “Turn Around Kristen” and that she was Kristen, SO I told her to turn around and as you can guess the rest is history!


Here are some photos of the gorgeous ring that he sent me for inspiration…Kristen is one lucky lady!







Now grab some tissues everyone!  Too bad we didn’t have a recorder going because Devin made one of the most romantic proposals ever…very touching!








The happy couple!


And yes I should’ve put a little make-up on and done my hair, but I’m a baker right…


Thank you so much Devin and Kristen for letting us share in your special moment!  I am so happy for you both and wish you only the best!

This next wedding was such a pleasure to do also!  The bride, Kerri, was so much fun to work with and really jumped into helping with the design and set up.  Kerri & her mother made all of the cake stands by gluing plates onto cups, bowls, and candlesticks and bought matching platters to go along with them.  I love it!  She also made the backdrop and the signs too!


I am finally getting time to make more sugar flowers lately and had a great time making this orange ranunculus flower.



They wanted their guests to have lots of yummy mini desserts too so we made mini candy bar cupcakes, mini lemon cupcakes with fresh raspberries, vanilla cake lollipops,  chocolate espresso cake lollipops, and mini chocolate peanut butter pies.





Thanks for letting me bring some “sweet” to your special day!

Valentine’s Cupcake Tutorial

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Sorry for all of you who were waiting for the cupcake tutorial…I know I have been slow to post lately, but I really am going to try to get a couple good posts in this week.  Definitely check back in soon to see the post on all of my Valentine’s cookies that my sister and I made.  Anyways, down to business…

To make cupcakes that have impressions on the fondant you need to either purchase impression mats/molds or scrapbooking stamps.  You can find the impression mats/molds at Caljava International or Global Sugar Art.  I purchase most of my scrapbooking stamps from the company Autumn Leaves which you can find at Target or Martha Stewart just came out with some good stamps which you can find at Michaels Craft Store.

So you need to roll your fondant or sugarpaste out to your desired thickness (1/8″-1/4″), rubbing a little Crisco on the fondant if it gets sticky or dry and then press it either into the mat or press the stamp onto the fondant.  Once you have the pattern on the fondant, you can do many things with it…you can cut out individual shapes, cover your whole cupcakes with it, or use it as patterned ribbon on your cupcake.  There is no limit to your creativity!

Just a hint: if you are making individual fondant cutouts to sit on top of your frosting don’t use cream cheese frosting since it has a property in it that makes the fondant melt.  Also let your fondant accent dry a little before you put it on your frosting so it holds its shape and doesn’t bend.  And lastly, if you are covering the whole cupcake with the fondant use it immediately after cutting out the circle shape since it will dry quickly and cause cracking.

To cover the whole cupcake, but still get a lot of good frosting in the cupcake, cut a hole in the center of the cupcake with either a pairing knife or apple corer and then fill it with the frosting.  Then cover the top of the cupcake with a round layer of frosting, but making sure not to get too close to the edges since the fondant will squeeze it out of the sides once applied. When picking your circle cutter find one that is slightly large than the top of the cupcake so there is enough to completely cover the sides.  

I also used another impression mold to make the buttons for the cupcakes.  I got this at Caljava International too. 

Here are some of the combined elements on the cupcakes.

To make the cupcake with the “XOX” I used letter cutters from Nicholas Lodge’s.  For these particular cutters you have to roll the fondant or sugarpaste extremely thin, preferably through a pasta machine first before cutting out.  

Then I just used some of the previous techniques to finish off the cupcake.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and now feel more inspired to decorate some cupcakes of your own…remember to check back for the cookie post! 





Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Well, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I wanted to share some photos of Valentine’s cupcakes that my sister and I came up with.  Some of the photos are from cupcakes I did last year, but most of them are new.  Later this week I will be giving a demo on how some of them are done.  I would definitely love to know which one is your favorite, so if you have time leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanks for checking them out!



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