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My Maternity Photos!!!

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Well I have been waiting and waiting to share these photos with you and I am so happy to finally be able to!  This past year has been one of the best years of my life as my husband and I have been preparing to welcome our little baby girl, Blake Eileen Brandon, into the family!  I am writing this post at 5am having been awake already with little blake’s wiggling and hiccups (her favorite thing to do inside my belly) since 3am, but I have never been filled with more joy!  I thank that Lord for the special gift He is giving to us and am counting down the days (1 month left) until little blake arrives!

My dear friend Carlie, from Gabriel Ryan Photographers, took our maternity photos and I really don’t think I would’ve picked anyone else to do it…she captured everything perfectly and these photos are something I will treasure for the rest of my life…thanks Carlie!  We were also lucky enough to be featured on the blog, Onto Baby, my new obsession these past few months, so you can check out their full post here!

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 086- signature edit- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 083- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 063- signature edit- signature edit - WEB

As many of my friends and family members will tell you I certainly am doing my fair share of shopping for my little girl…I just can’t stop myself when I see tiny clothes and shoes!  Yes I know she probably will only wear those shoes for half a second, but they have made me smile so much already and her tiny feet aren’t even in them yet!

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 066- signature edit - WEB

My sweet hubby Tim has been the best partner ever to go through this pregnancy with…I will cherish every memory of him talking to little blake in my belly and seeing the joy on his face as he talks about all his future plans with his little girl.  She is one lucky lady to have such an amazing daddy!

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 051- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 092- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 070- signature edit - WEB


2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 053- signature edit - WEB

Of course we had to do a couple wardrobe changes…just in case my pregnant and ever changing body didn’t look so good in one outfit :) Thankfully Carlie is a master at what she does and made all my outfits work!

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 002- signature edit- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 005- signature edit- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 013- signature edit- signature edit - WEB


2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 023- signature edit- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 027- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 028- signature edit - WEB

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 036- signature edit - WEB

Well this is the first of many cakes I will get to design for my little girl…just wait till your first birthday blake, mommy will make sure and go all out!


2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 032 - WEB

2011-12-11A - melody and tim - maternity - 043- signature edit- signature edit - WEB

Well thank you so much for stopping by my blog and sharing in this amazing time with us…we can’t wait to share more photos in the months to come of our little girl!

Goodies Galore!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Well get ready for another random post full of lots of photos!  After a couple weeks at the shop I always have plenty of random orders that I photography (with my new camera of course!), so I thought today would be a good day to show them off! Hope you enjoy!

First up an adorable communion cake I did for a little girl.  I love how the clouds turned out! We used an edible frosting sheet to print the angels and verse and then piped a pearl border around it.  




Since the clouds were just too much fun I thought I would show a quick tutorial on how we made them.  First roll random size balls of fondant and stick them together with a little dab of water or egg whites.  Then roll a thin sheet of fondant and cover the balls.  Next sculpt around the balls to form one large cloud.  And finally I airbrushed the whole cake with pearl luster dust to give it a shimmer.




Next we did a gorgeous homespun style cake and cupcakes for the sweetest bride! They LOVED our red velvet, so they got a small two tier cake and lots of yummy cupcakes for their guests.  I love when my clients are so much fun to work with!  I also had to snap some photos of the beautiful flowers they had…I love the rustic, wildflower look!








Another fun cake I got to make recently was a Lego style cake for a cute little boy who turned 4 years old!  They wanted a little Lego firefighter on the cake as well, so I sculpted one for them.  I thought it would be fun to incorporate the Lego style with the wording too, so Tim designed the graphics for his name and age…I thought they turned out great!




We love doing custom orders too, so these next photos are some special orders we did for our clients.  First up are some custom decorated cake lollipops for a recent baby shower.


Next we did some logo style brownies for a recent birthday party.


I love when our clients come to us with fun ideas!  Our client wanted to surprise her boyfriend for his birthday with custom cupcakes that had his face on it…how great are these!



Another fun surprise was when I was asked by Tiffany’s in South Coast Plaza to make a cake for one of their client’s anniversary.  They wanted lots of sugar peonies and pearls!




Well thanks so much for stopping by my blog!  Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Communion Cake

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Well, I am sticking to my word and posting for the third time this week…I know…it really can’t be true, but by golly I did it!  (I might even try for four posts…I don’t want to get ahead of myself though).  This cake was requested by a client of mine for their little boy’s first communion.  I sent them a bunch of inspirational photos of cakes that I liked and they fell in love with a design from the Pink Cake Box. Normally I always try to do original designs for the most part, but I also loved their cake design and so I went with the basic look, but added my own little Sweet & Saucy touch to it.  Overall I was really happy with how it turned out and I wanted to share a couple details of it with you!

The color scheme was shades of brown, light gold/tan, and white so we decided to color the fondant a light brown shade.  The cake was buttermilk cake with lemon cream and fresh raspberries and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and espresso kahlua cream cheese frosting.

Then I printed the message on edible frosting sheets and applied it to a thin piece of fondant.  Then I applied it to the cake.  To add a little extra detail I piped on white royal icing dots for the border.

The main detail of the cake was the Bible and rosary necklace.  I made the Bible out of carrot cake and iced it with a thin layer of buttercream and then added a strip of fondant for the “pages”.  I used a scoring tool to make the page marks.  

I then added the “cover” of fondant to the Bible.  I again used the edible frosting sheets for the print out of “Holy Bible”.  I placed it on a piece of light brown fondant and used a scoring tool to make the etching pattern and royal icing for the mini dots.  

I then made the edible sugar necklace and attached a tiny cross to the bottom of it.  I laid it on top of the Bible and let it fall down the cake slightly.  To add a little more detail to the cake I used small round circle cutters to add some dots around the tiers and then piped royal icing dots.  Lastly I sprayed the whole cake with luster dust and viola…it was done!

Now I couldn’t leave without sharing some recent photos of the dessert studio.  The hubby and I stopped by today to check out the paint job and I was in the “posing” mood so I grabbed the camera and gave it to him so he could take photos of me modeling my recent kitchen improvements!  

The walls all were painted…everything white, except for in my office I wanted 3 out of the four walls painted grey.  The color scheme in there is grey, yellow, and white.  

Here are some more shots inside the bakery part of it.

The flooring gets done tomorrow!  I am going with the polished concrete look…think modern, vintage-like!

And last, but not least is a photo of my amazing assistant!  I wanted to introduce her to you and publicly thank her for making my life SO much easier!  You’re the best Louisa!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  Hope you have a fabulous week!


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