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Another Amazing Ron Ben Israel Class!!!

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Well first off I have to apologize that this post has taken me SOOO long to get up, but with that being said it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about writing this post for a long time. As most of you probably know, last year I had the pleasure of taking a class with Ron Ben Israel, who is definitely one of the most amazing and inspiring cake designers that I know. I am constantly enthralled with his new designs and innovations and I know taking any class with him is money well worth it! After I took that class I heard of another class on “Making Your Own Sugar Molds” and once I told my sister she said she HAD to go!

She had the time of her life at the class and learned so much information! Ron is a wealth of knowledge and she so appreciated all of his help, tips, and techniques. We have put into practice this new technique of making silicone molds out of everyday objects and then using them to make custom sugar or chocolate molds for our cakes. This allows us to customize our cakes like never before, because now when we make a mold it is unique and not everyone can buy it to replicate on another cake. We are constantly now scouring flea markets, ebay, old jewelry cases…you name it, we want to make a mold out of it!. Well enough blabbing from me, but before I go I want to say once again if you ever have the chance to take a class from Ron Ben Israel it is worth every penny! Here are some fun photos of the class in action!






Sara made these two custom molds by taking smaller jewel molds and combining them together to make a larger mold.  For the second mold she actually braided the sugar paste around a jewel mold and then made it into a custom shaped mold…love it!  My sister is truly so talented and I really don’t know what I would do without her, she makes me a better cake designer and pushes me more than anyone else!



Ron also taught the class how to make blinged out poppy sugar flowers!






Now Sara, since bless her heart she is a perfectionist to the T, didn’t finish the cake at the class, but here is a photo of Ron & her with her cute, unfinished cake anyway!


So the main reason why I waited SOOO long to write this post is because we both wanted to post a photo of the finished cake along with the rest of the photos.  As you might have guessed, we were a little busy at the shop and it took us awhile to finish it. We wanted the cake to be elegant, modern, and glamorous.  We made some more custom jewel molds and even took apart the flowers she made in class and combined them into one larger flower with a black center.  We added a middle tier to the cake too, so that it was a little larger overall.  The final cake has to be one of our favorites so far!




And here is another cake we made using Ron’s mold technique. We found this amazing little mum brooch at the local flea market and knew we had to make a mold out of it.  We wanted the cake to be modern, clean, with a vintage touch!



Thank you SO much again Ron for your dedication to the craft and your willingness to share your knowledge!

Pops of Color

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

When I first met with the bride and her mother about 6 months ago for a consultation I automatically knew that I really wanted to book this wedding!  They were  fun, creative, and full of excitement for their big day and being from Texas and having a wedding here in California they had done their homework and found Courtney Toney, from Joyful Weddings & Events, to help plan for their wedding.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a fabulous planner, whether for the whole wedding process or at least just for the day of…they can make your wedding 10 times more enjoyable, creative, and memorable.  Courtney recommend Carissa, from JL Designs to our clients too and they fell in love (like they always do!).  So now I was really wanting the job and luckily they wanted me too!  This was such a fun wedding to plan for and was full of pops of color, fresh flowers, and cute details.  When I got to the venue I was blown away with the set-up that Courtney & Carissa had pulled off…it was just perfect! Here are some fabulous photos from Melissa Kelsey Photography of the day…enjoy!

IMG_0532 copy

IMG_1267 copy

IMG_1718 copy

IMG_1696 copy

IMG_1556 copy

IMG_1507 copy

IMG_1774 copy

IMG_1273 copy

Here are some photos of the adorable couple!

IMG_0627 copy

IMG_1098 copy

IMG_1044 copy

And more details from the gorgeous day…

IMG_1259 copy

IMG_1958 copy

IMG_1656 copy

IMG_1685 copy

IMG_1477 copy

IMG_1839 copy

Now check out the cutest candy bar you have EVER seen!  I thought Courtney did an amazing job with the set-up of this!

IMG_1532 copy

IMG_1517 copy

IMG_1670 copy

IMG_1559 copy

IMG_1767 copy

IMG_1753 copy

IMG_1535 copy

I was so excited for my dessert display because I knew Courtney was making me a fabulous backdrop and Carissa blew me away with the wheat grass and fresh tulip display for my cake stand to sit on…how amazing it that!?!  I wanted to pull together all the fun pops of color and make this display delicious eye candy!  The bride loved the cake I designed while I was in Ron Ben Israel’s class last year, so since I don’t like copying exact cakes that I have done before we switched it up by changing around the color scheme, flowers, and details…I loved how it turned out and was so excited once I put it on the cake stand!

IMG_1631 copy

IMG_1646 copy

For the mini desserts we did monogram sugar cookies, mini key lime pies, passion fruit, coconut, macadamia nut tarts, mini cheesecakes with fresh raspberries, and cake lollipops.

IMG_1573 copy


IMG_1583 copy

IMG_1872 copy


Love these ladies…


And of course I had to snap a photo of my fabulous business partner, friend, and master cake lollipop maker…my wonderful mother!!!


I don’t know how I ever thought I could run a whole store/business without her! She, along with my whole family, has been more amazing than I could ever of hoped and dreamed for.  After pulling 36 hours straight last weekend without sleep (yes, I overbooked)  I was even more grateful for the immense amount of help my mother has been!  

IMG_1873 copy

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