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Behind the Scenes @ Sweet & Saucy: Carved Dinosaur Cake

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Hello! This week we’re showing you a super special little guy! We had an order last week of a dinosaur cake and a Hello Kitty cake for a lucky family’s two kids’ birthday parties. We had so much fun making them, and Kaytee‘s going to show you how to put the dinosaur together!

Here he is all finished up!


A note about how this cake was made: we’ve been incredibly lucky to have Melody’s brother-in-law be such a handy man, that he’s been building us wooden supports for our sculpted cakes. So we’ve been able to up our structured cake game, exponentially! This little guy is no exception. When we make these types of cake, we cakers are required to put on our engineering hats and come up with the math required to support the cake. The last thing anyone wants is a toppling stegosaurus, after all! I won’t get into the specifics of how much cake and how long the platform, because that’s a whole class in caking school, but I’ll have you know that MacGuyvering is a skill that is of great value in the cake world.

As usual, I made some decorations before hand, such as his plates. I misplaced the photo I had taken of them, so I’ll describe them to you. I rolled out fondant in a lighter shade of green, then cut it into the plate shapes. I inserted floral wire into the base of them, so that they would dry with support in them and stay standing when I placed them in the cake.

Here’s the original support I had made.IMG_20141024_081701

I cover the legs in Rice Krispie square, flaring them out at the bottom.

I then cover the top of the wooden support with melted white chocolate, so as to prevent any slivers or wood chips, or any physical contamination from a non-food-safe wood shop.IMG_20141024_092119I take a measurement of my support with parchment paper, cutting it out and placing it on the cake, tracing it with my knife.IMG_20141024_092625

I stack the cake on the support, carving it before filling it. IMG_20141024_093629


When I have my desired shape, I fill the cake, damming the sides with Swiss meringue buttercream.IMG_20141024_095620 I spread a thin layer of Swiss around the whole cake, sealing in crumbs.IMG_20141024_100152

When the crumb coat has set up, I frost the entire cake in Swiss and place it in the fridge to set up, preferably overnight.IMG_20141024_142827

IMG_20141024_153508 I take the set up frosted cake out and rub it with gloves, using my body heat through my hands to melt the Swiss smoothly.

Here you’ll notice that the support beams underneath the Stego’s head and tail are missing! We decided that it would look much better without, so we had Wes come by and glue a wooden beam all the way horizontally underneath the dinosaur, thereby hiding all the structure. Looks much better, hey?

I also added Rice Krispie to the bottom of the platform to round out his little tummy.IMG_20141025_113058 I then cover the cake in a mixture of modeling chocolate and fondant, using this mixture in order to allow more working time and ability to smooth out seams.IMG_20141025_125516 I cover the legs afterwords.IMG_20141025_140426

I then take fondant, dip it in corn starch and rub it against the fondant, which allows me to smooth out uneven surfaces.MG_1015
I then cover the bottom of the cake with a lighter shade of green and insert the plates I had made beforehand.MG_1017

I cut out spots, eyes and apply them all using water.IMG_20141025_150606

Then I cover the board with crushed Oreo and graham cracker crumbs, steam the little guy, and he’s all finished!dinosaurThanks for joining and see you next time!!

Big News!!! Guess who’s going to be on TLC!?!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

So I am finally allowed to spill the beans…I’m going to be on TLC’s new summer time cake show, FABULOUS CAKES!!!  I definitely have to say that taping for 3 days straight inside my shop was one of the craziest experiences of my life and soon all of you will get to see it!  There was a lot of fun, a lot of stress, and a lot of CAKE!


FABULOUS CAKES will air August 2nd @ 10pm ET/PT so make sure to watch it!  We made two huge, over the top cakes and I’m pretty sure it will be fun to watch as my whole team and I race to finish everything on time! Here are a couple behind the scenes sneak peeks!  Here I am with the producer for the show!




It was so crazy having cameras record my every move, word, and facial expression…to be honest I’m a little scared to see how I come out on TV, but I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t seem too weird!



Thanks so much to TLC for this great opportunity!  We had a great time doing the show and can’t wait to watch it on TV!

Coca Cola Bottle & Horse Head Crazy Cakes

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Recently at Sweet & Saucy Shop we have been getting a lot of custom cake orders that don’t have anything to do with weddings!  It has been a lot of fun to see how we can turn cake into such fun shapes and of course the reactions we get from our clients make it worth all the effort!

This first cake I did a few months back for a 50th Birthday Bash that was all centered around The GodFather.  Paige from Bash Co Events & Kelly from Yes Please Design put the party on and needed a Horse Head Cake so I guess I was the lady to call.  Kelly not only does design & florals, but she also does amazing mini cupcakes too & provided the desserts for the table.  I had a great time working with these two talented ladies & of course have to share some of the photos from this fabulous party! Thanks to Charley Star for these great images!







Kelly did an amazing sketch of what she wanted to have the dessert table look like & I really think it all came together!




They wanted a horse head on a platter, but didn’t want it too gruesome looking.  I took the approach of more of a sculpture style look to it and choose not to give it realistic eyes, but rather keep the whole cake one color.




Here it was being brought out to the birthday boy! Of course it had to be Red Velvet Cake inside!


I just LOVED the cannolis they did…too much fun!




Here are a couple close up shots I took at the bakery!  Kelly wanted me to base the cake off of this Anthropologie candle.





Overall this party was a lot of fun & I’m so glad I could add to the excitement of the night!


Last week  we also had the chance to make a really fun and REALLY LARGE cake in the shape of a Coca Cola Bottle!  The cake was a birthday surprise for a lady who loved her some Coca Cola!  The cake was about 3 1/2 feet long and we even split the cake into 3 flavor sections!  They had Red Velvet, Coconut, & Chocolate Espresso Cake!


Kyong and I basically tag teamed this large cake and overall I was really happy with how it turned out!


Here are some start to finish photos…




Once we airbrushed it and added the lettering it was a real looking bottle!  This particular bottle is a special edition version of Coca Cola and was quite a lot of fun to mimic.



We had coke spilling out of the bottle and painted the birthday girl’s name on it.



Of course our sweet Hayley had to get in on the fun too!  We are so glad to have her on the team full time along with Kyong!  The team is growing and we are loving it!


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