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Valentine’s Day Desserts

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Valentine’s Day at Sweet & Saucy Shop is one of our favorite times!  Who doesn’t love hearts, xo’s, and lots of pink and red!  Well we have lots of yummy  treats below for you that you can pick up in store at both of our locations and we can also ship some of them out of state as well so make sure and pre order your goodies today!

Ombre horizontal ruffle buttercream – 6″ – $80, 8″ – $100, 10″ – $140. Rosette buttercream 6″ – $65, 8″ – $85, 10″- $125.


Red velvet naked layer cake with gold ‘XO’ toppers – 4″ – $32, 6″ – $52, 8″ – $67.  We have the ‘XO’ topper set in pink also. Red velvet naked layer cake with gold glitter heart party toppers – 4″ – $38, 6″ – $58, 8″ – $75.

Sugar Cookie Mini Cake $13 or $15 boxed in a clear & bowed.

Valentine’s french macarons – hand painted “XO” or “love” $2.25 each. Single heart sprinkle – $1.75 each or the cluster is $2 each. Swirl macaron – $2 each. We can package them in either a small red box (holds 3-4) for $1.50 additional or the large red box (holds 8-9) is $2 additional. A small clear box of 2 macarons is $5 & our large clear box of 5 macarons is $10.

Valentine’s day custom box of 12 cake pops pink & white or red & silver – $32. Owl cake pops are $6.50 each & our cupcake cake pops are $5 each. If you’d like the pops boxed individually, it’s $2 extra.

Regular size cupcake with 2 gold glitter heart toppers – $5 each. Regular cupcake with rose/flower mold is $3.50 each. Custom Sweet & Saucy box is available for packaging for $3 extra.

Our buttercream rose cupcakes are $5 each for the regular size cupcake & if you’d like them boxed individually, it’s $1 additional.

Mason jar desserts are $4.50 each.  Flavors are red velvet, strawberry, chocolate salted caramel, and oreo. Any other flavor is a minimum order of 12.

Heart rice krispy treats are $2.75 each (one color drizzle), the pair of ‘XO’ rice krispy treats are $4 each (bagged is $5)

New sugar cookie designs – lace heart sugar cookie is $5 each, love letters set of sugar cookies is $13 each (bagged is $14), ‘love’ heart sugar cookie is $4.50 each & the ‘XO’ heart sugar cookies is $4 each. All cookies bagged is $1 extra.

Of course I had to throw in a couple cute photos of Blake from the Valentine’s Day mini session she did at our bakery with Diandra Ann of Pretty Little Photos!  Loved how they turned out!

Here are the full price lists too!



Valentine’s Day Desserts @ Sweet & Saucy Shop

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Well it’s that time of year again and people want their pretty little desserts to make their special someone swoon, bestow a sweet gift on a great friend, or bring some yummy Valentine’s Day treats to school or work to pass out!  Don’t worry because we have you covered…we have everything from XO rice krispy treats, to boxes filled with delish macarons, to cupcakes that have been shot with cupid’s arrow!  We definitely recommend pre-ordering these treats as on Valentine’s Day it tends to get a little crazy in the bakery with all the last minute people rushing in and you might not get exactly what your heart is set on!  You can email, call in, or just come into the bakery to place your order!

Small Macaron boxes holds 4 – $8

Large Macaron boxes holds 9 – $17

Sprinkle heart style – $2.25

Hand painted Heart/Arrow – $2.25

Sprinkle Heart – $1.75

Heart shaped macarons (not pictured) – $2

Small Clear Macaron boxes holds 2 – $5

Large Clear Macaron boxes holds 5 – $10

Heart sprinkle cake lollipop w/washi tape flag- $3

Owl cake lollipop – $6.50

Cupcake cake lollipop – $5

Boxed – $2 extra

Bagged & bowed – $1 extra

Cupcake w/Arrow – $5.50

Mini cupcake w/rock candy accent – $1.75-$2 depending on flavor

Reg. cupcake w/rock candy accent – $2-$2.25 depending on flavor

Mini cupcake w/sugar sprinkle & washi flag – $2-$2.25

Reg cupcake w/sugar sprinkle & washi flag – $3.25-$3.50

Edible image sugar cookies $5 each

Bagged & bowed $6 each

Medium heart sugar cookie – $3.50

Large heart sugar cookie – $4.50

Large cupcake sugar cookies – $5.50

Assortment of 5 mini/small heart cookies bagged – $9

Mini heart sugar cookies – $1.50

Small – $2

Heart brownie with arrow -$4

Large heart shaped pie – $3

XO pair chocolate dipped rice krispy treats – $4

Heart shaped rice krispy treat (not shown) – $2.75

Packaged XO pair chocolate dipped rice krispy treats – $5

Valentine’s Day Desserts @ Sweet & Saucy Shop

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we ladies over at Sweet & Saucy Shop are definitely baking up some delicious and adorable desserts that will make all of your loved ones feel warm and fuzzy inside!  On our last post we shared our Valentine’s Day cake lollipops that we are now shipping nationwide and even did a fun giveaway.  I’m happy to announce the lucky winner of the cake pops is Mary!  Thanks so much Mary for your comment and we can’t wait to ship the cake pops off to you!

You still have time to order your box of cake lollipops and get them shipped off so just visit our site  If you live in the SoCal area though and want to stop in for other Valentine’s Day goodies we have you covered there too.  We have everything from delicate french macarons to gorgeously decorated Valentine’s Day sugar cookies!  All the photos are below and pricing info too!  We do get very busy on Valentine’s Day over at the bakery so if you  want some goodies, we recommend calling or emailing us your order ahead of time just so you get exactly what you want :)  We will definitely have desserts the day of, though, for those of you who are last minute gift buyers!




5 French Macarons in box w/Valentine’s Bow & Tag – $10
1 French Macarons in box w/Valentine’s Bow & Tag – $2.75

Single Red Velvet Mason Jar Dessert w/Wooden Spoon, Valentine’s Bow & Tag – $5



Small Red Valentine’s Basket w/Tag – $20
· (6) Cake pops (assorted flavors)
Small Brown Valentine’s Basket w/Tag – $20
·         (3) Cake pops (assorted holiday flavors)
·         (5) French Macarons, assorted holiday flavors
· (1) Small Heart Sugar Cookie


Small Wooden Box w/French Macarons & Lg. Cupcake Cookie w/Valentine’s  Tag – $15



2 Bagged Cake Lollipops w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $6.50
3 Bagged Cake Lollipops w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $9
4 Bagged Cake Lollipops w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $11.50


Custom Cake Lollipop Box (12 pack) – $32, (24) – $60





1 Bagged Cake Lollipops w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $3.50
2 Bagged Cake Lollipops w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $6.50


1 Boxed Cake Lollipop w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $4.50



Large Decorated Cupcake Cookie & Small Heart Cookie Bagged w/Valentine’s  Tag – $9
Large Decorated Heart Sugar Cookies Bagged w/Valentine’s  Tag – $5.50
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

Valentine’s Day Cake Lollipops – Shipping Nationwide, Plus a GIVEAWAY!!!

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

So sorry for the lack of posts lately…sadly my computer situation hasn’t been the best these days.  Our house had a home invasion/burglary a couple weeks ago where our house computer was stolen (good news though the police caught them & it was returned a week later) and then just last week my main computer for work and personal had the hard drive bomb.  Needless to say I cried about it and now it is off awaiting analysis and I am left without a computer, photos, but with lots of anxiety :(  Well enough about my sob story…life is moving along and I am almost at the end of my pregnancy…yippee!  My little girl is due March 8th and I can barely wait for her to arrive! Here is a little sneak peak of me and two of my pregnant girlfriends, Heather & Ashlyn from Carter & Cook, from my baby shower…more photos to come soon!

Screen shot 2012-02-04 at 3.35.03 PM

With lots of love in the air and happy thoughts floating around I thought I would share our yummy and adorably cute cake lollipops that we are doing for Valentine’s Day.  You can either come into the shop to buy them in person or you can now visit our new website… and purchase them online and ship them anywhere in the US.  If you want them in time for Valentine’s Day definitely check out the shipping details on our website and order early so you can have them for your special someone!  We have two different size boxes, a 12 pack for $32 or a 24 pack for $60.  We also came up with two different designs.  The yummy flavors we are featuring for both Valentine’s Day boxes are a mix of Red Velvet, Brownie, Strawberry, and Vanilla!




I hope you like the cake lollipops and custom packaging as much as I do! To sweeten up this post a little bit we will be giving away one 12 pack of Valentine’s Day pops to a lucky winner!  The giveaway ends Monday night, the 6th and to enter you just have to leave a comment saying that you either shared the link on Twitter and/or Facebook…each gets you one entry into the contest!




Thanks so much for checking out our Valentine’s Day post and our new website!  We will be posting more of our Valentine’s Day treats that you can pick up in store very soon!

Valentine’s Day Treats

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Well, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, so my team and I have created some delicious treats to help you tell that special someone that you love them!  I hope you enjoy them!


For the French Macarons we are making them in a variety of flavors and selling them in gift boxes.  The prices are…

2 pack of macarons – $4.50

4 pack of macarons – $8

1 Macaron on a stick – $2.75

3 Macarons on a stick – $6.25



4″ Buttercream Ruffle Cake – $30

6″ Buttercream Ruffle Cake – $50

8″ Buttercream Ruffle Cake – $65

**We can add personalized fondant hearts to cake




1 Boxed Cake Lollipop $3.50


Mini Valentine’s Cupcakes – $1.75-$2


Small Heart Sugar Cookie – $2.75

Large Heart Sugar Cookie – $3.75

Cupcake Sugar Cookie – $4.50



Regular Size Valentine’s Day Cupcakes – $3.25-$.3.75










You can also pick up some of our gorgeous cakes stands for your special someone in store or order online @ Sweet & Saucy Supply!

Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Of course I wanted to get these photos up sooner, but the shop has been quite busy this week, so I’m squeezing them in right now! Before I show off the yummy sugar cookies I thought I would give you a sneak peak of the gorgeous photos that Sarah K Chen captured last week at her Blush Boudoir shoot that Linda Ly, from Grand Soriees, styled.  They asked me if I would like to send some sexy treats along with them and of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Here are just two photos from the shoot, but definitely check out her blog for more gorgeous photos!

Picture 7

Picture 8

Aren’t they dreamy!  So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner what wouldn’t be better to give that special someone than a delicious cookie with a love message…here are some of my favorites!







You can buy these sugar cookies individually bagged and tied with a ribbon for $4.25-$6.00 or you can get this gift box with 3 large cookies for $20.


We can also do jewel cake lollipops or a gift basket of 6 cake lollipops for $20!



Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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