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Valentine’s Day Desserts @ Sweet & Saucy Shop

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we ladies over at Sweet & Saucy Shop are definitely baking up some delicious and adorable desserts that will make all of your loved ones feel warm and fuzzy inside!  On our last post we shared our Valentine’s Day cake lollipops that we are now shipping nationwide and even did a fun giveaway.  I’m happy to announce the lucky winner of the cake pops is Mary!  Thanks so much Mary for your comment and we can’t wait to ship the cake pops off to you!

You still have time to order your box of cake lollipops and get them shipped off so just visit our site  If you live in the SoCal area though and want to stop in for other Valentine’s Day goodies we have you covered there too.  We have everything from delicate french macarons to gorgeously decorated Valentine’s Day sugar cookies!  All the photos are below and pricing info too!  We do get very busy on Valentine’s Day over at the bakery so if you  want some goodies, we recommend calling or emailing us your order ahead of time just so you get exactly what you want :)  We will definitely have desserts the day of, though, for those of you who are last minute gift buyers!




5 French Macarons in box w/Valentine’s Bow & Tag – $10
1 French Macarons in box w/Valentine’s Bow & Tag – $2.75

Single Red Velvet Mason Jar Dessert w/Wooden Spoon, Valentine’s Bow & Tag – $5



Small Red Valentine’s Basket w/Tag – $20
· (6) Cake pops (assorted flavors)
Small Brown Valentine’s Basket w/Tag – $20
·         (3) Cake pops (assorted holiday flavors)
·         (5) French Macarons, assorted holiday flavors
· (1) Small Heart Sugar Cookie


Small Wooden Box w/French Macarons & Lg. Cupcake Cookie w/Valentine’s  Tag – $15



2 Bagged Cake Lollipops w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $6.50
3 Bagged Cake Lollipops w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $9
4 Bagged Cake Lollipops w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $11.50


Custom Cake Lollipop Box (12 pack) – $32, (24) – $60





1 Bagged Cake Lollipops w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $3.50
2 Bagged Cake Lollipops w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $6.50


1 Boxed Cake Lollipop w/Valentine’s  Bow & Tag – $4.50



Large Decorated Cupcake Cookie & Small Heart Cookie Bagged w/Valentine’s  Tag – $9
Large Decorated Heart Sugar Cookies Bagged w/Valentine’s  Tag – $5.50
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

Valentine’s Day Treats

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Well, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, so my team and I have created some delicious treats to help you tell that special someone that you love them!  I hope you enjoy them!


For the French Macarons we are making them in a variety of flavors and selling them in gift boxes.  The prices are…

2 pack of macarons – $4.50

4 pack of macarons – $8

1 Macaron on a stick – $2.75

3 Macarons on a stick – $6.25



4″ Buttercream Ruffle Cake – $30

6″ Buttercream Ruffle Cake – $50

8″ Buttercream Ruffle Cake – $65

**We can add personalized fondant hearts to cake




1 Boxed Cake Lollipop $3.50


Mini Valentine’s Cupcakes – $1.75-$2


Small Heart Sugar Cookie – $2.75

Large Heart Sugar Cookie – $3.75

Cupcake Sugar Cookie – $4.50



Regular Size Valentine’s Day Cupcakes – $3.25-$.3.75










You can also pick up some of our gorgeous cakes stands for your special someone in store or order online @ Sweet & Saucy Supply!

Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Of course I wanted to get these photos up sooner, but the shop has been quite busy this week, so I’m squeezing them in right now! Before I show off the yummy sugar cookies I thought I would give you a sneak peak of the gorgeous photos that Sarah K Chen captured last week at her Blush Boudoir shoot that Linda Ly, from Grand Soriees, styled.  They asked me if I would like to send some sexy treats along with them and of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Here are just two photos from the shoot, but definitely check out her blog for more gorgeous photos!

Picture 7

Picture 8

Aren’t they dreamy!  So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner what wouldn’t be better to give that special someone than a delicious cookie with a love message…here are some of my favorites!







You can buy these sugar cookies individually bagged and tied with a ribbon for $4.25-$6.00 or you can get this gift box with 3 large cookies for $20.


We can also do jewel cake lollipops or a gift basket of 6 cake lollipops for $20!



Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Well, as promised I am here to deliver a bunch of frosted yummy cookies for you to enjoy!  My sister and I had a great time decorating them together and we had an even better time sneaking a couple to eat!  Hope they encourage you to break out the cookie dough and royal icing and have a blast…your loved ones will be pleasantly surprised!  If you have a chance definitely let me know which one you like the best!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!  Check back tomorrow for part two of Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies!




Valentine’s Cupcake Tutorial

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Sorry for all of you who were waiting for the cupcake tutorial…I know I have been slow to post lately, but I really am going to try to get a couple good posts in this week.  Definitely check back in soon to see the post on all of my Valentine’s cookies that my sister and I made.  Anyways, down to business…

To make cupcakes that have impressions on the fondant you need to either purchase impression mats/molds or scrapbooking stamps.  You can find the impression mats/molds at Caljava International or Global Sugar Art.  I purchase most of my scrapbooking stamps from the company Autumn Leaves which you can find at Target or Martha Stewart just came out with some good stamps which you can find at Michaels Craft Store.

So you need to roll your fondant or sugarpaste out to your desired thickness (1/8″-1/4″), rubbing a little Crisco on the fondant if it gets sticky or dry and then press it either into the mat or press the stamp onto the fondant.  Once you have the pattern on the fondant, you can do many things with it…you can cut out individual shapes, cover your whole cupcakes with it, or use it as patterned ribbon on your cupcake.  There is no limit to your creativity!

Just a hint: if you are making individual fondant cutouts to sit on top of your frosting don’t use cream cheese frosting since it has a property in it that makes the fondant melt.  Also let your fondant accent dry a little before you put it on your frosting so it holds its shape and doesn’t bend.  And lastly, if you are covering the whole cupcake with the fondant use it immediately after cutting out the circle shape since it will dry quickly and cause cracking.

To cover the whole cupcake, but still get a lot of good frosting in the cupcake, cut a hole in the center of the cupcake with either a pairing knife or apple corer and then fill it with the frosting.  Then cover the top of the cupcake with a round layer of frosting, but making sure not to get too close to the edges since the fondant will squeeze it out of the sides once applied. When picking your circle cutter find one that is slightly large than the top of the cupcake so there is enough to completely cover the sides.  

I also used another impression mold to make the buttons for the cupcakes.  I got this at Caljava International too. 

Here are some of the combined elements on the cupcakes.

To make the cupcake with the “XOX” I used letter cutters from Nicholas Lodge’s.  For these particular cutters you have to roll the fondant or sugarpaste extremely thin, preferably through a pasta machine first before cutting out.  

Then I just used some of the previous techniques to finish off the cupcake.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and now feel more inspired to decorate some cupcakes of your own…remember to check back for the cookie post! 





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