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Cake Tutorial…Plus Extra Designs!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I am writing today a very excited person because all of my equipment has finally arrived for the dessert studio!  We are in the final stage of everything and hope to open by the end of the month!!!  I even got to meet with some clients in my new office this past weekend…it was SO much better than meeting up in a coffee shop! I will definitely be taking some more photos of the studio and post them up soon, but for now I wanted to share a fun cake decorating technique with you!  I originally saw this design on another cake and loved the look of it, so I thought I would try it out.  I came up with this easy method to get the lines even…I mean it has probably been done before, but I never saw a tutorial on it, so here it is for your viewing pleasure!  


First I recommend either using royal icing or swiss/italian meringue buttercream for this…I used swiss meringue buttercream. The first step is to get your cake a nice smooth finish and chill it slightly.  Then use a circle cookie cutter to make a mark in the center of the cake and repeat until the whole row is done. Continue making rows until the tier is covered.   You can pick any size circle you want, but I think I did around 1″. Then pipe along the circles.  Chilling for 10-15 min after this point will help with the rest of the marking, so that the buttercream circles won’t be pulled off.



Then take the circle cutter and mark it in the center of the intersecting cirlces…see photo below!  As you can see my circles aren’t perfect, but when you are done with the pattern you can’t tell at all!


Then pipe the next circles and pipe dots where the lines intersect.



For this cake I simply decorated it will a small bouquet of white tulips and put it on a cute stand!


Hope this tutorial helps you to try this new technique!  I also wanted to share some other orders that I have done recently.  To start is the mini cupcakes, cake lollipops, and lingerie cookies that I did for Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson’s Spa Party in LA.  I wish I had more photos of the event, but here are a couple Louisa took for me!  Nicole from Cobalt Events did a great job with all of their pre-wedding and wedding details!






Best wishes to Kendra and her new hubby, Hank Baskett!  This next cake was for a client who wanted to incorporate her friend’s fish tattoo and love of margaritas into one fun cake for her birthday.  We also make cookies to go with it.  We actually had real margarita glass on top of the cake with edible liquid gel and a lime, but sadly it didn’t fit in the photo.  




Lastly I had the pleasure of doing a cake for a friend of mine’s recent wedding!  She was a stunning bride and just wanted a simply cake that matched her invitations and love of daisies!  Sara created this gorgeous sugar flower daisy and it was the perfect addition to the cake!



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